Ultimate Plunge Bra Prevents Flashing the Essentials!

Plunge Bra from Wonderbra

Apparently, lots of women plan to wear daring and cleavage-baring outfits during the coming Christmas parties. If you’re one of them, are you assured you won’t have any embarrassing wardrobe malfunction?
Well, if you have doubts Wonderbra says they have the perfect solution; the new Ultimate Plunge Bra!

Does the name bring this sexy, cleavage-revealing underwear to you mind? That’s just about right! This bra features a center plunge that reaches almost down to the navel all the while the cups providing enough support to keep the boobs perky. It also has side panels to keep everything in place.

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M&S Perky Profile Bra Makes a Sexier Silhouette

Not all women have well-endowed breasts. I’m sure there are many of you out there who wish their breasts were bigger and perkier! Now don’t deny it! But don’t worry because there’s a new bra designed to enhance that body part in a whole new way!

M and S Perky Profile Bra

M&S’ Perky Profile bra has been inspired by burlesque star Dita Von Teese whose breasts always look perky. While most of the bras available these days boast their push up capability, the Perky Profile bra has been designed to give breasts a retro cone shape! In simple words, this Perky profile bra will give women more pointed breasts! Now who doesn’t like the sound and image of that?

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New Mom Models Victoria’s Secret’s $2.5M Floral Fantasy Bra

Only the uber rich are able to afford Victoria Secret’s fantasy bra no doubt. Though most of us cannot afford it, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy looking at it right? And for this year, Victoria Secret once again brings a million-dollar creation that will make our eyes pop! Presenting the Floral Fantasy Bra Gift Set that costs a cool $2.5 million!

This new bra was created exclusively for Victoria’s Secret by London Jewelers. What’s amazing about the Floral Fantasy Bra Gift Set is it’s not only composed of a pushup bra, which they call Very Sexy, but also a belt!

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Creates First Lingerie Line

Aside from model and actress, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley can add fashion designer to her growing list of accomplishments! It’s true because she just designed her first range of lingerie for British retail chain Marks & Spencer!

Although she does not have previous experience in designing, Rosie used her experience as a model to make pieces of lingerie that work on the body and at the same time comfortable and beautiful. She also wants her lingerie to flatter women of all sizes and ages so that every woman will feel confident and gorgeous in her lingerie.

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Gossard Glossies Bra Offers Support for Larger Cup Sizes

Lots of women all over the world are benefitting from wonder bras that give them additional lift and boost. Even those who are not so gifted with boobs are able to take pride in their asset thanks to the boost of the wonder bra. But what about those who are overly gifted with boobs? There have not been many bras that really do justice to women with larger cup sizes. Until now that is.

The company called Gossard has the perfect bra for fuller bosoms! The product called Gossard Glossies has a unique design that gives extra lift and extra projection.

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Britney Spears Wears $20,000 Bra in Commercial!

Britney Spears Bra Commercial

Pop princess Britney Spears got decked out big time in her new commercial for the new dance game Twister Dance. A lot of people might not notice it but what she’s wearing isn’t just any ordinary bra. Britney is actually wearing a $20,000 sports bra in the video!

Why is the bra so expensive? First of all, it features 18K gold skull tassels. Second, it is covered in Swarovski crystals! But aside from these precious stones, the bra is made of French silk and nylon.

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Bar Rafaeli is Picture-Perfect in Passionata Lingerie Campaign

If Bar Rafaeli looks awesome in it, would you but it? Even if you don’t really feel like buying new lingerie, the way Bar shows off her supermodel body in the 2012 Passionata Lingerie campaign will make you want to! And for the guys, for sure you’ll want to make your partner wear them too!

With her blonde hair teased into curls, Bar tries seductive, demure, and carefree poses while wearing the sexy Passionata Lingerie pieces. There’s one photo where she appears to be a sexy sailor with a sailor cap and red scarf complementing her white and blue lingerie.

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Pamela Anderson Designs Super Sexy Stockings

Hey ladies! Pamela Anderson has unleashed a new line of sexy stockings that you might want to check out! If there is one thing that Pamela Anderson knows, it’s sexy! So you can be sure that her new line of stocking is exactly that.

Her collection which is called Pamela Couture Collection is composed of five styles. Each pair has the Couture logo around the thigh. Some of the stockings’ designs include polka dots, back seams, reinforced heel and toe.

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Sizzle with Ann Summers’ Sexy Autumn 2010 Lingerie Collection

Not looking forward to the cold autumn nights ahead? Don’t worry for the new Ann Summers Autumn 2010 Lingerie Collection is here to warm it up! I guess that is a very lame way to word to use. How about sizzling, scorching, and hot? Yes that’s more like it.

The pieces included in the collection spell seduction. I guess that’s really the purpose. They hardly have any material at all that when worn leaves little to the imagination.

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Brooklyn Decker and Danielle Lloyd New Lingerie Collections

For sure you've heard the names Brooklyn Decker and Danielle Lloyd. So, this bit of info is for those who don’t know them. First off, Brooklyn Decker is an American fashion model who rose to fame when she got on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She also modelled for Victoria’s Secret and has appeared in some TV programs like Royal Pains and Ugly Betty. But most important of all, this 22 year old is the wife of US tennis player Andy Roddick.

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Victoria Beckham in Giorgio Armani Lingerie

victoria for giorgio armani

Victoria Beckham is the face -and body- of Giorgio Armani's latest lingerie line.
Posh signed a whopping $15 million deal to model Giorgio Armani lingerie until 2012!
The ads have finally dropped and Victoria looks sizzling hot in the black and white shots.

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Wear the Right Lingerie

The Right Lingerie

Hey girls, what is it that you consider primarily when you pull on an outfit? Especially when going out for special occasions? Definitely it would never do have your under things showing up in the most awkward places! That is a big No-No! To avoid this kind of embarrassment make sure you have the right set of lingerie for every occasion. Anyway, it won’t be hard to find the right lingerie because there are a lot of selections available nowadays.

Rebecca Aspen of La Petite Coquette boutique in New York City gives some insight into what lingerie to use on certain occasions. Rebecca Aspen is an authority on lingerie and her name is associated with quality and unique products. Here are some tips to for a more fashionable and classy apparel:

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Environment Friendly Hot Bra’s !

Would you put your bra in the microwave? What a silly question! Well, now you can!
A Japanese company has decided to do a favor for women in winter and to do a small part in conserving the environment.
Triumph, a leading lingerie company, unveiled a new bra that could be a warm solution for winter.
The bra, which only comes in white, contains special pads filled with an eco-friendly gel that can be easily heated in a microwave or with a hot water bottle.
Being padded, the new bra packs a little more bulk than most regular designs.
Unfortunately, the heated bra is not being offered for general sale yet.
Instead the set is being viewed as a prototype product, the first step towards mass-producing eco-friendly clothing.