DSW and Disney Create Cinderella Shoes

Cinderella Shoes

Looking for more choices of Cinderella-like glass slippers? DSW and Disney have some new selections just for you! It’s called the Glass Slipper Collection which is composed of evening and weddings shoes all inspired by the Disney film “Cinderella.”

Take note though that the shoes in the Collection are not made of glass. They are made of satin, crystals, bugle beads and other materials. Aside from that, the shoes are designed with embossed carriage logo and a signature blue jewel on the sole. The shoes’ prices range from $59.95 to $89.95.

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Adidas Pulls Out “Handcuff” Sneakers After Slavery Criticisms!

Adidas Sneakers

Just recently Adidas had to cancel one of Jeremy Scott’s designs for the brand amidst the uproar that the design depicts racism and slavery. The particular design was the JS Roundhouse Mid “Handcuff” sneakers.

The pair wouldn’t have caused such as uproar had it not been for the bright orange ankle cuffs attached to the shoes. And I think the fact that the cuffs were attached by a chain didn’t help matters either. After Adidas put up the shoe in their Facebook page, a storm of negative reactions immediately came.

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Cheryl Cole Sashays in Leopard-Print Pumps

Cheryl Cole Leopard-Print Pumps

Talk about fashion coordination! Cheryl Cole definitely did that when she went out to promote her new album in Paris yesterday. She looked really stylish in her black mini dress with leopard-print detailing on the bodice.

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Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezy II Sold Out in One Hour!

Nike Air Yeezy

Guess what? Some people are going crazy over a certain pair of shoes! The Nike Air Yeezy II! Does it sound familiar? That’s because these are the shoes designed by the rapper Kanye West.

The new Nike Air Yeezy II was released around the world on Saturday with only a total of 3,000 pairs going to the different stores worldwide.

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Indulge in the Cuteness of Vans and Hello Kitty Shoes

Vans and Hello Kitty Shoes

Hello Kitty and Vans are like two brands that cater to very different markets. But even though that is the case, they found a way to work together to bring great products for both Hello Kitty and Vans aficionados! The two companies joined hands to create an attractive range of sneakers for all ages! Let’s take a look at some.

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Ugg Bridal Boots Anyone?

Ugg Bridal Boots

Uggly! I know that’s what lots of brides-to-be are going to say once they see what the famous Australian boot maker has to offer.

The company probably thinks that stilettos, wedges, peep-toes and others are so overused in weddings hence they decided to cut the predictability with the capsule collection of bridal boots! There are three designs available in the collection namely Sparkles I Do!, Bailey I Do!, and a fluffy flip flop.

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Head Over Heels with Chloe Green’s Shoe Collection!

CJG Chloe Green Shoes Collection

This is the age of super high heels. For most women these days, the higher their shoes are the better! I think being able to tower over other people gives them that superior feeling. For sure Retail heiress Chloe Green’s shoe collection would hit well with them!

Called CJG, which stands for Chloe Jade Green, the footwear collection includes fourteen pairs of very high-heeled shoes. The collection is now available at Topshop and in Chloe’s own website.

Personally, I think all the shoes look beautiful! It’s no wonder some are already getting sold out. Some of the shoes have interesting names like Bella Bea, Lady Mama, Louisa, Lydia, Magda, Misha, Tiger Lily and simply CJG. Design includes booties to peep toe platform heels.

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Designer Nicholas Kirkwood Criticizes Kate Middleton’s Shoe Choices

Kate Middleton Shoe

I know a lot of people around the world are impressed by Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middelton’s fashion sense. Some of you can’t wait to see what kind of clothes she’s going to wear next. However, there is someone who isn’t impressed with her choices! Nicholas Kirkwood was quite vocal about his disapproval of Kate’s footwear selections. He said that she wears too much high street stuff when she deserves to wear something more, something a princess deserves!

