Nautica Baby Boys Swimwear Are Cute

While summer is already out in other parts of the world, it is actually just about to start in others. I’m sure families are looking forward to some beach time! Even baby boys need their proper swimming attire to the beach! Nautica has some very cute swimming outfits for them!

Nautica Baby Boys Swimwear

Nautica’s Infant 2 Piece Rashguard Set looks really cute! The orange set has N33 emblazoned in front and black collar on the top while the shorts have a checkered design in different colors.

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Bugaboo Pushchairs: Is it Worth the Steep Price Tag?

Did you know there is one kind of pushchair that is fast becoming a trend among celebrity mommies? This pushchair is none other than Bugaboo! Hot mamas like Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller, Mylene Klass and even Gwyneth Paltrow have one!

Bugaboo Pushchairs and Celebrities

And you know who the latest owner is? Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton! Apparently, she also bought one for her unborn child. She chose a Bugaboo in light blue color. Does it mean her baby is a boy? No one knows yet.

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Myleene Klass and Start-rite’s Shoes Spring/Summer Collection

Perhaps it’s time to buy a new pair of shoes for your little tot? The timing is just right because Myleene Klass’ shoe line in collaboration with renowned brand Start-rite is available now!

Myleene Klass and Start-rite shoes

This year’s Spring/Summer collection includes famous styles from last year but it also contains brand new styles. Start-rite’s new collection caters for both girls and boys so you’ll surely find one for your kid!

The girls collection contains 8 styles namely: Carmen, Belle, Princess Ida, La Boheme, Patience, Firefly, Rose Marie and Little Sunshine. What I liked best in the girls’ collection is the Little Sunshine which is a funky gladiator style with leopard print bow detail or hot pink leather with pink bows.

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Saffron Bells Anklets for Your Little Angel’s Cute Feet

Aside from shoes and clothes there’s a luxurious accessory that parents can lavish on their little one! This accessory is actually more appropriate for baby girls. What I’m talking about are the Saffron Bells! Have you heard of it?

Saffron Bells Anklets

In case you haven’t, Saffron Bells is a business that specializes in anklets for babies! This is owned by magazine journalist Charlotte Fall. It all started when she had a pair of anklets custom made for her baby Saffron. Lots of people became interested in anklet when they saw it and so the baby jewelry business was born!

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Educational Toys to Make Learning Fun for Your Child

Toddlers need brain stimulation as much as they need physical ones. As such, parents need to provide them with appropriate learning materials to help them learn. Today, there are lots of toys that are not only fun but educational as well. And because of their proliferation, parents need to choose the educational toy they give to their children.

Educational Toddler Toys

An effective education toy is ABC Blocks. Aside from enjoying themselves in putting the blocks together, they will also be able to develop their analytical and architectural skills. Since the blocks have letters, they will also be able to familiarize themselves with the alphabet.

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Stylish Moccasins for Your Baby Boy!

Baby Moccasins

Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy and Victoria Beckham’s daughter Harper may be the trendsetters among baby girls but when it comes to baby boys, it looks like Hilary Duff’s son Luca will soon take the lead!

The mom and son duo were spotted looking quite fashionable in L.A. on Wednesday. Baby Luca, most especially, looked so adorable wearing fringed moccasins! The footwear looked uber cute on his chubby legs.

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Would You Potty Train Your Child with iPotty?


This is the age of advanced technology that even toddlers already know how to use gadgets like the iPad. Some parents use these gadgets to motivate their children to do things. And do you know that the iPad can also be used now in potty training a child? It’s true with the $39.99 iPotty!

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Cute Animal Hats Make Your Baby Extra Adorable!

Cute Animal Hats for Babies

All babies have some kind of charm that can melt anyone’s heart! Defenses melt when faced with an adorable and chubby-cheeked baby. Toddlers too are irresistible right Moms and Dads? What more if you dress them up in cute costumes!

