Pura Vida Bracelets Are COOL & HOT

Remember those "Friendship" bracelets we used to make back in our school days? They were cool and it seems they still are!
A couple of blocks put a twist on ordinary braided string bracelets from Costa Rica and made a simple thing into a full fledged business.
"Pura Vida" means pure life in Spanish. Enjoying life slowly, celebrating good fortune and not taking anything for granted embodies the Pura Vida Lifestyle.

Pura Vida Bracelets

No two bracelets have the same combination of colors or charms, they're unique and it's difficult to find two that are the same. So, when you choose one for yourself, it'll be uniquely yours.

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Stand Out this Summer with Fancy Headbands

Aside from a great hairstyle, headbands are among the things that draw attention to your crowning glory. But it should not be just a typical headband. Disney star Bella Thorne knows this for a fact that is why she chose the one-of-a-kind headband during the Paul Frank 2013 Swim Collection launch party in Hollywood on Monday.


Her headband is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before that is why I’m quite amazed! It is made up of stars that cascade down her hair! It’s quite lovely and magical looking. It kind of brings to mind magical princesses like Cinderella, Snow White and others.

This summer you can enhance your look with headbands like the one worn by Bella. If you can’t find one exactly like what she’s wearing, there are other designs that would look just as beautiful! Take a look at this Star Head Band by Made which looks a bit like what Bella is wearing. It features a belcher chain imbedded with star charms in gold tone finish.

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Ke$ha Shows Off Gold-Studded Head!


Wow it’s like everyone these days is getting a hairstyle that will make a statement! The latest to show up with new hair were Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. And now, Ke$ha is at it too! But her method is very different.

It’s not just a cut or coloring; she replaced some of the hair on her left temple with gold studs! I think it’s glued on because I don’t think there’s any other way to let it stay in place.

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Cute Hello Kitty Products from Liberty

Hello Kitty Products from Liberty

Are you a fan of Hello Kitty? Well now you can get it in entirely new packaging thanks to London’s Liberty department store! The said store has teamed up with Hello Kitty for a line of new products including cosmetics and toiletries. The new collection is just limited edition so if you don’t want to miss out check the collection’s availability at Liberty starting September 26!

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Creepy Skull Cufflinks!

skull cufflinks

Cufflinks usually reflect the personality of the guy wearing them.
Usually, when choosing cufflinks, men go for square shapes, letters, round figures and so on ... but what would you say to skull shaped cufflinks?
They seem cool, but i actually think they're kinda' creepy!
These King Skull cufflinks are the creation of Tateossian and are made from sterling silver, goldtone, and cubic zirconia. They cost $250.
What sort of suit would these creepy heads match?
Do you think these cufflinks are cool?

Shutter Shades is the Latest Craze!

Shutter Shades

If you look in your wardrobe for the summer you’ll notice that there’s still something missing. Summer probably won’t be as enjoyable if you don’t have shutter shades. Yes, this ridiculous-looking eyewear is the “in” thing for summer. I’m wondering whether this thing offers the protection that your eyes need. Aside from protection, how about the style? Do you think this shades is stylish with shutters or bars going across instead of glass?

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Accessorize with Dsquared2 Wooden Necklace

Dsquared2 Wooden Necklace

From time to time my officemate brings some jewelry and accessories to the office. Sometimes I also can’t help but look at the goodies she brings. The ones she brings are usually silver. Silver is great but I usually see a lot of women wearing beaded necklaces, and I mean the really huge ones too! They are really eye catching. Beads are unique and I think wooden necklaces are very unique as well, like this Wooden Necklace by Dsquared2.

This Wooden Necklace is a unique combination of… yup you guessed it right, wood, and especially silver. The wood is crafted into discs and accented with round metal studs in the middle. The discs are also made with holes where the polished silver chain goes through linking them all. And the clasp looks beautiful…it’s an oversized “D2” logo hook and eye clasp.

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It’s an Eye-Catching Flaming Heart Brooch

Flaming Heart Brooch

Not a lot of us wear brooch. Well, there’s really not much chance or occasion when it will be appropriate to wear one. But with this superbly stylish and fashionable brooch created by Mark Walsh and Leslie Chin you’d want to wear it anytime, anywhere just to make others envious! You know I can’t really help but say a silent WOW when I saw this brooch over at Style.com. The designers call it the Flaming Heart brooch.

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Tiffany Table Lamp

Tiffany Table Lamp

If you love antique look, then you will adore the Tiffany table lamp. This particular lamp belongs to the Boehme Series that is made of wrought iron with bronze sand finish. Measuring 16-inch wide and 28-inch high and with a base of 2 x 60W, it will fit just right in any kind of table you have in your room. With its features and design, you can give your room an elegant retro look.

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Macramé: Art of Knotting

Macramé Bracelet

Macramé is a technique making textile by means of knotting materials such as cotton, hemp and yarn. The art originated from the Arabs in the 13th century; later it was spread to other countries and became sailors’ favorite pastime. Today, macramé is used in making accessories and fashion items such as belts, key holder, friendship bracelets, and bags. Thinking of buying a gift for a friend, why not create your own macramé accessory? Or perhaps you can make one and use it yourself. You can add wooden or glass beads or shells to make your accessory extra special!

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Swarovski Dice

swarovski dice

A pair of dice are usually nothing special, but if you add Swarovski crystals to them, that's something else.
From Barney's New York, you can get the best pair of dice ever! They are standard size black dice with Swarovski crystals to indicate the numbers & they come in a black leather case!
They are cool & they don't get better than this!
Well, maybe if they were embedded with diamonds!

Original Float Glassware

float collection

I was searching the net for some different & unique glassware for my kitchen & i came across Float Glassware Collection.
The pieces i liked have an outerwall that suspends an inner cup, making any liquid appear to be floating in air.
They also have a soup bowl, called 'animal soup' bowl, features a small chicken that is raised above bottom of the bowl and appears to float above soups or snacks that are served in it.
Each piece is handmade the Czech Republic of pyrex-type glass, making it resistant to both hot and cold liquids.

Travel the World on Candles!

trapp candles

I've always has a thing for candles, especially scented ones.
I go crazy at the candle shop & I end up buying 6 or 7 at a time! I can't resist the temptation!
Now, there's a new candle that will empty my pockets for sure; Trapp Gardens of the World candles.
What makes these scented candles special, is that each has a scent that captures & defines a different destination, like France, India or Ireland for example.
Each candle releases a fragrance distilled from native flowers, herbs, grasses, mosses and spices.
The France candle is romantic, with rose, a bit of citrus and undertones of jasmine, lily and honey.
The India candle is spicy and features citrus, lotus, woods and musk.
The Ireland candle is a blend of green grasses and leafy fern alongside gentle floral notes of clover, Jasmine and Hawthorne.

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Cocktail Accessories for Summer Parties

cocktail accessories

Summer always hosts the best outside cocktail parties. Whether on the beach or in the backyard you need the right accessories for a great party. You have to keep in mind that small details count.
You can choose from picks & stirrers to decorative ice cubes & coasters.
Here are three finds that are fresh & fun:

- Glass umbrella picks & stirrers; these are fantastic decorations for your glasses. Cheerful & beautifully-crafted, these picks & stirrers can be washed & re-used over & over again.

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