Karl Lagerfeld Creates Catty Choupette Collection

Famous designer Karl Lagerfeld loves his cat Choupette so much that he wants to immortalize her in some fashionable accessories! Thatís right. Mr. Lagerfeld has come up with a capsule collection wherein all the items look just like his beloved cat.

Catty Choupette Collection

The capsule collection actually has a very catchy name. Care to guess? Itís Choupette! Everything in this collection is in his signature colors Black and white. One of the pieces that I many ladies would love is the shopping tote thatís complete with cat ears near the handles. At $465 I think this item is a bit pricey though.

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Victoria Beckhamís New Bag Collection is Luxurious

Victoria Beckham has some new products for all stylish women out there! The designer unveiled a few of the bags included in her pre-autumn/winter 2013-14 bags collection. The collection is composed of totes and clutches. I must say they look wonderful! As they should since they donít come cheap.

Victoria Beckham New Bag Collection 2013

Two of the new designs are the North/South Tote and the Liberty Bag. The North/South Tote has a structured design and is made to look lush with red calf hair and leather. This bag costs an mouth-watering £1,530 or $2,396. The Liberty Bag in color beige costs £895 or $1,401.

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Gucci Goes Green with New Handbags

Gucci has just gotten better with its bag offerings. Better because the company made sure its raw materials are sourced through ethical means. Gucci has partnered with the Green Carpet Challenge project founded by Livia Firth in creating its three new bag styles namely the Jackie, the Hobo and the Tote bags.

Gucci Green Handbags

These new handbags now use leather from cattle raised in Brazil. Itís ensured that raising these cattles did not, in any way, cause deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. This is a big deal because a previous study revealed that acres of rainforest in Brazil were disappearing as cattle ranches increase.

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Rachel Zoe Morrison Tote Bag: Stylish and Practical

Rachel Zoe Morrison Tote Bag

Because of its style and utility, the Rachel Zoe Morrison Tote Bag is one of the favorites among celebrities. As a matter of fact, Halle Berry likes it a lot because she can use it on daily errands as well as during special occasions. Thatís how versatile the Rachel Zoe Morrison Tote Bag is!

This Morrison Tote Bag is ideal because itís spacious and easy to carry. With its 12Ē x 13Ē x 5Ē dimensions, this Tote Bag has enough room for your makeup, wallet, phone, and other accessories and important personal items.

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Jenner Sisters Get Posh and Pricey Christmas Gifts!

Jenner Sisters Gifts

Clothes, bags, shoes and accessories, for sure these are just some of the things a lot of received this Christmas. Itís not so different with the Jenner sisters Kylie and Kendall. They got some fabulous gifts that I canít help but feel envious of them, just a little bit.

You see, these two got thousands of dollars worth of gifts this Christmas! Kylie proudly showed off on Instagram the Cťline black purse and the small grey and brown handbag that she received! The two items look really fantastic and they should since they cost $3,000 up.

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Olsen Twins Creates $55,000 Backpack with Damien Hirst

Only the super rich were able to own the Olsen twins very expensive $39,000 alligator skin backpack when it launched. But you know what? That isnít even their most expensive creation! The twinsí label The Row has collaborated with British artist Damien Hirst for a backpack that costs a staggering $55,000!

Olsen Twins Backpack

So whatís so special about this particular backpack to warrant that kind of price tag? It looks like the same $39k alligator skin backpack with gold hardware only that it is embellished with what appears to be multicolored pills! The pill embellishments appear on the straps and all over the front and back of the backpack.

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Olsen Twinsí New Fur Bag Condemned by PETA

Olsen Twins Fur Bag

Only wealthy people can afford fur coats and other fur accessories and itís also a sure thing that only those in the higher tier of society can get their hands on the New Multi Patchwork Fur Backpack for The Row by the Olsen twins! The new bag has an eye-popping price of $16,900!

You might ask why itís so expensive. Well thatís because it is made of fur! Not just one kind but several kinds! You see, there are around five colors of fur in this bag alone! It looks so fluffy and soft and no doubt many are going to want it for their own!

