Angelina Jolie Looking Fresh in Louis Vuitton Ad

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is the latest muse of Louis Vuitton! She frontís the renowned fashion houseís Core Values ad campaign.

The ad, released today, showcased Angie in a vintage setting. Sheís sitting on a rickety boat and all around her are lush green lily pads, tall grasses and trees. The setting is actually in a lake in Siem Reap, Cambodia. And of course the ad was shot by famous photographer Annie Leibovitz.

You donít expect to see a red-carpet look in the ad because youíll be greatly disappointed. Instead, the ad has that back-to-basic simplicity that is quite refreshing. Sheís wearing khaki pants and t-shirt, her hair tousled and windblown. And slung on her left shoulder is a Louis Vuitton Monogram Alto bag that Angelina has in her possession for six years!

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Louis Vuitton Has a new Spokesmodel in Nyasha Matonhodze

Nyasha Matonhodze

Fashion house Louis Vuitton deviated from the trend of having renowned celebrities function as their spokesmodel. Yup for this season Louis Vuitton chose a fresh-faced youth to represent their brand. When I say fresh-faced I mean that literally because LVís new face is that of a 16-year-old model named Nyasha Matonhodze.

This move is in line with the fashion houseís plan to give a youthful face lift to its autumn/winter line. Nyasha is not the only model to front LVís latest campaign although she is the brandís new spokesmodel. Models Zuzanna Bijoch, Daphne Groeneveld, Gertrud Hegelund, Anais Pouliot, and Fei Fei Sun are in the new campaign as well.

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Angelina Jolie Flaunts Louis Vuitton Monogram Bag at Cannes

Angelina Jolie with LV Sac Plat

Angelina Jolie is the new face of Louis Vuitton, so how can she not be seen carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag at Cannes 2011??
Jolie was spotted leaving the 'Tetou' restaurant last night with beau Brad Pitt and in her hand a Louis Vuitton Monogram bag, specifically Sac Plat, which is in the $1100 range!

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Louis Vuitton Opens Shop in Londonís Bond Street

Canít get enough of Louis Vuitton? Well, if you live in London you can have your fill of this designerís offerings! All you have to do is make a quick trip to the newly-opened Maison store in Bond Street where you can find all LV things that you want from fashion, bags, shoes, fragrance up to accessories!

The grand opening was held on the night of May 25. As expected, a host of celebrities flocked to the said event. It is one event they wouldnít dare miss! Some of the stars that made their appearance were Thandie Newton, Daisy Lowe, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Elle MacPherson. And of course, beautiful Louis Vuitton models were also there.

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Get Ready for Louis Vuitton in Beirut

Louis Vuitton in Beirut

Louis Vuitton is about to forge a strong tie with it's Lebanese customers.
The turmoil of history is no longer an obstacle, and thus, LV will be opening it's first store in Beirut.
In preparation for the opening of the store, LV has placed a giant trunk decorated with the famous monogrammed canvas on the facade of the store they've taken in one of the most luxurious shopping areas in the country.

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Celebrate Valentine's Day with Louis Vuitton!

Louis Vuitton Empreinte Bracelet

If you've run out of ideas of what to get your girlfriend or wife on Valentine's Day, and you've got some cash to spare, you'd be happy -and so will your better half, believe me- to know that Louis Vuitton have created two accessories just for the occasion!
You can chose between the simple Empreinte Bracelet or the flamboyant Louis Vuitton Tambour watch.

The Empreinte bracelet is made of a leather band and white gold! Simple, but beautiful!

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A Fashionably Furry Bag from Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Furry Bag

Louis Vuitton fans listen up! Have you seen this fashion labelís offering for Spring/Summer 2010? I just happened to see some of them and I must say they look extremely great! Well, when has LV ever failed? Anyways, one of the items I loved most is the Fox Tail Fur Tassels Messenger Bag. This bag is HOT!

Iím not really sure what kind of is mainly used for this bag but no one can mistake it for anything else that a Louis Vuitton because of the LV monogram all over it.

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Kanye West Shoes for LV Sell Like Hotcakes

Kanye West Louis Vuitton Shoes

I donít know where Iíve been but itís only just now that I learned Kanye West has made a deal with Louis Vuitton for his own line of sneakers! Did you know about this?

Apparently the deal was made long ago because the shoes were supposed to be out by now but according to some sites, the release was out off until late this year. Then when I looked at another site, it says there that the shoes were sold out already and didnít even touch most of the storesí shelves. HmmmÖWest and LV are sure going to be richer with the way the shoes are selling like hot cakes.

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Madonnaís New Ad for Louis Vuitton

madonna for louis vuitton

Did you like the campaign that Madonna did for Louis Vuitton last December? She sure looked so youthful and energetic in the photos where she sat holding one leg up. Her appearance in the previous campaign wonít give you any idea that sheís really 50 years old! But thereís more. A new Louis Vuitton ad was shot recently. If you were impressed by the previous ad I donít know what your reactionís going to be about this new one.

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Sweet Looking Olivia Open Back Pump by LV

Louis Vuitton Olivia Open Back Pump

I love Louis Vuitton! This brand just never fail to amaze me with its products that I canít help but drool over. The latest find that I drooled over is the Olivia Open Back Pump. When I looked at it, I knew itís the perfect footwear to go with the season...well, you know itís the season of love. This footwear is a very feminine one as you can see in the vampís colorful floral print.

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A Heart-Full of Rubies Watch from LV

Louis Vuitton Heart-Full of Rubies Watch

Hey guys! Have you picked out the perfect Valentines gift for your sweetheart? The Tambour Bijou Rubies Heart with red alligator strap watch is something that will surely be appreciated. It sure will since it costs $15,600! But, nothing is too god for the one you love, right?

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The IT Bag from Louis Vuitton!

marc jacobs with louis vuitton graffiti bag

I'm going to give it to you straight! If you want a bag that's trendy and totally IN and as Paris Hilton would put it 'It's Hot' then you have to opt for the Louis Vuitton Graffiti bag!
This bag, no matter what color you favor it in more, is timeless! That's just one of the many things that can be said about it.

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Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton

Sofia Coppola

Aside from acting, directing, and producing films, Sofia Coppola is also a fashion buff. In fact, right now she is into a partnership with renowned brand Louis Vuitton. She created a collection of fashion accessories for your well-loved LV brand. What do you think are the items included in the collection? Well, bags and shoes thatís for sure. To be more precise, you can look forward to stylish clutches, lightweight handbags, and classic shoes. The highlight of her Louis Vuitton collection is the SC bag, obviously her initials, where one is designed in dark grey suede and two in calf leather in dark blue and burgundy.

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