Project Runway: The Winner in the Final Cut

Christian Siriano

It is final cut for the Project Runway Season 4 Edition. The most awaited moment has come for the remaining contestants, namely: Christian, Jillian, Rami. Care to take a guess who won? Well, if your bet is on Christian Siriano, then you win because he is the big winner in this season’s Project Runway. The other three showed their best at the Fashion Week held at Bryant Park, however, Christian’s collection outshone them all. His collection of superbly tailored huge jackets, skinny pants and big collars made the judges say “Wow”, especially guest judge Victoria Beckham.

Actually the first collection to take the runway was Jillian’s. Her collection mainly displays pure femininity. She also created some impressive knitted outfits. But, they were not enough to satisfy the judges. After that came Rami’s collection of stunning coats and gowns.

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Before the Final Curtain for Project Runway

So after the challenging task of creating an out fit for the WWE divas, the remaining Project Runway contestants were tasked to create a dress. Not just any dress, but one that is inspired by a piece of art from the three galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that they visited. Chris, Christian, Jillian, Rami and Sweet P went clicking away using the supplied cameras.

The big five were given $300 for materials that they got from Mood. They had two days to complete their inspired dresses. Chris’ inspiration was Marie Francoise, Christian’s was Don Andrew De Andrade, and Jillian’s was the Argonauts. Rami went for the goddess of love, Aphrodite and Sweet P chose Peacocks for her inspiration. In this challenge Sweet P’s creation was the weakest one, so out she goes.

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Raw Designs for Divas of the Ring

Last week the remaining Project Runway group had a raw deal designing outfits for women of the ring. By women of the ring I mean the wrestlers in the World Wrestling Entertainment. The remaining 6 designers, namely Chris, Christian, Jillian, Rami, Sweet P and Ricky, have to select a wrestling diva and come up with an outfit that befits her personality and character. It is important too that the outfit created can be actually worn on the ring. Each of designers had different reactions when the new challenge was announced. Probably, this can be considered as one of their most dreaded rounds.

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What’s the Latest in Project Runway?

It’s been a while since I wrote an update on the happenings on Project Runway. In fact 4 contestants have already said goodbye to the show since the last update. So, to give you a quick recap on what transpired in the precious episodes:

• Episode 6 was the “Eye Candy” where the remaining contestants created an outfit using materials they got at the Hershey’s Store. They were given one day to accomplish the project and at the end of the day Rami was proclaimed winner and Elisa was given the marching orders.
• Episode 7 “What a Girl wants” was the time contestants were tasked to make a prom dress for a group of girls. With $250 budget and 2 days to make the dresses, Victorya emerged as winner and Kevin was out.
• Episode 8 is “En Garde”. They were grouped into pairs with one acting as the team leader. The task? They had to create avant-garde or out of the ordinary outfit that will go match their respective model’s hair style. The teams were actually asked to create two kinds of outfit with their $350 budget. Christian shone above the rest while Kit did not measure up, so out she went.

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Fashion Disaster by Steven Rosengard

A lot has happened once again in your favorite reality fashion show Project Runway. After Chris was eliminated from the show because of the Tiki Barber challenge, another contestant left the show in tears – Jack Mackenroth. Contrary to what you might be thinking, Jack was not eliminated; he exited the show because of a really bad infection on his face. So in the middle of the new challenge of creating an outfit for the everyday woman, and with a quick group hug, Jack exits the show. But with Jack’s exit, one eliminated contestant returns – welcome back Chris March! Yes, he’s back again on the show!

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Project Runway: Chris March Goes Home

After Carmen was eliminated because of the not up to the standard three-piece suit that was meant for guest judge Tiki Barber, another contestant is tossed out of the reality show. The latest to go home is Chris. It was a tense moment as Chris and Ricky waited for the verdict as to who will leave and who will continue with the challenge. Finally it was Chris’ time to say bye to the show.