But whole-body costumes can be expensive. Animal hats on the other hand are super cute accessories that won’t bust your budget! It’s the perfect accessory for baby if you’re going out for a picnic or just shopping in the mall, or even when just spending a quiet Sunday at home!

There are lots of animal hat designs out there today but if you don’t have time searching for them, I’ll present to you some choices that I think are very cute and will make your lil’ one doubly adorable!

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Let Baby Have Music with Lullabelly


I like the idea that music helps a lot in a baby’s development. It serves as a stimulus for the brain enabling the baby to be more active and receptive to learning. It also helps the baby become less stressed while inside Mommy’s tummy. Would-be Moms out there if you haven’t heard of this idea yet, there’s still time to catch up. If you want your baby to hear some music, use the Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt. This device is convenient, comfortable, and most especially, it’s safe for the baby.

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Vespa Scooter Turned to Rocking Horse

Vespa Scooter Rocking Horse

Do you own a Vespa Scooter? It’s a very attractive means of transport if I may say so. Its look is kind of classic but, it’s all a good thing. Many have been ensnared by its brand of charm. Many of these Vespa Scooters are still roaming the streets today. However, there is one that is rocking the tiled floor of home instead of the streets! One Vespa Scooter ended up as a rocking horse for a little boy named Diego. It was maybe his grandpa who made it for him. The Vespa Scooter-turned-rocking horse still looks really good!

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Dress Up Your Baby Girl in Lucy Sykes Collection

Lucy Sykes Collection

Make your little girl look like a princess with frock and dresses by Lucy Sykes. Lucy Sykes New York Spring 2008 Girl’s Collection offers a great selection of dresses fit to make your daughter or niece look like a princess. This collection include outfits that belong in belong I three categories namely Spring 2008 Riviera, Spring 2008 English Garden, and Spring 2008 Traveller. The collection not only includes dresses but also shorts and blouses. There are swirly skirts and ruffles that will make your child look adorable. They also come in an array of colors that are so attractive to the eyes - red, pink, blue, yellow, white, green and orange!

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Winterhaven’s Perfect Touch to Your Child’s Room!


It has always been my opinion that as much as possible, a baby’s room must be bright and cheery. This is because the surroundings affect the baby’s mood. Colorful shades uplift mood so the baby will be all smiles and bubbly most of the time. If you’re planning on redecorating a nursery here’s great furniture that you can add. Winterhaven Single Dresser and Scallop Top Vertical Mirror Set can be a cheerful add-on. The warm honey-tone finish of this furniture is perfect for the cheerful and timeless look in the room. And even if the baby is grown up already it’ll still be a great-looking dresser.

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Hot Crankypants for Baby!

Baby Crankypants

Babies and toddlers are already cute in themselves. With just a flash of their small teeth…that’s if he or she already has them…you can’t help but hug and kiss them, right? These little kiddos are made even more adorable if you make them wear cute outfits. There’s a saying that goes, “Clothes make the man”, well then that goes for babies too! While browsing the web I came across this one cool outfit for your toddler. It’s the Crankypants that’s so very much in demand at the present time. They’re delightful and would just look so good on your baby. Crankypants by Amy Kett comes in different designs like monster face, sock monkey or Jolly Roger. But if you want something really unique and different color combinations Amy Kett also accepts custom orders.

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Simplicity and Graco Cribs: Recalled After Infant Deaths

Simplicity and Graco Cribs

The death of your own baby can be the worst scenario ever. Due to a faulty crib, three families suffered loss of their baby. Right now, a massive recall of the Simplicity and Graco cribs is ongoing as issued by the Consumer Products Safety Commission last Friday. These cribs manufactured by Simplicity Inc. were made in China. This recall could have been done 2 years ago when the first death happened to the 9-month old Liam Johns of California back in April 2005. The next year, in 2006, 6-month-old Edward Milton also died while in the Simplicity crib. Recently, a 1-year-old also died; death is still being investigated.

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