Aki Gotoís $480 Paper Bag Jacket is Ridiculous!

Would anyone buy a $480 coat made from recycled brown paper bag? I donít think so! Well maybe if the coat looks fashionable and irresistible! But as it is, it looks like itís been lifted straight from the trash. Thatís how terrible it looks.

Paper Bag Jacket

This new $480 coat called the Paper Bag Jacket is designed by New York-based designer Aki Goto using discarded paper bags. Apparently, a vintage jacket was used a base for this coat and the paper bags were applied on it using glue. Varnish application gave it a glossy sheen. Strips of grey duct tape served as a finishing touch on the lapels.

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Jennifer Lopez Absolutely Furlicious in Alberta Ferretti Coat!

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez sure knows what works for her in terms of fashion. She proved is once again when she stepped out in an Alberta Ferretti beige wool wrap coat! I donít think everyone can carry this coat as well as J.Lo did!

The coatís cut is actually just a simple A line but the featured fur-insert pleats on the skirt made it look even more feminine! Buttoned up to the neck and belted at the waist, the coat looked impeccably chic on the 42-year-old singer actress.

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Halle Berry is Warm and Stylish in All Saints Jacket

Halle Berry in All Saints Jacket

Halle Berry never fails to amaze us with her wardrobe choices. And you know what? She really knows how to mix and match her everyday outfits! Not all women can do that with finesse like hot mama Halle Berry.

But thereís one piece of clothing that seems to be a particular favorite for the 44-year-old multi-awarded actress. Itís the Brocade Cropped Jacket by All Saints! Halle has been seen all over town wearing it. There was one time when she was photographed wearing it while riding on her boyfriendís motorcycle. She looked the perfect biker chic with this leather jacket.

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Sexy Brenen Cropped Leather Jacket

I know itís still summer but, it wonít hurt if I make a suggestion regarding the outfit that you can wear when the colder season sets in right? I just found this incredible jacket that Iím pretty sure youíd love too! The Brenen Cropped Leather Jacket is perfect outfit if you want to look classy and sexy on a day or night out. Its design and cut helps to emphasize your slim waist at the same time makes your hips look more rounded.

This Brenen Cropped Leather Jacket is chic because it is made of white leather. You can move your neck freely when you wear this jacket because it has a spread collar. It has long sleeves designed with stylish zip cuffs.

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Dolce and Gabbana Fitted Military Jacket

Dolce and Gabbana

Need something more to warm you up in the remaining winter days? Try this D&G Fitted Denim Military Jacket with Novelty Buttons. Itís on sale right now and from its original price of $775, you can now get it for just $309. Though it has become affordable, there is no doubting its quality and superb style. Frankly, I love its whole design with the novelty buttons arranged in a slanting way that shows off your curves. The collar is also just perfect in its rounded notched design.

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