Robert Pattinson is the Perfect Guy for Dior Homme

I donít think thereís anyone better to front Dior Homme fragrance than English hunk Robert Pattinson! The company confirmed on Wednesday that Rob is the new face of Dior Homme. Well, they definitely chose well!

Robert Pattinson Dior Homme

Rob will be appearing in a series of ads for the Dior campaign. Heíll be in both print and TV commercials shot by American photographer Nan Goldin and French director Romain Gavras.

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Natalie Portman: A Delicate Beauty in New Miss Dior Ad

Natalie Portman has a new ad for famous brand Dior! Itís unlike anything youíve ever seen her in! The new commercial for Miss Dior perfume shows Natalie doing different poses in different settings.

Natalie Portman Miss Dior Ad

The video entitled Miss Dior Ė La vie en rose shows Natalie frolicking in a fountain as a guy comes near and takes her in his arms. Not content with the water fountain, Natalie is soon seen swimming in a pool and take this, with her sunglasses on!

Photos from Natalie Portman Miss Dior Perfume Commercial

Photos Natalie Portman Miss Dior Ad

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Glittery Eyes with Dior Grand Bal False Lashes

Dior Grand Bal False Lashes

Itís time to glitter and sparkle this Christmas season! You know, aside from a glittery outfit, you can also opt for sparkly accessories, and even makeup! And Dior has the perfect makeup accessory to make you sparkle and stand out from the rest at parties! They are the Dior Grand Bal False Lashes!

Take note, the Dior Grand Bal False Lashes are not your typical false eyelashes. These come with tiny gems that rest along your eyelid for that fabulous effect!

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Mila Kunis Goes Glam for Diorís New Campaign

Mila Kunis Dior Campaign

Mila Kunis is back for Christian Diorís latest handbag campaign! Just like her previous ad, Mila oozes confidence and glam in the latest shots.

The Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2012 collection shows her standing and wearing a low-cut pink dress accentuated by a beaded belt. Held up in her hand is the highlight of the campaign, the Dior bag which appears to be made of woven material.

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Natalie Portmanís Polka Dot Dior Gown Sold for $50,000!

Natalie Portman Dior Gown

Remember the red polka dot gown that Natalie Portman wore at the Oscars a few weeks ago? It was one of the worst dresses on our list because it didnít look suitable for such a super glam event. But do you know that the said dress fetched $50,000 after it was put on sale?

The polka dot gown is actually a Christian Dior creation designed in 1954, just three years before he passed away. As you can see itís vintage. Natalie borrowed it for the Oscars from the fashion dealer Rare Vintage. And it seems Natalie did them a huge favor because the vintage Christina Dior number gained a lot of publicity hence, was easily sold even at such an astronomical price!

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Natalie Portman is Flawless in Diorskin

Natalie Portman

Back in March, Natalie Portman said on the record that she would not be associated with John Galliano in any way after his anti-Semitic rants. Some assumed that Natalie wonít be working with Dior brand since Galliano worked there too. However, Dior chose to axe Galliano from their employ so itís safe for Natalie to continue working for the brand.

And itís a good thing that Natalieís still with Dior otherwise their new ad for Diorskin Forever range might not have been this great. The new adís been released and we see in it Natalie and her flawless and radiant skin.

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Dior Debuts Colorful Fall/Winter 2011 Haute Couture Collection

Dior Fall Winter 2011 Haute Couture Collection

Paris Fashion Week kicked off yesterday in an array excellent and colorful creations from Christian Dior! Dior wants this yearís Fall/Winter season to come alive with colors hence their offerings of gowns and skirts!

The Dior Fall/Winter collection includes ball gowns with huge full skirts and swirling ruffles. The ball gowns are reminiscent of those worn by fairy tale characters. Dresses made of diaphanous chiffon with colorful prints also made it to the runway. I particularly like the look of these dresses, especially the way they seem to flow naturally with every movement.

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Kate Moss Makes a Beautiful Pout in Dior Addict Ad

Dior Addict

The ad for Diorís iconic lipstick, Dior Addict, is already out! Fronting the commercial is renowned supermodel Kate Moss. She projected the essence of the lipstick beautifully!

The commercial started with Kate getting dressed and ready to attend a fashion show in Paris. Sheís in a huge room where there are lots of fashionable items strewn everywhere! She tries on some shoes until she finally gets to her makeup.

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Natalie Portman is the New Face of Dior

Natalie Portman new face of Dior

Miss Dior Cherie perfume has a new face in the person of the ever-elegant Natalie Portman! Dior got the expertise of Tim Walker and Sofia Coppola for the new campaign, which will be released next year. Tim Walker handled the print campaign while Sofia Coppola was the one who shot the TV ads.

In the new campaign, Natalie will be shown with a younger man. A white swan will also be showcased in the ad. However, the Black Swan star jokingly said that working with the younger male model made her feel like ďa big old, cougar.Ē

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Dior Lady Grey London Ad Titillates with Marion Cotillard

Dior Lady Grey Ad

The final chapter of the Lady Dior campaign with French actress Marion Cotillard is out! For the fourth chapter Lady Dior Grey, Marion Cotillard becomes the burlesque dancer who manages to captivate the interest of all the people, men and women.

She gives them a glimpse of her stylish grey bag as she delicately looks for her dressing room key to give to one lucky gentleman, the wheelchair-bound man played by Ian McKellen. Her grey handbag was also showcased when she drew on the painterís palette until finally she makes her way out from the building and into the London Eye Ferris Wheel.

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Very Cute Diorita Contrast Twist Hobo

dior hobo bag

Dior never fails to impress! Just check out this very cute Diorita Contrast Twist Medium Hobo! Itís really so trendy I just love looking at it! I can imagine myself walking around with it slung on my armÖwhat envy others will feel if they see it for sure. Making it so stylish is the intricately twisted smooth grained and metallic leather with polished gold metal hardware. The big metal D charm hanging on one side is just the perfect touch for showing off that itís a bag by Dior. Itís comfortable to carry because o the flat shoulder strap with golden-engraved trimmings on each side.

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Dior Star Earrings

dior star earrings

If you like dangling earrings, then you'll love these elegant Dior Star earrings.
They might look like any other earring, but the D Makes them out of this world!
The D might be for Dior, but it is also for Desirable & Damn beautiful!
The earrings are 2 inches long, made of polished silver metal & are crystal encrusted.
So they actually pass as white gold & diamonds! No one will know!