Psychedellically Surreal Colors from Orly

Orly have always come up with innovative color collections that inspire ... this time it's a surreal color collection that's totally psychedelic!

Psychedellically Surreal Colors from Orly

The colors inspire dream-like dazes ... just what we sometimes need in this terribly fast-paced life we live in.

The colors hail from shades of blue, purple and glittery mixes of silver and lavender.

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Fresh from Orly! Happy Go Lucky!

Orly Happy Go Lucky

Happy Go Lucky is really what this new collection from Orly is all about!
Four fresh colors that are bound to draw a smile on your face ... and nails :)
"Fresh" green, "Flirty" pink, "Frisky" Turquoise and a happy purple called "Frolic".
The formula on all colors is really smooth, but is kinda streaky on the green, blue and purple. So to fix that little glitch, you'll need to apply two coats.
As for the pink, it's perfect! Not a bit streaky and can go on really well in only one coat.
I also love the pink for the little shimmer in it! I'm just silly mad for anything shimmery!

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Viva from Orly for Summer!

Viva Collection from Orly

Check out Orly's summer collection "Viva" !
Four words for four colors: Vibrant, Playful, Bold and Fun.
The colors even have cool names: Fiesta (which makes you want to party all summer), Bailamos (which makes you want to dance all summer), Ole and La Playa.
After the jump, you'll find a more detailed description of each color ... Jump!

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Pink Power with OPIís Nice Stems Collection

OPI Nice Stems Collection

Itís time to make pink as your favorite summer color! Even if this shade is not your favorite, perhaps you can make an exception for your nails eh? You see OPI has a new collection that for sure youíd love to try out. OPIís nail polishes are always awesome so itíd be a shame to pass this one out.

The new collection called Nice Stems! And they are really nice being composed of four polishes in different shades of pink.

OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director Suzi Weiss-Fischmann explains the inspiration for the new collection, ďThese vibrant, feminine hues complement 60ís ladylike fashion, 70ís glam looks, and bold color-blocking, which are the seasonís staples.Ē

The four great shades in the Nice Stems! collection are the following:

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Balboa Beach Bunny from BB Couture

Balboa Beach Bunny

You might have already noticed how I love to wear nail polish that reminds me of fruits!
I can't help but associate the colors with fruits ... what can I do!?
Well, today I'm dreaming of Blueberries and Grapes.
The colors is BB Couture's Balboa Beach Bunny!
It's an intense purple filled with multi colored glitter.
I use two coats and sometimes three to get that perfect shade.
The formula is also very smooth and never gunky or bubbly.

Saloon Girl from BB Couture

Saloon Girl from BB Couture

Sometimes words cannot describe the beauty of something ... and this goes for BB Couture's Saloon Girl nail polish from their Wild West collection.
So, I only have a couple of things to say about it, the color is that of Bougainvillea on a spring morning! (I took the photo above this morning in my garden)
I used two coats to get that perfect red pink shimmery shade.

It's simply beautiful and makes you want to spend the day lazying around in the garden sipping something fruity, cold and fizzy! I know I do!

Venture Into The Forest with BB Couture's Eve!

BB Couture Eve

One of the strangest green colors I've come across is BB Couture's Eve from their Infamous Lovers collection.
At first, I thought it was a murky brownish/ blackish color ... but when I looked closer, in the light, I found out it was a dark forest green (hence the title!), a bit darker than olive green actually, and full of multi colored glitter.
To get to that intended shade, you need two to three coats.
It tends to get a tad bit rough on the surface, but that's nothing some top coat can't fix!

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Hemera, From BB Couture's A Touch of Greece

Hemera - BB Couture

I love travelling the world, being away from it all and getting to know new places.
Greece for example, is a place I've always wanted to visit and I will soon!
Speaking of Greece, BB Couture have got a whole collection of Nail Polish named after the beautiful country called A Touch of Greece and one of those colors is "Hemera".

Let's review the name first, Hemera ... In Greek mythology, she is the Goddess of day.
The color is a fresh and funky coral shade full of shimmer, which gives a whole lot of Umph.

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Orly Bring Out That Pin-up Girl in You!

Mini Manis Pin-up from Orly

Orly's latest nail polish collection is a brave and funky one; Pin-up!
Four sexy colors for that pin-up girl in you, two neons: Va Va Voom, which is a fuchsia shade and Coquette Cutie, which is somewhere between creamy orange and coral.
Then you've got two sparkles and nothing but: Here Comes The Trouble, which is a fresh lawn green glitter and Bubbly Bombshell, which is a right on purple glitter!

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Vampy Varnish from BB Couture is Wicked!

Vampy Varnish from BB Couture

No intros ... I'll cut to the chase! This is a unique black nail polish because it's full of green glitter! This is the first I've seen of it's kind!
This polish is named after one of the very popular nail polish review blogs; Vampy Varnish! and is part of a collection by the same name.

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Moon Over Manhattan from BB Couture

BB Couture Moon Over Manhattan

I love blue nail polish and I think I found my newest favorite for this season!
BB couture have a dusty blue called "Moon Over Manhattan" which is totally cool.
I have to tell you, the names of the polishes play a part in the attraction factor with me!
This one is a winner; the name is great 'cause i happen to have a thing for New York and the blue is simply a really eye catching shade.

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My Nails are Crazy Black-licious!

Black Nails

If there's one nail polish colors that I keep coming back to after any given period of time, it's the king of all colors; Black!
Be it simply black, or black jelly filled with yellow glitter (I'm practically crazy for no. 470 from SEVENTEEN) or that goth-ish Matte black from Orly called "Iron Butterfly" ... I just love them all!

Do you like black nail polish?
What's your favorite black and from which brand is it?

Devils and Dragons from BB Couture!

BB Couture Horned Devil and Dragon Breath

Check out these two cool nail polish colors from BB Couture; Horned Devil and Dragon Breath! Funky names to go along with funky colors!
Horned Devil is from their Butterfly Collecion for Spring 2010 and I think I'm going to be wearing it all Summer!!

The color is a happy orange redish jelly filled with orange and yellow glitter.
As for Dragon Breath, it's from the Fairy Tale Collection. The color is somewhere between purple and burgundy, reminds me of beets. It's also filled with multi colored glitter. Very sexy!

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Go Metal Chic, Metallic & Matte This Autumn!

Orly metal chic matte

Some colors remind me of summer, like red, other colors like yellow and green remind me of spring, while white and silver remind me of winter.
What about autumn, what colors remind you of the season of falling leaves?
Would bronze, copper and dark gold do the trick? I would say definitely yes!
Orly have bottled these colors and joined them into a collection called "Metal Chic Metallic Matte"* ... Bull's Eye for this autumn!

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