Mohammad Al Qaq Retires!

Mohammad Al Qaq

What a title! The funny thing is, he hasn't really started a career to call his decision a retirement!

In all cases, Star Academy graduate, Jordanian Mohammad Al Qaq, has decided to stop pursuing a career in singing and is going to retire!

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Oumaima Taleb Eye Surgery!

Oumaima Taleb

Well, it seems Tunisian Star Academy 8 graduate Oumaima Taleb had recently an eye surgery! See the photo above.
Unfortunately, we weren't able to verify when she had this surgery neither we were able to have any update about her current condition.
If you happen to know any news about Oumaima, please share it with us.

Salamtek Oumaima. Hope you feel better now.

Sarah Farah Photos

Sarah Farah

Do you miss Syrian Star Academy 8 graduate Sarah? If your answer is yes, then you will definitely enjoy these various old and new photos of Sarah Farah.
The last photos of Sarah were during an interview with her on OTV channel.

Sarah Farah Pictures

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Karim Kamel Joins The UN!

Karim Kamel

Young Star Academy 8 graduate Karim Kamel hasn't even gotten started with his music career and he has already been appointed as an ambassador of good will for the United Nations! Is this surprising or what?! From Star Academy to The UN!
Could the problems and scandals he faced inside the Academy work for his own good?

Karim left the academy after a scandal revolving around his sexual orientation, when rumors about him being homosexual were allowed to pass on air and other fabricated photos of Karim were posted on the net.

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Does Nesma Deserve The Title?

Nesma and the title

We were going to ask you this question just right after the final prime, however we decided to wait until your emotions and feelings calmed down to give a better judgment. The question is:

Do you think Nesma's winning of the title of Star Academy 8 was fair?

- Yes, it is fair
- No, it's not fair
- I don't care

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Nesma is The Winner of Star Academy 8

Nesma Winner Star Academy 8

The winner of LBC Star Academy 8 is Nesma from Egypt! CONGRATULATIONS!

This win makes us look forward to a new season that will honor a true talent like Nesma.
During the whole season, Nesma proved to be the perfect student.
She has a beautiful voice but worked to improve her talent.
She was always on top of her behavior and never did something to be ashamed of.
She won Top 1 and was never named a nominee ... thus she truly deserves to be the Star of the season.

Congratulations Nesma!

LBC Star Academy 8 Final Prime (LIVE)

Star Academy 8 Final Prime

In a little less than two hours, the Star of LBC Star Academy 8 will be crowned.
The final prime will see performances from two great stars, Najwa Karam and Saber Rebai.
The prime will surely have one or two surprises and will be full of tableau's and reports.
Will Rula Saad reveal what all Star Academy fans have been waiting to hear?
Will there be another season next year? Will season 9 ever see the light?

The night kicks off, as usual, with the theme song and the three finalists all dressed for a star studded soiree!
And Najwa Karam graces the stage first. She appears stunning in a fuchsia dressed embellished with glitter and feathers.
She sings "Lash7ad Hobak" with Sarah.
Personally, I thought Sarah's performance wasn't as good as I expected. She started off her part out of tune.

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