Star Spangled Duo from Orly

orly star spangled sparkling red glitter

I've always had a thing for the color red, especially that dark cherry color and I've always gone mad over anything that's glittery and I guess you can imagine what a combination of the two would mean for me ... total madness!
Orly have the perfect red+glitter nail polish combination and they call it 'Star Spangled Sparkling Red Glitter'. That name is like music to my ears!

Red is never out of fashion and this summer you gotta try out this red glittery nail polish.

orly star spangled duo kit

They have a little box kit (called Orly Star Spangled Duo) that contains the red glittery nail polish and a bottle of something genius; Flash Dry, Quick-Dry Shine Drops.

The idea of the quick-dry flash drops is great! One drop on my fresh nail polish and Tada! it's immediately dry!

I loved the duo and if you try it, you'll fall head over heels for it too!

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  1. lana012

    Where do you buy it. HOw much does it cost?

  1. H.A.R.

    The kit costs $4.20.
    You can get Orly nail polish online over at but you won't find the Star Spangled kit there!
    You can also get it online at
    You can also find a store near you on Find a Store.
    I hope that was of help!

  1. sara

    can i find orly in lebanon and where

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