Arabic Sexy Hip Hop Video Clip!

This is an interesting video clip of Hip Hop song, by a singer called Sana Mouziane... I tried to find some information about the origin of this singer with no success, she might be either Lebanese, Egyptian or Moroccan!

All i was able to find is that she did a film in which she played a moroccan girl living in Paris...

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  1. sweetie-pie

    Sana Mouziane is Moroccan,..her first appearance was in a movie by inas deghedi along with an egyptian and lebanese actresses,..starring all as arab friends in france .the film was called "alba7etat 3an al7orreya"

  1. ahmed

    where is the arab good music, all they do is american ways,ah pathetic//. i dont get the arab singers./
    i thought she'll be singing with black singers. the video doesn't sound hip hop music maybe i can't here very well, but the dance yeah it seem./
    this girl look clauda chemally. yeah i dont care what she from cause she have a sexy voice.

    what up with the blondy dude, he dance like a girl and shaking like a holloween custom. speaking of holloween is comming and is going to ruin the people./

  1. S.M.S.

    Hooray another one but not from Lebanon this time. I did not think voices could get worse than Dana or Dominique's voices or...or... or... but I was wrong.

  1. shaza i love hanii
    shaza i love hanii

    Sanaa is a moroocan singer and actor , she acted with Egyptian director in el bahesat 3an el horeya along side she was a model in one of the egyptian advertisments on tv

  1. nagat

    obviously she didnt grow up in the west...

  1. ImInloveWithAStripper

    um shes crap.rapping in arabic doesnt took me a hard time accepting kevin federline as a rapper but her..a hiphop singer?lol you gotta be shitting me plus shes not even rapping,she practically singing a normal arabic songer with a hiphop BEAT.

  1. masrya

    this song is sooooo old!

  1. masrya

    and wheres the 'sexy' in it?

  1. rimaaa

    yah weher is the sexy in it the video is ordinary...:S

  1. Adam = <3
    Adam = <3

    Did she actually say 'mish 3ab'? OMG LOL ok, hun, ur in the lil booty shorts and crawling on the floor trying (emphasizing on the word TRYING) to be sexy.
    Yea, thats not EVEN CLOOOSEEEEE to hip hop, alls i listen to is arabic and hip hop music i think i would know. And yea, rapping in arabic doesnt work out. A perfect example is that Jad f@gget trying to rap..HAHAHA!
    Ive seen that music video on TV a couple million times..And all i did was change it after about 15 seconds of it. It reminds me of that stupid Alina music video where shes trrying (Yes, trying) to dance with that one guy, then shes on a dress and she falls on the sand and starts tossing her head all over the place like a retard...Is that like, the new and 'cool' dance move of the arab world nowdays? Seriously, its embarassing.

    Much luff
    ~Adam = <3

  1. ImInloveWithAStripper

    starts tossing her head all over the place like a retard

    haha lol funny keep it up

  1. Bader

    The only retards are those of you that think they know it all about the arabic music scene. Sana is my sister and this song was produced in December 2002 just before she appeared on Sony TV in February 2003... MILES AHEAD OF ALL THE WANNABE HIPHOP CRAP THAT YOU IDIOTS LISTEN TO!

    I don't see how your lame views would count anyway. I don't think any of the haters can sing or dance.

  1. yasmin akeed
    yasmin akeed

    I cant believe some people can create good roomers about such an adorable artist.
    But Hey all artists have some crazy Fans...!!!!!!!!!!!! but definitely she is not 34 years old....!!!!!!!!!!!! lool

    Sana Mouziane was singed up with a music company in Dubai owned by Suhail Alabdoul. The company has launched her first song Chandi Sona. She felt neglected by the company and decided to depend on herself and follow her ambition and went to Egypt where she released her first video clip ( the one you have seen above)

    Then she got a proposal from Inas Deghedi to star her new film Albahetat 3an alhoreya. The film was such a success where sanaa showed all her talents from singing,acting and dancing.
    Bravo Sanaa..................

    Sanaa made an other Egyptian movie called Ashraf Harami then her third Les jardins de samira (morrocan movie) that won allot of awards around the world and Again what a performance....
    then her 4th movie, she stared a Belgium movie, in dutch. This is what I call very talented artist to be able to star a movie in a language that she doesn't know, but yet she challenged her self to give an other fantastic drama.

    What I want to say: people who don't know her please don't try to share a comment here, unless you know this person. She deserve good credits because she has been always independent and worked really hard to get where she is, Also she is one of the most artist who have a very good reputation.
    Good continuation with a great success Sanaa..

  1. Sam

    Gouly feenak was the only song in moroccan diglecte. I like her last vido clip too,but It has been a while now we have not seen any thing new. If you are reading this sana, it is time to rock and role again. xxxxx

  1. Ahmed

    She is hot.......... at least she is natural, no fake lashes, no fake boobs,........ect.
    love your moves.
    Ahmed X

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