Get Ready for Star Academy 8 Next Year!

Star Academy 8

If you were like me, wondering whether next year will see another season of the popular talent show LBC Star Academy, then put your mind to rest and be assured that next year will be the year of the 8th season of Star Academy!

It has been officially confirmed that Roula Saad is already working on preparations for the 8th season of Star Academy after 7 successful years of the talent/ reality program.

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Thank You Sorella

Thank You Sorella

We want to thank our dear friend Sorella for being a great contributor on Waleg this year writing Star Academy 7 dailies reviews from the beginning.

Hilda Khalifeh Leaving Star Academy?

Hilda Khalifeh

Letís not jump to any conclusions, but this may be a possibility!
In a new interview, Star Academy host Hilda Khalifeh reveals that she feels the necessity to change and host new programs, but that depends on the offers that she will get.
Hilda is a very good host; funny, pretty, very likable, and hip! But I understand that she feels the need to change; sheís been hosting the same show for 7 years!

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Star Academy Brings Shabib Festival to An End

Jordan Shabib Festival

The Shabib Music Festival, which is held annually in Jordan, ended it's 15th round last night with a joint concert from graduates of the popular talent show, Star Academy.
Star Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman and Mohammad Siraj, Shaima Hilali, Zaher Saleh and Zaher Zorgati performed for the audience who came from across Jordan to see them.

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New Photos and Videos

Hi All,

I have been on vacation since last week, that is why I haven't been able to add new photos and videos and reply to your emails as usual... I havenít had a real vacation since 6 years, so I really needed this one.

Iíll be back on the 2nd of July (3 days from now), and I promise you when I'm back to add many photos and video of your favorite Star Academy stars.

Thank you all for your understanding, wish me good times!
I'm looking forward to getting in touch with you again as soon as possible :)

Update: I'm back :)

Blowing Out The Sixth Candle!

6 candles waleg cake

Tonight, we blow out 6 candles for six years of covering Star Academy!
It's true the season ended last Friday with the final prime, but for us, the season ended tonight.
We've enjoyed the company of Hilda for the last 119 days and won't be seeing her until next year.

Don't worry, this doesn't mean we'll stop covering news about Star Academy stars and graduates! On the contrary, we'll try our best to keep you updated with their latest news.

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Sawt Al Thameer!

Have you ever wondered how Sawt Al Thameer looks like? What his real name is?
I know that some of you already know his name and may have also seen a photo of him somewhere ... however, for those of you who have never seen a photo of Sawt Al Thameer, here he is:

His name is Anis, and although he usually delivers bad news, he's a very nice guy.


You can also see another photo for him with Star Academy 6 students last Friday night during the party after the final here

Why Roula Didn't Keep Her Promise?

Roula Promise

Remember what they said the first prime about those 20 students were the luckiest of the past 5 seasons! And the reason was that the following was to be provided:

- Skate boarding class,
- roller blades class,
- Cinema, environment class
- recycling system in the academy,
- a real Spa for daily massages for relaxation!
- Music mixage class for those who want to learn how to become DJ's!
- And last but not least, a back-stage camera! For transparency!

Excluding the last one i.e. backstage camera non of the above were provided unfortunately and I wonder why Roula didn't keep her promise?

By Arabian Angel

Thanks to Waleg's Fans

thank you

I would like to thank all Waleg's fans who visit Waleg everyday, share their opinion and contribute to make Waleg the biggest community for Arab youth not only in the Middle East and North Africa but all over the world :)

I would like also to specifically thank: Meri, Lilly, Adela and Jessica, Soo Strange and Sarah for sharing reviews, photos and videos with us during this season of Star Academy :)

Forgive me if I have forgotten names of others who contributed with news and photos.

Please keep your contributions coming even after Star Academy 6 ends.

3 Months with Hilda

Hilda Khalifa

It has been 3 months since the beginning of the 6th season of LBC Star Academy 6, everyday, Hilda graces our TV sets to give us a resume of the latest news of the students at the academy...

If you have anything to say to Hilda, you can post here and I'm sure she will be reading it :)

Comment No. 4000

Comment no. 4000

In less than 3 days, comment number 4000 was posted on Waleg Star Academy blog :)
This time, Waleg reader Jenn posted the 4000 comment on Dailies 29: Inas's Bitter Goodbye.

Congratulations Jenn :)

Don't forget, the person who will post comment No. 10000 will receive a special gift :)

Thank you for making, the number one website in the Middle East :)

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Comment No. 3000


6 Days passed since our comment No. 2000 announcement, and the count now has passed 3000 and this time Waleg reader 'Lara ' posted comment No.3000 on Waleg Star Academy Blog :)

Congratulations Lara :)

The person who will post comment No. 10000 will receive a special gift from us on Waleg :)

THANKS to ALL of you who keep visiting everyday.

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Comment No. 2000

Comment No 2000

In the 10 days following the first 1000 comments on Waleg Star Academy blog, the count has now passed the 2000 comments! Thanks to all of you who keep dropping by Waleg and reading articles and sharing comments.

This time, our Waleg reader 'haboooba' posted comment No.2000 on Waleg Star Academy Blog :)

Congratulations haboooba!

Thank you ALL again for your comments and contributions, don't forget to tell your friends in school and on Facebook about Waleg!

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