Roku TV Announced at CES 2014!

Roku Inc. has a bigger ambition for 2014. Instead of just providing set-top boxes that connect TVs to the Web, Roku will be integrating its software directly onto TV sets thanks to its new partners. Chinese electronics manufacturers TCL and Hisense are the companies that will build and distribute the Roku TV.

Roku TV

These companies have their work mapped out well. Managing the software and delivering streamed content will be Rokuís job while TCL and Hisense will focus on making the hardware.

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BlackBerry Sues Ryan Seacrestís Company Over Typo Keyboard

Many people were impressed by the iPhone accessory that Ryan Seacrest created through his co-founded Typo Products LLC when it was announced a month ago. However, handset maker BlackBerry is not impressed and in fact, the company filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Seacrestís startup!

BlackBerry Sues Ryan Seacrestís Company

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Sony and Panasonic Cuts Partnership for OLED Production

Itís over for Sony and Panasonic. Well, when it comes to developing and mass-producing organic light emitting diode or OLED displays anyway. The two formed a partnership last year with the aim to develop the said technology for big TVs and displays.

Sony and Panasonic

With their partnership, the two companies hoped to reduce cost of production in order to bring about more affordable panels for vendors that are looking into the said technology. But after working for several months Sony and Panasonic called it quits. Apparently, the production was not cost effective and the panels were not durable.

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HP to Launch Low-Cost Phablets Soon!

HP was not very lucky with its smartphone venture previously hence has stopped any undertaking in that area. And now, instead of smartphones, the company will try its luck with phablets! In fact, HP is said to be all set to introduce several of these tablet/phone hybrids in a few weeksí time.


Apparently, the devices will have 6 and 7-inch displays plus the ability to make voice calls through a cellular network. Except for these details, other specs have yet to be revealed.

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LG Chromebase is a Chrome OS-Powered All-in-One

Only a handful of laptops and desktop PC run Google Chrome OS at the moment but that is changing because of LG. The company has come up with a new device called LG Chromebase, which is an all-in-one PC that runs on Chrome OS. It is designed with a 21-inch display running at 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution.

LG Chromebase

Inside the system is an Intel Celeron processor that is based on the Haswell architecture. It has 2GB Ram and 16GB solid state drive for storage. Other specs found in the LG Chromebase are an HDMI output, 3 USB 2.0 ports, 1 USB 3.0 port, an Ethernet jack, a 1.3MP webcam and 5W stereo speakers.

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Overheating Chromebook 11 Charger Recalled!

Chromebook 11

Heads up Chromebook 11 owners! The original charger of your device could put you at risk!

The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall for the laptopís original charger because it has the tendency to overheat and melt during use. Apparently, around 145,000 laptops are affected by this recall. Take note that this recall only affects the Chromebook 11 and no other.

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Google Latest Purchase Boston Dynamics

It looks like Google is leaning towards robotics more and more because it has just acquired another robotic company, Boston Dynamics for an undisclosed amount. This is now the seventh robotics company that the Internet giant has acquired. Among the robotics companies already under their ownership are Autofuss, Bot & Dolly, Schaft, Industrial Perception, Meka, Holomni and Redwood Robotics.

Google Purchases Boston Dynamics

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LG G Pad Google Play Edition Unleashed!

The LG G Pad 8.3 tablet is a pretty well-packed device when it was launched in October. Bu now, LG made it even better by making it into a Google Play Edition tablet! The company has removed its own user interface and software from the device and installed it with the latest Android 4.4 KitKat operating system.

LG G Pad Google Play

Having the KitKat OS is a huge advantage because it will receive the latest Android updates. The LG G Pad Google Play Edition is now listed at the Google Play Store and itís emphasized there that Google Now, YouTube, Chrome and Gmail are pre-installed.

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Canonical Finds Hardware Partner for Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu touch

Canonical unveiled its Ubuntu Touch OS in October but has made little progress since the company doesnít have a hardware partner. But thatís about to change! According to Canonicalís CEO Mark Shuttleworth they have concluded their first set of agreements to ship Ubuntu Touch on mobile phones!

He also revealed that Ubuntu Touch will be available in higher-end handsets and they will be coming in 2014.

However, Shuttleworth is keeping their hardware partnerís name a secret. He did mention that Canonical is also in talks with other ďfour household brandsĒ that sell lots of phones all over the world both in emerging and fully emerging markets.

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Facebook Toying with Sympathize Button Idea!

Facebook sympathize button

When some of your friends posts about an inopportune event in their lives like a breakup or death do you click the like button? I canít blame you if you do since thereís really no other option! But listen, thereís a buzz going on that Facebook is considering adding a so-called ďsympathizeĒ button to the menu!

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Xiaomi Joins Modular Phone Concept Creation

It seems like the modular phone concept is becoming more popular. See, phone makers are jumping into the fray! Phonebloks surprised the tech world when it announced the concept about two months ago and then Motorola followed with its Project Ara. And now thereís a third one to join, the Chinese phone maker Xiaomi.
Xiaomi is obviously on the same path as the two based on the photos posted online by its CEO Lei Jun.
The companyís modular phone is called Magic Cube.

Xiaomi Magic Cube.jpg

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New Nokia Lumia 525 is an Updated Lumia 520

The higher the memory or RAM of a phone the better the performance. And this kind of improvement is definitely what Nokia had in mind when they created the new Lumia 525 handset. I say improvement because this new phone is almost similar to one of Nokiaís the successful Windows Phone, the Lumia 520. Actually the only thing different is the RAM in which the Lumia has 1GB while the 520 has only 512MB.

New Nokia Lumia 525

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Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is Grand!

Galaxy Grand 2

Could there be anything grander than the Samsung Galaxy Grand that was released almost a year ago?
Apparently yes! and it is the Galaxy Grand 2! Samsung unveiled the latest device in the Galaxy Grand series and based on what Iíve seen of the specs, itís really grand!

Take note, the Galaxy Grand 2 boasts a 5.25-inch display with 1280 x 720-pixel resolution display. Its screen is great because it comes with a Multi Window feature that allows two apps to run side by side!

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Dell XPS 13 Sputnik Developer Edition Gets a Makeover

Does anyone still remember Dellís XPS 13 Sputnik Developer Edition ultrabook? This device has received a makeover and now itís looking and functioning better than ever! Thatís because it has a new processor, a touchscreen and a lower starting price!

Dell XPS 13 Sputnik

Dell XPS 13 Sputnik Developer Edition now runs fast Haswell processor, the latest from Intel. Users would have fun using its full HD touchscreen.
And compared to other touchscreen ultrabooks, it $1,249 starting price is not that hard on the pocket.

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