Star Academy 9 Sixth Week Nominees

the nominees maria nour musab

This week, Durra has an assistant to announce the nominees with her; Issa from Kuwait!

And the unlucky students this week are:

- Maria
- Nour
- Musab

Who will you vote for this time around?

Musab, The Prime Monster!

Musab, The Prime Monster!

Jordanian student Musab Al Khatib is one of the good ones in the Academy this year.
His performance during the last prime, the 6th one which aired on Friday night, was excellent and he was praised by the teachers and by Hadi Sharara.
He is learning from his mistakes and is trying his best to improve his voice and his performance.

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Star Academy 9 Prime 6 LIVE

Star Academy 9

The 6th prime hosts two guests tonight, Fares Karam and Starac's own Lara Scander! It's sure to be a fun filled night!
The prime kicks off with the season theme song & dance as usual.
Then Hilda graces the stage in her funky style, in jeans and a kitty cat t-shirt and high heels!

Fares Karam immediately takes to the stage and sings "3am Bikazeb 3ala Martu" with the help of Musab!

The nominees perform their song of the night, Zaki, Lilia and then Maisa.
Who's your favorite nominee tonight?

Lara Scander is up on stage now and with her sings her fellow Egyptian, Rana.

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Durra is Silly & Childish, Change Her!

I wanted to mention this a few times before, but thought to wait and see whether Durra and the way the nominees are announced every Monday seemed to get better or not .. seems not though!
Haven't you noticed that the script and character of Durra are cartoonish? Tell me you have!

Durra is Silly & Childish

The process of announcing the nominees through the character of Dorra is silly and childish.
Those students in the Academy are not 10-year-old or still in school!
They are grown ups and I think the announcement should be made in a better way, in a more mature way and in a more serious way .. because it's not funny being a nominee!

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Fares Karam Star Academy's Next Guest

Fares Karam

Lebanese singer Fares Karam is going to be the next guest of the Star Academy's 6th prime next Thursday night.

Fares is famous for his own style and his songs which fuse the funky and the traditional.
Who doesn't know his famous songs "Ettanoura" and "Niswanji"?
His latest include "Daddy" and "Meter w Sab3een".

I believe the night is going to be a very entertaining one ... What about you?
Who of the students do you think will be the most comfortable singing with Karam? Maybe Musab and Zaki??

Star Academy 9 Prime 5 LIVE

The prime kicked off with this year's theme song, which I personally like a lot! Jennifer Lopez's On The Floor seems appropriate for this season.
Hilda graces the stage tonight in a red top and short skirt ... As my husband puts it, she gets younger with each passing year!
The guest of the night, Melhem Zain, appears to perform his first song "أوعى تروحي محلك" and with him sings Musab.

Rahma and Zainab

After the break, it's an Indian wedding with all its glory ... and suddenly we see Sukaina singing Shakalaka Baby and then Abdallah takes a go with a Khaliji song that has somewhat of an Indian tune about it.

The nominees are up next! Maisa, Maria and Taher.
Maisa sings وانا بين ايديك, Taher sings Quli U7ibuka and Maria sings توصى فيي.

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Problems in The Academy

Inside the walls of the Academy is a whole different kind of life! Those students from across the Arab world have to live together every minute of every day and they have to tolerate each other and deal with the sometimes opposite characters. It's not easy and surely not fun sometimes.

Rana & Nour

Across the hours, things become monotonous and the students sometimes clash with each other over silly and stupid things, just because they cannot avoid each other.

We've gotten used to the students disagreeing since the first season of Star Academy a long time ago ... but we also are not stupid, because sometimes we've noticed that some problems and in some cases "love stories" have been staged to attract more viewers and cause controversy that will get the show some attention.

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Will Maria Sarkis Be a Nominee Tonight?

Maria Sarkis

Lebanese Star Academy student, Maria Sarkis, was called "weak" in her evaluation presentation yesterday.
She collaborated with Musab from Jordan for a scene, that was donned unoriginal and dull.
Her choice of song; Kifak Inta by Miriam Fares was also a weak choice ... Her performance of it was also incorrect and she was singing on a different note.
Her sketch was also seen as unimaginative and the teachers though she could have worked more on building a more believable and creative sketch.

What do you think? Will Maria be a nominee this week?
Is Maria one of the weakest voices in the Academy today?

Melhem Zain, Guest of Star Academy 9

Melhem Zain, Guest of Star Academy 9

The guest star of the next prime of Star Academy 9 next Friday is Lebanese singer Melhem Zain.
You surely remember that Zain himself came to fame through another popular talent show, Future Super Star.

What do you think? Will the prime be interesting and entertaining?
Which student, do you think, will be the most comfortable on stage with Zain and who will stand out the most?

Star Academy 9 Prime 4 LIVE (With Video)

The prime kicks off with a salute to a legend ... to one of the most famous Arab singers of all time; Wadih El Safi ... he died last week and will be missed greatly.
The guest of the night, Nawal El Zoghbi, shares the stage with the students, they sing one of the most famous songs of El Safi "Sayyajna Lebnan" as a salute to his soul and his legacy.

Star Academy 9 Prime 4 - LIVE

After the 1st break, the first tableau of the night is a portrait from the golden days of beautiful Egyptian songs. Mahmoud from Egypt sings Alf Leila w Leila by Um Kulthoum.

The nominees' time is on, they're the ones going to sing on stage now, then take their places on the side benches!

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