Brad Pitt Designs High-End Furniture

Brad Pitt furniture

And I thought Brad Pitt was quite busy with filming movies, taking care of his kids and preparing for his wedding to long-time partner Angelina Jolie! I’m amazed because amidst all these, he still found time to design his own furniture line! Yes folks, Brad has built himself a furniture business. Well not exactly by himself; he partnered with Frank Pollaro, a furniture maker in New Jersey.

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How About a Slumber in the Giant Bird’s Nest Bed?

Giant Bird’s Nest Bed

Do you want a bed that will make your family and friends envious? I just came across the perfect item; it’s the Giant Bird’s Nest Bed! It’s huge, it looks like a best and it’s a bed that you can actually rest in! So the name aptly says everything about this bed!

There’s just one drawback though, you need to have a big bedroom if you want this. It looks like once you got it in place there won’t be any extra space for other furnishings!

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Fun and Useful Tips for Decorating Your Lounge Room!

Lounge Room Ideas

Aside from the bedroom, the lounge room or living room is one of the most important parts of the house. It’s one of the most inhabited parts because it’s where your whole family gather together to relax and spend time together. It’s also the place where you entertain your guests right? And because of that, the lounge room should be made as comfortable and welcoming as possible!

Different kinds of decors make a huge difference in the lounge room so you have to carefully choose what you put there.

• Your lounge room could always use some wall hangings especially if there are lots of vacant spaces! A nice painting or picture of a view would never go amiss! You can even go for a mirror on your vacant wall! Just make sure that you put it in a place where it will reflect a great view.

• A lounge room won’t be complete without a comfortable sofa! Its size should be proportional to the size of the room. A sofa with long, lean lines would be perfect for any lounge. Don’t forget to throw in some cushions for a cozy look.

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Brooke Shields is a Perfect Partner!

Brooke Shields in La-Z-Boy Ad campaign

La-Z-Boy is one of the most popular brands all over the world, especially when it comes to recliners. But this time, the brand wants to be known beyond recliners. In keeping with this aim, La-Z-Boy got Brooke Shields to endorse them and their new campaign.

RPA, the ad agency that La-Z-Boy got for the campaign has created a new tagline for the brand. In order to reach a wide range of consumers, they now replaced the previous “Comfort is what we do” tagline with “Live life comfortably.”

The brand also hopes that with Brooke Shields fronting their campaign, they will be able “to raise awareness among women that we make something other than recliners.”

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Classy Orrefors Quartet Crystal Votive Holder

The working class of our present-day population is opting for contemporary-designed homes. Well, working professionals opt for condominiums and apartments predominantly designed in glass and leather. One great accessory to make such an abode cozier and homier is the Orrefors Quartet Crystal Votive Holders. This is an elegant piece that will surely grace any surface you place it on. This holder has four crystal wedges that are designed as a striking centerpiece. The four holders are arranged in ascending style, each one having a different level, so the candlelight reflected through the crystal seems to sway.

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Keep a Cozy Fire Burning with Fire Burners Set

fire burners set

The fireplace in your living creates a cozy ambiance that even an ordinary evening can be turned into a special one if there’s fire glowing in it. However, that romantic touch is only confined in the living room since you can’t transfer it to another location in the house. Now, the Fire Burners Set is another matter. This is the perfect accessory if you want to add a touch of romanticism to any outdoor part of your house like your patio or your poolside. The Fire Burner Set is composed of three square burners that are made of zinc and aluminum. And I think they also come with covers to keep them safe when not in use.

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A Deer Head from the Handmade Wilderness Project


In the previous years, I heard and read about hunting safaris, especially in Africa. But that is no more these days. We can see that nature – flora and fauna, is being closely guarded now that is why we have lots of wildlife reservations. You don’t really need to go hunting if you want to have a trophy to decorate your living room wall. You can just go online and make an order! A handmade deer head would do great as a décor, if you’re that much of a nature lover. The deer head is just one of the decors to be found in the Handmade Wilderness collection. The maker gives a disclaimer that no deer was hurt in making the deer head. This is only made of paper and resin.

