Top 10 Tips for Having Beautiful Legs

Maria Sharapova Beautiful Legs

Whether itís the height of summer and you want to wear a mini skirt or itís party season and you have a little black dress thatís dying to come out to play, a great pair of legs is always a great show. Nature plays a part in our body look, but there are ten ways to make your legs the most beautiful around!

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Bye-Bye Oily Face With These Tips

Oily face? Uggh thatís quite a turn off for some so make sure your face stays oil-free throughout the day! Most of the time, the causes for having an oily face are pollutants, poor diet, improper skin care and genetics.

Oily Face

Is your oily face a problem? Donít worry! There are ways by which you can reduce if not totally get rid of our faceís oiliness.

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Get Sexy Feet with these Tips!

Sexy Feet Toenails

Some if not most have their favorite body partsÖa part that they pamper the most; it could be the hands, face, legs or the feet. A lot of people look at the feet and even gauge that personís sexiness on it. But how can your feet become sexy that you wonít have qualms about showing them off to the whole wide world? Usually we, women, think that a pedicure is enough for making our feet look good, but in reality it is not so, as advised by many podiatry experts.

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Perfect Hairstyles to Try for Your Christmas Party

Christmas holidays are upon us again and I know whatís playing on your minds, parties! Am I right ladies? Although the party youíre attending may still be several days from now it wonít hurt for you to get your look ready. And one of the things you need to do is get your hair party-ready! Aside from the dress, you have to pick a hair style that will make your look gorgeous! Here are some suggestions.

Cheryl Cole and Elizabeth Hurley

One is the tumbling tresses style. This style is easy especially if you already have curly hair since you donít need to curl it. But if your hair is straight, you need to put a curling iron or a blow dryer to it. Once curled, you can choose to part your hair in the middle or on the side and let your hair tumble down your shoulders and your back. This style exudes effortless chic yet can make you look wonderful! Cheryl Cole and Elizabeth Hurley are just some of the celebs to favor this style.

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Jessica Alba Fabulous Braided Ponytail (And How to Copy Her)

Jessica Alba Ponytail

Jessica Alba looked chic at the Environment Media Awards last Saturday September 29! And she should because she was a Green Parent Awardee for her eco-friendly company, ďThe Honest Company!Ē

She chose the perfect outfit that was a white jacket with matching white blouse and black pants. Her blouse has a bit of a cut-out smack in the middle that gave a peek to the skin underneath.

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How to Make Your Hijab Stylish?

Hijab Stylish

Wearing the veil for Muslims is quite important and is a requirement for girls to wear a veil at a young age. Itís because of this that many girls especially teenagers had created a style with their veil to try their best to match the latest trends yet at the same time remain faithful to their religion. I started wearing the Hijab at the age of sixteen and like most other girls my age I developed a style that goes with my veil.

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No to Hairy Legs! Shave!

Shaving legs tips

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova raised the eyebrows of many at the Harperís Bazaar Women of the Year party in London when she showed up with very hairy legs. Maybe she was too busy shave or she simply forgot. Anyway, this fashion mistake will definitely haunt her for some time.

Now for all of you who donít want to be the talk of the town because of your hairy legs, read on because we have some tips for safely shaving the uughh hair off!

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Get Glasses thatís Right for Your Face!


There used to be a time when wearing glasses is associated with being nerdy. But these days, glasses are not only worn to enhance vision; they are also used as styling accessories. Now if you are planning to get one, for whatever purpose, you have to choose the shape thatís right for you, your faceís shape in particular. If you want to look good, the glassesí frame must enhance your face not detract from it.

Youíre lucky if you have an oval-shaped face because almost any frame will suit you well. You just need to try them all on and see which one looks great. Take for example Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston.

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D-I-Y Nail Print Art: Bring Out the Artist in You!

Nail Print Art

Do you now that you donít have to buy those expensive nail arts and stamping kits if you want your nails to look great? You can easily do them yourself! All you need is the right color of nail polish, a special nail brush, a steady hand, and finally, tons of creativity!

The latest trend in nail art these days are animal prints and itís a good thing because they are very easy to do! Zebra, tiger, and leopard are the favourites! It only takes a few fine lines, a few dots here and there and voila! You will end up with very attractive and totally artsy finger nails! Well you can also do them on your toe nails if you want to.

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Some Helpful Tips when Buying New Jeans

Jeans cuts

I donít ever venture out buying jeans on my own. When I buy one I make sure Iím accompanied because I really find it difficult to find one that has a great fit and one that makes me look good. I donít know about you, but getting the right fit is really a problem for me. If this is a problem for you as well, we can learn together! I made some research and got some tips that would be very useful when shopping for jeans! Take a look!

ē Donít just try the jeans on. Be sure to experience it; take time to walk, sit, stand while wearing them. Longer exposure will give you a better idea of how they will feel when worn for a longer time. Consider if the waistband, whether gapes or if it presses hard on your tummy.

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Wear the Right Lingerie

The Right Lingerie

Hey girls, what is it that you consider primarily when you pull on an outfit? Especially when going out for special occasions? Definitely it would never do have your under things showing up in the most awkward places! That is a big No-No! To avoid this kind of embarrassment make sure you have the right set of lingerie for every occasion. Anyway, it wonít be hard to find the right lingerie because there are a lot of selections available nowadays.

Rebecca Aspen of La Petite Coquette boutique in New York City gives some insight into what lingerie to use on certain occasions. Rebecca Aspen is an authority on lingerie and her name is associated with quality and unique products. Here are some tips to for a more fashionable and classy apparel:

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A Healthy Skin Glow for Summer

glowing skin

Human skin is a very precious part of the body because of the fact that it holds everything together. The skin also plays a big part in a personís beauty and good looks. A person with a healthy-looking skin will no doubt elicit great admiration from almost anyone. Your skin and the summer sun, yes these two go together just like summer and sunburn. During the summer sunburns have a way of occurring no matter how careful you are, but itís always good to observe some tips that will be useful in maintaining a healthy glow to your skin.

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Christmas 2006 Gift Guide!

Christmas is just one month away! Yup! 30 days & Santa will be coming with gifts & presents!
But do you know what you're going to get your loved ones? ...
Here is a small list that may help you get some ideas of what to get your sister, best friend or sweet-heart!
I hope this simple gift guide will really be of some assistance ...

x-mas gifts

1. Drop earrings & sparkly bangles.
2. A canvas journal or diary.
3. X-mas candle.

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Say Goodbye to Chapped Lips


Our lips are definitely an asset, do you agree? While some people look at the eyes and make eye to eye contact during conversations, some tend to focus on the lips; I know I do, so itís like lip-reading. If you are the one talking youíd probably feel self-conscious if your lips suffer from blemish, like maybe chapped lips. Now that itís the cold season again, I know most of us will definitely experience chapped lips.

Here are some tips to help you deal with it chapped lips:

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