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Be Stylish with Bond Street Hadley Bag Like Carrie Underwood

Kate Spade Bag

Looking for a new bag perhaps? If that is so, why not look for the Kate Spade New York New Bond Street Hadley Shoulder Bag next time you go shopping? This is a classy and elegant bag that you can use in your daily activities.

Itís just the right size for carrying anywhere and keeping things you cannot do without on each outing like you lipstick, wallet, sunglasses, keys, phone and whatnots. It wonít be cumbersome at all.

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Jessica Biel Doesnít Own the $39,000 The Row Backpack

Jessica Biel Backpack

The Row backpack is one of the most expensive, if not the most expensive, in the world! This particular bag created by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen for their fashion line doesnít look that special but it costs $39,000!

I think itís the fact that it is produced by A-list stars is what makes The Row backpack an ďITĒ bag! But unfortunately, only those who have lots of cash to spare are able to own one. Is actress Jessica Biel one of those lucky ones? Thereís great buzz that sheís indeed a proud owner of the expensive backpack after posting a photo herself wearing it on her new Twitter account.

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Alice Dellal Shares Her Punk Charm in Boy Chanel Campaign

Alice Dellal Boy Chanel Campaign

Chanel has a new face to front its Boy Chanel handbag collection. The lucky person to be chosen for this wonderful opportunity is Alice Dellal who is known for her bad girl fashion sense.

Dellal who is the drummer of Thrush Metal is not only known for her ripped jeans, fishnet tights and biker jacket but also for her half-shaved head! However, this bad girl style is what endeared her to Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld.

Chanel revealed to WWD how this alliance came about, ďKarl Lagerfeld had a crush on this unique, charismatic young lady, who is both a model and musician, during a photo shoot several months ago.Ē

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Paris Hilton Expands Handbag Line to India!

Paris Hilton Handbag Line

Celebrity and heiress Paris Hilton is the ever-savvy businesswoman as she expands her empire to India. The 30-year-old was recently on a three-day trip to India to launch Paris Hilton Bags and Accessories there.

Paris in partnership with marketing company Brand Concepts unveiled a wide array of bags and accessories during the weekend. Paris is quite excited about this expansion in Asia, ďMy handbags suit every kind of woman. India, being diverse, the choice always differs. So the range of handbags I will be retailing in India can be used on a daily basis and also taken for evenings or special occasions.Ē

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Olsen Twins Creates Olsenboye Purse for Charity

Olsen Twins Olsenboye Purse

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have created a purse in the name of charity. The said purse is now included in their Olsenboye collection at JC Penney.

The Olsenboye Coin Purse is made of canvas and features a top zip closure to keep coins in. In front of it is a peace sign. Also, it has internal slit pockets for additional storage. The whole Olsenboye Coin Purse measures 7 1/8 x 4 7/8 inches; enough room for your change!

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Olsen Twins Unveil $39,000 Croc Backpack for The Row

Croc Backpack

Would you ever be able to buy a $39,000 crocodile backpack? Well, if your salary is around $100K per month, you just might! But ordinary folks like us can only go as far as include it in our wish list! Belonging to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsenís latest line of handbags in The Row this $39,000 crocodile backpack is growing to be the IT bag these days!

Some may be skeptical that people would actually buy this crocodile backpack but yes some moneyed people are willing to spend that amount for one! In fact, two have already been pre-ordered at Barneys where the backpack will be sold.

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Nicole Richie Adds Handbags to the House of Harlow

Nicole Richie Handbags Collection

Nicole Richie is no longer content with the stuff sheís selling in the House of Harlow 1960. She wants to broaden its offerings with a new line of handbags! Yup it will no longer be just jewelry, shoes, and sunglasses but beautifully crafted hand bags as well.

Nicoleís first handbag collection is made up of 14 stylish bags of different styles! It includes cross-body bags, clutches, and hobos. All of them are crafted from superior materials like vintage leather and leopard pony calfskin. Some of the pieces have details like gold studs, silver stars, and jaguar hardware.

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