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Sarah Jessica Parker Chooses PR Winning Outfit

The show went on after Simone Leblanc was removed from Project Runway. The remaining contestants were subjected to more rigorous challenges, making them always alert, their sewing paraphernalia always trimmed and ready. Last week the contestants were put on a big challenge because the one who wins will have his or her creation included in Sarah Jessica Parker’s clothing “Bitten”. The 14 contestants worked in tandem. For just $15 they are expected to produce a look that will go exactly with what the “Bitten” line is all about. The chosen outfit will be sold for a retail price of $40.

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Project Runway: Off Goes Simone Leblanc

Only 1 will be named as the big winner in this Season’s Project Runway, so of course the 15 contenders will fall off one by one. The first to leave the hot fashion challenge is Simone Leblanc, the freelance designer from California. The judges just were not into the 2 separate pieces of dress she constructed for the previous night’s challenge. And all in all it has been a great learning experience for Simone. She got to learn more about what it takes to make dresses in a limited amount of time and she got to make new friends, a fact that she’s quite happy with.

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Project Runway Contenders: Part III

Project Runway Contestants

Here’s the third and final part of my introduction of the Season 4 Project Runway contestants. You’ll have to get to know Victorya, the contestant who was born in Seoul, Korea. But she did not grow up there, her young years was spent in Virginia. Her life and liking for fashion was influenced by her mother who was into fashion as well. After her studies in the University of Chicago she flew to Paris and stayed there for 6 years where she worked as a journalist. At the present time she’s living in New York City where she has her own clothing line na-be.

Next is a guy contender named Marion. I also find him as someone with a stylish persona. Can you guess what this 39 year old’s fashion must-have is? You’d probably guess wrong because it’s none other than thin stretch suspenders! He polished his skills in design in Parsons School of Design. While there he became the recipient of the silver and gold thimble award. He also has his own collection that was shown in Bazaar and Cosmopolitan magazine.

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A Glimpse of Project Runway Contenders: Part II

Jack Sweet P Carmen Chris and Jillian

It would be unfair for the rest of the Project Runway contestants if they were not introduced to the world even just a little bit. To give you more about the contestants, here’s some more info about 5 of them. Let’s start off with 38-year-old Jack. This guy is a par of an upcoming SATC movie. Well, I can say that he has the looks for the big screen. Giving him a good grip on what it takes to be a fashion designer is his studies in Parsons School of Design. He has a called “Jack” that caters men’s wear.

I don’t know if you’ll find her sweet but the next contestant I’m about to introduce is actually named Sweet. This 48-year-old woman had her own collection of club wear tagged “Sweet P”. From club wear, her creations shifted to retro. For her a fashion must have is a dress.

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A Glimpse of Project Runway Contenders

Christian Rami Elisa Ricky simone

Project Runway is on the roll once again. If you are an avid fan I’m sure you’re dying to know each and every one of the contestants. An interesting fellow but still a novice in the industry is Christian. At 21 he admits that he has not much experience but he compensates that with the experience he has in designing. He has worked with designer Rosetta Getty. Being the youngest it would be good to watch out how he fares with the rest of the mature contestants.

Next one is a good-looking guy named Rami whose fashion must-have is a pair of great-looking boots. He has already created outfits for some of the big stars but his ultimate dream is to dress up Cate Blanchett since he considers her the best epitome of elegance. He is 31 years old.

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New Season Project Runway On the Roll!

Project Runway Season 4

Aside from America’s Next Top Model TV series, one of the reality shows that drew millions of viewers was Project Runway. PR’s previous season had ended way back and now its 4th season is ready to begin with Heidi Klum as host and with fellow judges, designer Michael Kor and Nina Garcia of Elle Magazine. In this season’s fashion competition, 15 contestants will vie for the first prize. 12 of these contestants will be eliminated from the competition and so only 3 will remain and will be able to participate in the New York Fashion Week. The big winner will receive $100,000 in order to start his or her own fashion line.

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