Rihanna's Red Hair!


What do you think of Riahann's new brave hair color? Bright red!
Riri sported the fiery hair color on the set of her latest music video for her chart topping hit "The Way You Lie" with Eminem.

Would you venture into changing your hair to such a bright red color? I sure would love to try!

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Nurse Better with Baby Bubu Breastfeeding Cover


What do you feel when you see a mother nursing her baby in public? On my part, I feel embarrassed because it feels like Iím intruding on something very private and intimate. But itís worse on the part of the mother especially when there are some people who openly ogle at her. However, this unpleasant ogling can be avoided as long as Mom has a Baby Bubu Breastfeeding Cover in tow. Yup, Mom you can be comfortable nursing your baby in public as long as you have this. Iím telling you, itís a must-have.

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Care to Take Up the Art of Sewing?


When I was younger, one of my goals was to learn to make my own dress. Sadly, that goal hasnít been reached yet. I havenít even mastered using the sewing machine we have at home. Well, it was an old model thatís why itís more difficult to maneuver. But since there are plenty of modern portable sewing machines today I might be inspired to learn again. Do you want to learn too? Maybe we can learn it together; but first things first. What is the best sewing machine for beginners?

Here are some good ideas on sewing machines for beginners:

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Katie Holmes Perfect for Miu Miu Spring 2009

katie holmes for miu miu

It was back in November that Katie Holmes was announced to be the new face of Miu Miu's Spring/ Summer 2009 campaign.
Now, the ads are out and Katie shows us that she's the perfect woman to deliver Miu Miu's message! Although many were skeptics!

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Katie Holmes for Miu Miu 2009

katie holmes for miu miu

It's been confirmed that Katie Holmes is the new face of Miu Miu's Spring/ Summer 2009 campaign. But Katie won't be appearing on Billboards and magazine pages in Miu Miu ads until the beginning of 2009.

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A $4.7 Million Diamond Bra from Victoria's Secret

black diamond fantasy bra

Got $4.7 million to spare? Well, if you like diamonds and got the cash, this new Victoria's Secret bra is exactly what you need!
The Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra is the latest extravagant piece from Victoria's Secret and it's included in the company's holiday catalog for this year!
If you're wondering what makes it so expensive, well it's made up of more than 3,900 gems including black diamonds, white diamonds and rubies. In addition to two giant black diamonds (tear-drop shaped) - weighing more than 100 carats in total!

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Jim Carrey Steals Jennyís Thunder in Her Swimsuit!

Jim Carrey in Jenny McCarthy swimsuit

What do you think about a man wearing his girlfriendís swimsuit? If there was anyone who could pull off this kind of prank, itís none other than Jim Carrey!
You know, if I didnít see the photos myself I wonít believe it! But here, take a good look at these photos. Well, itís yours to judge, who wore the black halter swimsuit so much better? Jim or Jenny?

It all started when the couple was just going for a leisurely stroll in Malibu during the fourth of July when the paparazzi kept hounding them. Well, I guess Jim couldnít stop his irrepressible sense of humor and gave the paparazzi something to snap away at!

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Madonna Auctions Chanel Handbag for Charity

Aside from the glitter and glamor at Cannes Film Festival, some celebrities also got involved in a humanitarian activities. A charity auction took place during the festival and one of our favorite stars, Madonna, auctioned off her Chanel bag and its contents!
Iím intrigued to know what Madonna usually carries with her.
When Madonna emptied her purse the contents revealed were lip gloss, hair clips, skin blotting tissues, and a magnifying mirror. I wonder what she used that mirror for?!

Anyway, during the bidding she jokingly chided the crowd for their low bids saying ďThis lip gloss touched my lipsĒ.
Her Chanel bag including the contents fetched $472,000. Not bad I think.

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Alessandra Facchinetti Debuts First Collection for Valentino

After the great Valentino retired from the fashion scene in January you probably wondered who will fill his shoes. Now you donít have to wonder anymore. Last night Alessandra Facchinetti presented her first collection for the brand. It wonít be an understatement to say that she has big shoes to fill as the companyís designer and all the world is watching out how sheíll get on. At the show held on Thursday, her dresses had affirmative reviews. She made her own designs yet considering designs already established by Valentino himself.

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Princess Rihanna


Rihanna looked stunning at the red carpet of a pre-Grammy party.
Her hair sleek and sexy ... her choice of gown smashing!
What do you think of her Pharaoh-style dress? Hot or Not?

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Giant Chanel Jacket Grace Couture Show

Giant Chanel Jacket

Even at this modern day and age the influence of Coco Chanel is still powerful. The creations she had made will be forever recognized in the fashion industry. Aside from being seen in the clothes, accessories and fragrance, a good old way of making an impression or making people aware of each definitive fashion line is through monuments. This is exactly what Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel did. In the haute couture show in the Grand Palais last Tuesday no one can ignore the gigantic Chanel jacket built in the background of the catwalk. It was made of wood and painted to appear like concrete. This 75-foot jacket had a flap where the models emerged to show off an infinite variety of Chanel clothing.

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Rihanna's New Hair Do

rihanna new hair do

Rihanna is always brave in what she wears and what trends to follow.
Yesterday at the opening of an H&M store on 5th Avenue in New York, she was sporting a cool black outfit and a new punky hair do!

What do you think of Rihanna's short bob? Hot or Not?

Documentary Made about Fashion Icon Valentino


There is no doubt that Valentino is one the great icons in the fashion industry. His contributions in the fashion industry are endless and even now in his 45 years in the industry it is still one of the most recognized. A documentary of his interesting and highly successful career will be coming to the big screen. The documentary is entitled ďValentino: The Last Emperor.Ē This special is directed by Vanity Fair special correspondent Matt Tyrnauer. If you are an avid Valentino fan youíd have to watch out for this documentary since it will not only include his work but also his relationships and the people he had come across in his 45 years in the business. This will really be an encompassing film because Matt Tyrnauer spent about 2 years collecting the videos that will truly show the man and his craft.

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Anne Hathaway: Lancomeís New Face

Anne Hathaway

I like Anne Hathaway, from the time I saw her movie Princess Diaries up to Devil Wears Prada. Her simple and subtle sophistication is another thing that I like about her. So it is not surprising that sheís chosen to be French cosmetics giant Lancomeís new face. She will be the face of the yet-unrevealed Lancome fragrance. The fragrance is expected to be launched in September 2008 so we can expect Anne Hathaway gracing various prints and TV advertisements before that time.

Photos of Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway Photos

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