Eva Mendes Adores the Funky Obsessy Sunglasses

Eva Mendes Obsessy Sunglasses

Itís summer time again and so with the sun glaring so hot these days you need to protect your eyes as much as possible. Remember, you only have one original pair. Wearing sunglasses is one of the best ways to do that. But why stick with conventional sunglasses when you can have something really funky and cute like the Thierry Lasry Obsessy Sunglasses for $368?

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Vogue Eyewear for Casual and Semi-Formal Looks

Vogue Eyewear

Summer is just around the corner and the blinding glare of the sun will be upon us again. But you know you donít have to squint just to see clearly even with the dazzling rays of the sun. All you need is a nice pair of eyewear! Like the new Vogue Eyewear! Aside from giving enough eye protection, the eyewear range oozes chic and sophistication.

The new range includes dark frame with clear lenses for those who are after a nerdy but chic look. There are also grey and pink frames for a trendier look. These are teamed up with dark lenses that will surely keep the sunís rays away from the eyes. Well, the new range of Vogue Eyewear includes choices for every occasion.

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Look Cool with New Wayfarer Sunglasses Only from Ray-Ban!

Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Broke your sunglasses? Well thatís probably a blessing in disguise because at least youíll have a very valid reason to get your hands on the New Wayfarer Sunglasses from Ray-Ban!

Yup itís Ray-Ban so you know itís a cool one right? If you donít want anything ostentatious or showy, this new eyewear is exactly what youíre looking for with its classic frame; though it also offers a contemporary look because of its new smaller and rounder shape.

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Mosley Tribes Raynes Aviators Are For Your Eyes Only

Mosley Tribes glasses

Iím sure you all know that the harsh rays of the sun are harmful to the eyes. Since it is summer time, you have to be extra careful! Always be sure that your eyes are adequately protected whenever you go out. You know, if you want to mix protection and style, you can get a pair of aviator glasses! I donít think this ever goes out of style. Mosley Tribesí Raynes aviator glasses are particularly great-looking and durable.

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Ray Ban Ultra Wayfarer Edition Is All About Durability and Style

Ray Ban Ultra Wayfarer Edition

Ray Ban aficionados get a heads up! Your favourite brand of eye wear has added a new edition to its Wayfarer line. If youíre tired of that Ray Ban you have in your drawer then, get the new Ray Ban Ultra Wayfarer Edition! This luxurious edition will always make you look good as you take a stroll under the sun. It features an 18K gold laser etching of the Ray Ban logo on the side or hinge. The gold etching is easy to see because itís made on metal plating. A unique serial number is also stamped inside the temple part.

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Stylish Dior Indinight 2 Sunglasses

Dior Indinight 2

We know summer is over. But even though it is, the sun is still shines bright, so bright sometimes that you need to have protection for your eyes. A stylish and very classy eye-protection that you can have is Diorís Indinight 2 Sunglasses. It has oversized gold metal frames that are the ďinĒ design these days. Protection from glare is provided by the graduated tinted lenses. You know I especially love the tint, itís neither to light nor too dark. For me, itís just right. It will sit comfortably on your nose because of the nosepieces positioned at the sunglassesí bridge. Everyone will know youíre wearing Dior because of the wide plastic pearlescent arms made with large gold inset ďDĒ and multi-shaped rhinestones.

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Sunglasses with Translucent Frames are In!


I found a new trend for this summer. I always thought sunglasses with translucent frames are not cool, but hey, look at it now. Itís gaining popularity fast. While browsing the net, I saw a picture of Sienna Miller wearing one. Yup, even celebrities are getting attracted to it. The new sunglasses are really cute and colorful. If you browse the internet youíll find a huge selection in white, lavender, cornflower blue, amber, and yellow. Any of these colors would be great to wear this summer.

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Style and Protection with Gucci Sunglasses

gucci sunglasses

Just lately, Iíve been seeing some of my friends sporting their new sunglasses. Well, I think it is high time to take them out from their cases. And when it comes to sunglasses, the ďINĒ style these days are the big ones, and I mean those sunglasses that make you look like a bugÖwell an adorable bug anyway. A lot of celebrities also wear this style; one of them is Britney Spears. In this picture sheís wearing a huge Gucci sunglass. Britney herself did not look too good at that time, but the Gucci sunglass certainly did!

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Posh Rolls Out her dVb Line of Sunglasses

Victoria Beckham dVb sunglasses

A few weeks ago Victoria Beckham a.k.a. Posh let Jennifer Lopez road test her upcoming line of jeans. And recently, Posh and her husband David Beckham moved to the United States because of Davidís new contract with Los Angeles Galaxy. But despite her busy days she still found time to make the debut of her own line of sunglasses. Yup, sunglasses, another option to protect your eyes from the heat and glare of the summer sun. Posh sunglasses, called dVb line, come in a wide variety with the vintage-style, oversized frames like those worn by Jackie O. dVb also holds classic aviators sunglasses design that both men and women can wear.

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Women Sunglasses 2006

Trend setters, celebrities and fashion icons are still wearing big, round, designer sunglasses as the new year 2006 goes by.
But will these big, round sunglasses stay in fashion for spring & summer?
Well, big is still IN, but not so much for the round!
Check out these new Gucci Sunglasses that will definitely make it to the top of the fashion in spring / summer 2006.

Gucci Sunglasses 2006

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