As of now Kate loves to wear L.K. Bennett shoes though she occasionally goes out in some McQueen creations. Kirkwood says she should wear more of the latter! And I agree! There’s no harm in standing out since she’s royalty but I think that’s what she’s trying to avoid.

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Kylie Minogue Wears Outrageous Prada Flame Shoes

Kylie Minogue Prada Shoes

Kylie Minogue is another celebrity whose interest was captured by Prada’s Flame Wedges, which looks pretty much like the one Fergie wore on St. Patrick’s Day. Kylie’s is from Prada’s Spring-Summer 2012 Collection. But looking closely, Kylie’s choice footwear has some different details from the Fergie’s Prada.

Let’s look at the similarities first or similarity rather since I can only spot one and that is the flame detail that shoots up almost to the ankles. But that’s it.

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Feel Like Cinderella in Marc Jacobs Glass Slippers!

Marc Jacobs Slippers

I know there are a lot of fancy looking footwear available in the market these days but can anything top the world-famous Cinderella glass slippers? Admit that when you were young you also fancied a pair of the sparkly and magical slippers. Well, Marc Jacobs has just made your dream come true with their recreation of Cinderella’s glass slippers! They call it the Transparent Pump.

The pair looks really lovely and the more you look at it, the more it resembles the one in the Disney fairy tale! But you might think that this March Jacobs pair is extremely fragile but no it’s not. It’s shatter-free because it’s made of durable PVC.

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Christian Louboutin Sex Shoes: Sexy or Vulgar?

Christian Louboutin Sex Shoes

There’s a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes that’s making waves today! You know why? Because it sends a very bold message, an unspoken “come on” if you may. You see, located in the vamp of this pair of Louboutins are crystals that form the word “SEX” when the two pieces are put together! Seems kinda vulgar doesn’t it?

Ordinary folks might find it so but celebrities definitely don’t see it that way. In fact, they’re celebrating it! Among the celebrities who have worn Christian Louboutin’s Sex shoes include singers Ashanti and Katy Perry. The latest to be spotted with them is the latest talk of the town model Kate Upton at the Jeffrey Fashion Cares event in New York City.

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Fergie’s Bold Prada Flame Wedges in Focus!

Fergie Wedge Sandal by Prada

Fergie is never one to shy away from bold fashion and she proved that once again during St. Patrick’s Day! The Black Eyed Peas singer opted for an eye-catching Flame Wedge Sandal by Prada when she attended the launch of Don-A-Matrix Training at Confidential Beverly Hills Lounge and Nightclub.

It was footwear that no one would miss because it stood out like a sore thumb amidst sensible footwear worn by other attendees including her husband Josh Duhamel and sister Dana Ferguson.

The green Prada Flame Wedge Sandal is an open-toe number with an upper complete with flame cutout detail which extends to the 4 1/2 –inch heel. This Prada footwear also features padded leather insole for comfort.

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Jimmy Choo Iris Shoes as Tribute to Fashion Icon Iris Apfel

Jimmy Choo Iris Shoes

There’s a new addition to the Jimmy Choo shoe line in case you’re interested. Once you see it, I’m sure you’ll be pretty taken in by the Iris shoes. Actually designed as a tribute to 91-year-old fashion icon Iris Apfel, the new pair is a beauty, in my opinion. But Iris Apfel, who already expressed her dislike for high heels, might not be as thrilled.

The Iris shoe is high-heel footwear at its best with five inch killer heels! It also features leather embellished with colorful resin chips and tassel.

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Who Can Afford Kanye West’s $5,800 Shoes?

 Kanye West $5,800 Shoes

Kanye West has been criticized for venturing into the fashion world. But when he unveiled his DW collection at the Fashion Week last year some of them were forced to eat their bad comments because it wasn’t that bad at all!

But now I think criticisms are going to rain down on him again because of these very expensive shoes! One pair of the stilettos which he designed with Guiseppe Zanotti is now on sale at Colette’s in Paris for 4,420 euros which is around US$5,800!

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