Riri Woo Lipstick is a Best-Seller

It looks like so many girls want to have Rihannaís pout! You know why? Her new lipstick for MAC got sold out just three hours after it became available on Thursday!

Riri Woo Lipstick

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Emma Watson for Lancomeís In Love Collection

Emma Watson Lancome Love Collection

Perhaps some of you are wondering what makeup trend is in this New Year? Well, you donít need to wonder anymore because Emma Watson has given us the clue! Gorgeous and eye-popping colors are just some of the things you should keep in mind. But if you donít want to trouble yourself just check out the In Love collection by Lancome that Emma is wearing!

Lancomeís In Love collection is composed of compacts, bronzers, eyeliners and nail polishes in gorgeous shades of fuchsia, pink and coral! It also includes a turquoise eye liner that makes the eye color pop out! The colors look fantastic on Emmaís fair skin and Iím sure it will look great on you too!

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Nicki Minaj Makes Viva Glam Collection 2

Nicki Minaj is lending her name for a charitable cause once again. The eclectic artist has partnered again with MAC Cosmetics for a second collection of Viva Glam lipsticks! Remember the first lipstick she made with the brand? It was a bright pink lipstick that was an immediate hit among fashionistas and the beauty-conscious!

Nicki Minaj Viva Glam Collection 2

Nicki and MACís second Viva Glam collection is a lovely lavender shade! There are two types of product in this collection, the Lipstick and the Lipglass! Both of them are in lavender color.

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Natalie Portmanís Misleading Mascara Ad Banned!

Natalie Portman Mascara Ad

Natalie Portmanís ad for Diorís new mascara has been banned by UKís Advertising Standards Authority for misleading customers about the effects of the product. The ad shows a close up of Natalieís face with her eyelashes in perfect shape and form. The ban came after rival company LíOreal complained to ASA.

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Jennifer Aniston Lets Living Proof Care for Her Hair

Jennifer Aniston and Living Proof

One of the features that Jennifer Aniston is known for is her hair. You know sheís the icon for ďThe RachelĒ right? Although she personally didnít like the style, it gained a lot of following all over the world. Well now, she gets more chance to be connected with her crowning glory being the spokesperson and co-owner of ďLiving ProofĒ hair care!

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Beautify Your Face with Face Lace

Face Lace

Tired of your typical makeup? Thereís a new trend that will really help jazz up your look. The new trend Iím talking about is the ďface lace!Ē It is created by famous makeup artist Phyliis Cohen who has worked with Annie Lennox, David Bowie and Steve Strange.

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Kardashian Sisters Khroma Beauty Out Soon

Kardashian Sisters Khroma Beauty

From reality TV to fashion and now to beauty! The Kardashian empire is definitely expanding and from the looks of it, thereís no stopping them anytime soon. Back in June, the sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe announced their upcoming cosmetics called Khroma Beauty.

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Katie Holmes: The First Face of Bobbi Brown

Katie Holmes

Things are looking up for Katie Holmes after her divorce from Tom Cruise. Itís like the divorce has opened new doors for her career. Do you know that sheís been chosen to be the face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics? Sheíll be the very first celebrity to represent the brand!

Aside from being the face of the brand, Katie will also be lending her input and creativity to the said company. The deal was signed on Tuesday and ads showcasing Katie will be released early next year.

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Miley Cyrus Goes Blond! Fabulous or Not?

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is looking a bit different. Hmm, I think thereís something new about her. Oh yeah, itís her hair! The 19-year-old has dyed her locks blonde for the summer!

Miley let fans know about her altered hair color by tweeting a new photo. The photo shows her with a handful of her new blond hair held on top of her head while puckering her lips up. She tweeted that now that she has blonde hair she has to make duck lips with every photo. So thatís duck lips sheís making. Cute.

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Christian Louboutin Beautť Launching in 2013

Christian Louboutin

Beauty products seem to be the only thing that the name Christian Louboutin isnít associated with these days. So to rectify that lapse, the famous shoemaker is teaming up with Batallure Beauty LLC for his own cosmetic line! Yes girls by 2013 you can also attribute your beauty to the famous maker of the red-soled shoes!

The new beauty line to be called Christian Louboutin Beautť will be composed of different kinds of beauty products including lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polish and more. But it can be expected that these products will have a strong and sexy qualities just like the shoes that he designs. Louboutin especially wants his beauty products to empower women the way his shoes do!

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Jennifer Anistonís Beauty Regimen Examined!

Jennifer Aniston Beauty

Jennifer Aniston is one of the lucky women in Hollywood who remains very youthful looking even at 43. But is it really luck or is it because she has some cosmetic help in maintaining her youthful appearance? Itís actually the latter! Itís not really surprising since lots of celebrities do the same. But in Jenís case, her beauty regimen costs her around $141, 037 a year according to Business Insider!

Jen is never spotted looking pale because she frequently visits West Hollywoodís Ibiza Tanning Salon! One session costs $45. And her perfectly-shaped brows are groomed by Anastasia Soare in Beverly Hills for around $80 per session. Her crowning glory is taken care of by Chris McMillan which costs around $920 every six weeks.

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Cheryl Cole Promotes Red Passion Lipstick for Charity

Cheryl Cole Lipstick

Hey ladies! Looking for a good way to spend some of your hard-earned cash? If you are, then youíve got to spend some of it on Cheryl Coleís LíOreal Charity Lipstick! It wonít be a waste because not only will you get a must-have for your makeup bag but you also get to help the poor with each purchase!

The Cheryl Color limited edition lipstick called Red Passion costs £6.19. Out of every sale, £1 will proceed to her charity with The Princes Trust.

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Megan Fox A Flawless White Beauty in New Armani Ad

Megan Fox Armani Ad

Armaniís latest beauty campaign is out! Once again, former Transformers star Megan Fox fronts the campaign. The 25-year-old actress has her flawless face is in focus as she models the classy lipstick and firming cream.

One of the photos in the campaign shows with a shimmering, almost icy look with her pale complexion, smoky eye makeup and deep red lipstick. On her lips is the new Rouge Sheer lipstick which will make its way at Selfridges stores in March. Youíll also notice the black nails included in the shot.

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Katy Perry False Eye Lashes Line Launching in February

Katy Perry False Eye Lashes Line

If thereís a celebrity I know who loves false eye lashes a lot itís Katy Perry! So Iím not really surprised to know she now has her own line of false eye lashes.

The newly-divorced pop star has collaborated with US fashion firm Eylure for the said collection. Fans that are as false eye lashes-loving as Katy will be glad to know that their idol was involved in the entire design process according to Eylure. The collection, composed of four designs will definitely show Katyís inputs.

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