Bugatti Creates $98,000 Belt!

Bugatti $98,000 Belt

Bugatti has come up with another astounding creation and I donít mean the four-wheeled variety. What this auto maker has created is a one-of-a-kind belt, which they called the R22 Bugatti Calibre. This belt, which Bugatti made with Swiss luxury company Roland Iten, costs a budget-busting £60,000 or US$98,000!

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Princess Diana Gold and White Gown Fetches $140.000

Princess Diana Gold and White Gown

So many of Princess Dianaís gowns have been auctioned off and each time every outfit never failed to fetch a good price. And once again the Kerry Taylor Auction House in London is very thankful that another one of Princess Diís iconic dresses got a good price.

The gown was described as a fairytale princess gown and itís a very apt because of its very pretty strapless design and embellishment of gold sequins, crystals and pearl beads. There are removable sleeves and a matching headband as well for different looks.

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Jennifer Lawrence Goes for the Pixie Cut

Is it the season of short hair? Another Jennifer cut off her long silky locks recently. This time itís Jennifer Lawrence! The Hunger Games actress shared a photo of herself on a plane on her Facebook page. She and the rest of the Hunger Games cast were headed north for The Hunger Gamesí global fan day.

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Rihanna Sports New Short Hair Do

Rihanna's hair is always a topic to be discussed!
This time, she's debut a new short do that suits her very much.

Rihanna Sports New Short Hair Do

She was spotted leaving a shopping center yesterday and her new short hair is strikingly cool and summery.

What do you think of her new short do? Hot or Not?

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AnnaSophia Robb Shares Effortless Beauty Secrets!

AnnaSophia Robb

AnnaSophia Robbís curly blonde hair, flawless skin and amazing facial structure makes her the perfect candidate for the younger Carrie Bradshaw in the ďCarrie Diaries.Ē But did you know that AnnaSophia doesnít make that much effort to maintain her beauty? Itís so effortless that itís kind of hard to believe.

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Beardski Will Keep Your Face Toasty Warm


Going to do some skiing this holiday season? If you are, you must be courageous enough to face the freezing cold in the slopes! And to make sure you donít become frozen up there, you need to gear up properly too. The new ski mask called Beardski is a great option to keep your face toasty warm as you confront the freezing wind!

In case you donít know yet, Beardski is the latest facial accessory that a lot of adventurous people are going gaga over! This accessory is basically a ski mask with fake beard attached to it.

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Kardashian Sisters Flaunt Their New Swimwear Collection

Kardashian Sisters Swimwear Collection

OMG! What nubile bodies! The Kardashian sisters displayed their sexy bodies in bikinis in a photo for their new swimwear ad.

Kim was, as usual, in the center with her curvaceous body in a blue ruffle bikini while Khloe opted to wear a violet beach cover-up over her two piece bikini. Big sis Kourtney displayed her pre-baby bump body in a strapless two-piece.

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Beardo Keeps Your Face Warm!


The winter chill is still very much in the air. Ask the guys and gals in Europe. The big freeze has just made the continent blue and only they know how hard the freezing air must be on their bodies! Especially on exposed parts like the face! Well, in this case what they need is a Beardo!

Sounds weird eh? But no itís really cool stuff! Beardo is actually a beanie with a beard! This will surely keep your head and face warm and you can wear it everywhere!

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Kate Middleton Wedding Dress to Go on Exhibit

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

Even though the royal wedding is over, I know lots of people are still dying to see the divine wedding gown that Kate Middleton, now Duchess Catherine, wore. Well very soon they can see it up close and personal!

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to Launch StyleMint

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

To reach a wider audience for their fashion empire, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have decided to go online! They will soon be launching a fashion site called The famous celebrity twins got some help in creating the site. They created it along with MySpace founder Josh Berman. Come July, fashionistas will have a new site t help them out with their shopping!

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Nicki Minaj Sports a White and Green Do

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj really knows how to catch everyoneís attention. She went to the Christieís Green Auction: Bid to Save the Earth program on Tuesday night wearing green hair! Her hair, piled high on her head, appeared like a huge bush on top of her with its white and green motif. Good thing it didnít topple when she performed on stage with the Barbie dancers.

She wore her green and white hair with an all-black outfit. She donned a leather-like outfit and black tights. Her lace-up boots was a black pair as well. And she was wearing her signature pink lipstick!

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Fashion Goes Underwater!

underwater fashion

Often, models wow us in their breathtaking outfits as they do the catwalks on a long solid ground. We usually get stunned by male models wearing 2 button fitted suits and gorgeous female models in their well-crafted glamorous cocktail garments and gowns. But have you seen them posing underwater? That may be weird but Korean designer Park Sul-Nve proved underwater fashion an exciting and glamorous adventure.

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Beehive Hairdo Celebrates its 50th Anniversary


Would you wear a beehive hairdo just like Amy Winehouse and your favorite Simpson character Marge? I know some donít have the guts to. But during the 1960ís, women clamor for this hair style! It was the ultimate style that will make them stand out, literally!

The beehive hairdo from the 1960ís has evolved since then. It didnít fade into oblivion. On the other hand, it simply got modified in some ways. You can still see it in the crowning glory of A-list stars like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Amanda Holden, Beyonce, and a lot more during red carpet events.

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Dreaming of a Fairy Tale Wedding?

Disney princesses Fairy Tale Wedding dresses

Guess what? Dreams do come true these days!

We have all watched in awe as Disney princesses wore their wedding gowns at the end of each fairy tale and married Prince Charming. Donít you remember how these gowns were drawn as light and flowing and it was as if their magic made the princesses more beautiful and royal than they already are?!

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