Seiko Limited Edition Star Wars Wristwatches

Seiko Star Wars Watches

I’m pretty sure that even up to this time, Star Wars fans still abound in the world. Although it’s been thirty-five years since the first movie came out, fanatics still find ways to relive their favorite Star Wars scenes and characters. Japan’s Seiko has new merchandise that avid Star Wars fans like you will definitely want to have. It’s the limited edition Star Wars wristwatches!

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Roberto Cavalli Celebrates 40 Years!

Roberto Cavalli 40 Years Celebration

40 years in the fashion industry! This alone is proof that Roberto Cavalli is one of the most successful fashion houses ever!

They celebrated with a bang in Paris where he was joined by lots of celebrities and models including Rachel Bilson who was wearing red and leopard print dress, Leona Lewis in a peach and orange creation with ruffles all over it.

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The Pure Elegance of the New Bulgari Serpenti Watch

I think I’m in love. No not with a person but with the new Bulgari Serpenti watch! It looks so wonderful! Ladies, I’m sure you’re going to love it too! The new Bulgari Serpenti watch still bears the signature snake-like form and design. You’ll see it in the segmented bracelet or body of the watch. And you know what? The pink strands of the bracelet are actually 5 meters long but you can’t see that since it’s coiled up.

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Rose Colored Chic in Juicy Couture’s BFF Watch

pink juicy couture watch

I really can’t wait to share this latest find with you! Guess what it is? It’s a pink watch by Juicy Couture. Its baby pink color is what attracted me to it in the first place. It just looks so sweet that I just can’t seem to resist! Officially names as the BFF Watch, Juicy Couture gave it a very stylish design.

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A Heart-Full of Rubies Watch from LV

Louis Vuitton Heart-Full of Rubies Watch

Hey guys! Have you picked out the perfect Valentines gift for your sweetheart? The Tambour Bijou Rubies Heart with red alligator strap watch is something that will surely be appreciated. It sure will since it costs $15,600! But, nothing is too god for the one you love, right?

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Enjoy the Classic Beauty of this Fabergé Watch

Fabergé Watch

How’d you like a Fabergé? No, not a Fabergé egg but a watch! I always associate the name Farbergé with precious gems made like an egg. Didn’t know this brand also makes watches. A very feminine watch I would recommend is the Anastasia M1008-OT watch.

The blue pattern and design is exquisite! Making it such a precious thing to have are 86 diamonds adorning the face and connecting points of the watch. White gold is the material used o the whole watch.

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Sophisticated Tambour Forever by Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Tambour Forever watch

Louis Vuitton wristwatches are really something to watch out for. If you are after a timepiece that can be used as a practical gadget as well as a fashionable accessory, the Louis Vuitton Tambour Forever is IT! This wristwatch is a very stylish piece that anyone would sure love to have. This Swiss-made time piece is made of round polished steel case with logo-etched sides and adorning the front is a diamond monogram flower and horns resting on a sun-ray effect charcoal gray face. This background makes the monogram flower even more eye-catching. Within the flower are 122 0.56 carats brilliant-cut white diamonds.

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Crave for Ducati Watches

ducati watch

Is your husband or boyfriend a Ducati motorcycle enthusiast? Then for sure he also loves sporty-looking accessories. You know if he’s looking for a new wrist watch point out to him this new Ducati watches made by Binda. These watches were unveiled in Las Vegas during the JCK Jewelry Show. I’m telling you he’ll surely want these once he sets eyes on them. There are two collections made by Binda – the Ducati One Collection and the Desmo Collection. You have to judge which one looks better based from the samples given. Coming from the Desmo Collection is a handsome-looking watch made in Swiss Ronda 5030 quartz chronograph in 44 mm stainless steel. It has lots of screws around to make it waterproof. This will cost you $1,095.

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Check Out the Bikini Watches!

Bikini Watches

Always jetting from one continent to another that you can hardly keep up with the time difference? There’s a solution to that. Well, that’s if you can spare $8,500 because that’s how expensive these multi-time zone watches are. What set the price to that range are the diamond studs embellishing the watches. It has six time zone watches and each of its intersection is set with the 12 tiny diamonds. These luxury watches are made by watch maker Icelink…and guess what? They have the cheek to call the new collection Bikini. Some people might even be confused when you say “Bikini watch” because what might come to mind are girls wearing bikinis!

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Chic Louis Vuitton Speedy Quartz Alligator Strap

Louis Vuitton Watch

I can admire loud and bold colored clothes and accessories, but when it comes to wearing them…well I usually have some misgivings about that. This is even true with wristwatches that I use, it’s usually just silver or the golden hued one. But if I were offered a wristwatch like this Louis Vuitton Speedy Quartz Alligator Strap I would love to wear it anytime, anywhere! This one is on powder bleu color, which is just so adorable. I think that this would be very suitable to teens and young adults since it is made with a very chic design. Well, we can’t expect anything less from Louis Vuitton right?

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Tiffany Dress Watch for $27,500

Tiffany Dress Watch

It pays to have the right accessories at any time. For attending special occasions it would be quite right to have something like this dress watch from Tiffany. I know not all can afford such but one can dream right? Maybe you’ll win the lottery tomorrow so at least you have some idea what to buy with your winnings. This dress watch will be worth investing on.

Tiffany is known for its stylish and refined jewelry and accessory pieces, this watch is no exception. This cocktail watch features a quartz resonator. Enhancing its value are the baguette diamonds totaling to 4.02 carats color grade G, clarity grade VS.

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How About a 10-Grand Louis Vuitton Watch?

Louis Vuitton Watch

It’s another very stylish watch from Louis Vuitton! It is definitely stylish but style comes with a price right? This Tambour Forever Silver, Red Alligator Strap watch costs a hefty $10, 300.00. I guess that can just be expected since it comes from a renowned and well-established fashion brand. But to give justice to this accessory you'll see that it’s made with an alligator strap complete with polished buckle. The round polished steel case also comes with logo-etched side. Personally I really love the red strap, its one of my favorite colors.

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Swarovski Jeweled Bracelet Dress Watch for Her

Swarovski Jeweled Bracelet Dress Watch

The other day I couldn’t rest still because there was just something bothering me at the back of mind. Suddenly it just occurred to me that aside from being Labor Day, in just a few days time it’s going to be mother’s day already. It sort of got me thinking…what gift would be ideal for this year’s mother’s day? So I went browsing online and voila! Look what I found…a treasure definitely. Any woman, mom or not will certainly love this Ladies’ Swarovski Jeweled Bracelet Dress Watch by Haurex. It’s hard to miss this watch with its round-framed dial surrounded by glittering Swarovski crystals. The design of this watch’s face is what they call as Mother of Pearl. It’s not even bulky on the wrist because it is made of a thin-jeweled tennis vintage-style bracelet. The folding clasp included in the design will ensure that this watch will stay on the wrist no matter what.

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Zadora's Out of this World Timepieces Designs

Crazy about unusual time pieces? Well for sure you’ll get even crazier with these Zadora timepieces. Yes it is plural because it comes in a variety of designs but one thing they have in common is that the time can be read on the side of the watch rather than in the face of it. It looks vintage…antique…unique and worth adding to your collection. And it is not only for display because it can really tell the exact time. It does this because the dial rotates while the hand remains in place – an exact opposite operation from your typical wall clock and wristwatch huh?

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