Megan Fox Looking Leggy in a Red Gown

megan fox red gown

OK, so many of you guys didnít like the Megan Fox dress that we featured the other week. We hope to make up for that. This time Iím sure youíll agree that she looks fabulous in this red asymmetrical gown that she wore at the German premiere of the new Transformers movie Revenge of the Fallen.

The gown which reaches down to her ankles had a very high slit, reaching almost to her right hip. The open area at the waist with a silver snake accent on it just looks perfect so as not to make the dress look severe. I guess I donít need to point out that it reveals her tiny waist.

Megan paired up the dress with Brian Atwoodís ďWagnerĒ nude, open-toed high heels. She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail. And on her ears is a pair of pear-shaped drop earrings.

In a short interview at the premiere, Megan revealed that she didnít work out before making the movie. Itís only now that sheís ditching junk foods and trying to have a healthier lifestyle.

So, is it thumbs up or thumbs down for Megan Foxís asymmetrical gown?

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