Rami Chemali Accident Investigation

Rami Chemali

It has been more than a year since the tragic accident of Star Academy 7 candidate Rami Chemali ... The Investigation about the car accident that took his life was surrounded since day one with secrecy and conspiracy theories, and until this day, the real reason of the accident hasn't been revealed neither who was behind the driving wheel at the time of the accident!

Below is one of the conspiracy theories of the accident:

Rami accident conspiracy theories

Photos: Mohammad Ramadan on New Year's Eve 2011

Jordanian Star Academy 7 graduate Mohammad Ramadan held several successful concerts during the last 3 months, the last one was during the New Year's Eve 2011 at the Holiday Inn Amman, Jordan along with Yehia, Basma, Zeina and Adnan.

Mohammad will be also holding another two concerts soon, the first is in Libya on the 20th of Jan and the second in Morocco on Valentines day.

These are some photos from Mohammad Ramadan Concerts:

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The Truth About Mahmoud Shokri's Health

Mahmoud Shokri with Rami

Lots of reports have been circulating about the health status of Star Academy 7 graduate Mahmoud Shokri, since the dreaded accident he got into with the late Rami Shmali.
Some of these reports contain fabricated news, while others are merely speculations.
The truth about his state of health at the moment will come only from the closest of people to him; his father.

Shokri's father gave an open interview with popular magazine 'Laha' and put all the rumors to sleep.

Here's what he had to say about Mahmoud and where his health is at right now: after the jump ...

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Mahmoud Shokri In Danger Of Blindness

Mahmoud Shokri

The tragic accident that took the life of late Rami Shmali is still endangering star academy 7 graduate Mahmoud Shokriís life whose survival was a miracle from the accident. Mahmoud who is in a hospital in Germany is suffering from a lot of injuries and many operations for his face was done but what people donít know is that Mahmoud is not allowed to cry!

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Ramiís Family Still Waiting for Condolences From Shokriís Family

Many media outlets are reporting that till this day Mahmoud Shokriís family have still not sent their condolences to Ramiís family and are refusing to talk to them.

Moreover it was reported that Ramiís family called numerous times to find out the truth of the accident personally from them especially after all the rumors that have been surfing the net, however, Shokriís parents still rejected their calls.

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More Photos From Rami's Funeral

These are more photos from Rami's Funeral. You can see Rayan, Mohammad Ramadan, Basel, Nassif, Rahma, Zeina and Miral among the people that attended the funeral; they all came to pay respect to their friend... also you can see Rola Saad, Michel and Khalil who also came to pay respect to Rami.

More Photos From Rami Funeral

Thanks to Hessa for the photos.

Who Was Really Driving The Car That Killed Rami?

Unverified Phtoo from Rami and Shokri car accident

According to the Egyptian traffic inspectors, Rami and Shokri were in the car that caused the accident. Rami was driving. The inspectors added that Rami was speeding which caused the tire of the car to burst and for Rami to lose control of the car and hit another private car which caused his instant death, and the death of the 60 year old man that was driving the other car and the severe injury of Mohamed Shokri, and from the other car the injury of a 60 year old woman and her daughter-in-law. Moreover TV hosts added that the police found drug substances in the car Rami and Shokri were in but whether this news is true is still undetermined.

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Rami Shmali Passes Away

Rami Shmali

It is with great sadness that we report to you the sudden passing away of Star Academy 7 student Rami Shmali Ö
The news is hard to believe and harder to accept Ö
Rami was in Egypt hanging out with Star Academy student Mahmoud Shoukri, the two were driving on the highway in Cairo when Rami lost control of the car and crashed.
Unfortunately, Rami was instantly killed while Shoukri was badly injured and is currently in the ICU at the Salam Hospital in Al Muhandeseen district.

Our deep condolences to Ramiís family and we wish Shoukri a speedy recovery.

- LBC Report About Rami
- OTV Interview with Rami's Cousin

Nasif & Zeina Syria Concerts

Star Academy 7 item, Nasif & Zeina are both busy with upcoming concerts and other career related work!
Nasif is booked for July! He's scheduled to hold concerts in Damascus, Aleppo and Latakia on July 15th, 19th and 23rd.
As for Zeina, she's expected to hold a concert in Damascus on Saturday July 10th.
On July 31st, she's going to share the spotlights with Lebanese star Melhem Zein in a concert in Sednaya.

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