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Katherine Heigl’s Chandelier, Hot or Not?

katherine heigl new chandelier

Katherine Heigl went shopping in L.A. the day after the Oscars. What was she hunting for?
She was looking for the perfect chandelier for her new home!
She did find one … and she took it home too … it’s chrome and looks like an exploding star giving off light beams!
This chandelier could be the perfect accessory to Katherine’s sitting room … it’s so modern.
Do you like it? Is it Hot or Not?

If by any chance you know where to get this chandelier in LA, please share!

Three Cool Chandeliers


Light is very important in a room. Side lamps give light to a room, but their light is usually secondary, chandeliers are the accessories that give the room the main light.
Here are three coll chandeliers that are considered now, to be trendy and fashionable.
Oh! And Gwyneth Paltrow has them in her summer house in the new Hamptons!
If you have a room with cool, light colors, then a feminine and clean crystal chandelier, for example: Large George II Chandelier, is a perfect complement. Especially if the furniture is sleek and more to the minimalist style, it'll give a very welcomed twist.
If you'd like a really elegant chandelier that gives the effect of old candle lamps, then a clear, Amber crystal chandelier, from Lamp Works for example, will be a great addition and will be great when on.

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Beads Candle Holder To Touch Up Your Home


I love beads! But it’s sad to say that I don’t have any beaded décor at home or even in my room…There is just something so appealing about beads. I especially like the hanging curtain beads but it won’t be practical. If you’re looking for something to enhance your room or any niche around your home and at the same time serve for a practical purpose, the how about a stylish candle holder? The Rectangular Candle Holder with 3 Glass Holders is a treasure to behold…and would definitely look good in any area you place it on.

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A Touch of Class with Sydney Console Table

Sydney Console Table

How would imagine a house without tables? Quite hard to picture huh? Tables have been a part of our lives since day 1 and it would be hard to live without even just one. Tables are there for eating, studying and a whole lot of activities…But do you know that a table can also be a great item for accentuating your home? Like this Sydney Console Table. Its half-moon design is somewhat unusual, but this design has been custom-made in order to be just the perfect accent to your entry hall or foyer.

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Grande Vases for a Grand-looking Home

It seems like I have been on the countdown for Mother’s Day for days now. Well, in just 3 days time it’s going to be that special day for mom. Have a gift for her already? Here’s another great idea for you. It’s an excellent gift idea but then it might not be within your budget…anyway here it is. These Grande Vases could be IT! If your mom or your wife is has an eye for decors and loves to potter around the house so much she will surely love these Grande Vases. These are breathtaking vases that you can take pride in if you place it in the middle of your living room or any spot where it can be easily seen and admired. This has been carefully handcrafted using techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation.

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Sit Back and Relax with New JCPenney Recliner

JCPenney Recliner

After a very long and hard day at work all we usually want to do is sit back, relax and just let the stress accumulated during the day disappear. It’s even better if you have a superbly relaxing seat like this New JCPenney Recliner. Whether you want to relax in your bedroom or in the living room this Recliner would be an excellent choice. Looking at it makes me just want to sink into its comfortable softness and drift off to sleep. It is big enough to accommodate the large size. It has extra-wide seat plumped with a plush reflex cushion and a cradle-back design for great comfort. This Recliner also offers soothing heat and massage for your back to take away that feeling of stress.

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Haba Na Haba for Your Home

Haba Na Haba pillow cover

Living rooms will not feel that homey or cozy if the sofas do not have cushions. I think the presence of cushions give you that urge to just curl up on the sofa and relax for a bit. If you want to have really unique-looking cushions to grace your living room sets then you have to check out the Haba Na Haba home decors.

The products of this line make use of one of a kind traditional and new vintage Kuba ceremonial cloth that are hand woven by women fleeing the war-torn country of Congo.

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