"More Than Air" with Lara Scandar

Lara Scandar

Nike, the sportswear mega brand, celebrated their Nike Air brand in Egypt by encouraging young local artists to partake in sending their artwork that represents the feel and look of Nike Air and to express their passion through fashion. The contest has been crowned by hosting their “More Than Air” party at Tamarai, Cairo’s ultimate hotspot, with a special performance by Lara Scandar. The theme of the event was life style of sport mixed with favorite jeans.

Here are some photos of Lara Scandar during her performance in “More Than Air” event

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"Ra7 Ensaki" Sees the Light

Mohammad Bash birthday

Mohamad Bash celebrated his 28th birthday and the release of his first single “Ra7 Ensaki” in his family hotel "Baik Bash" among his family, friends, fans and a number of Syrian celebrities.

Finally and after a long period, Ra7 Ensaki has been officially studio-recoded with a new arrangement and is now released as Mohamad Bash first single. The song is now being aired almost everyday on different radio channels.

Mohamad Bash also announced that he is currently working on his first video clip and on recording another single which is “Majnoun”; a song that was born in front of the TV audience when Mohamad Bash was in Star Academy 6.

Here are some photos of Bash's birthday and release party:

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Lara's Opening Act for Akon's Concert in Lebanon

Lara Akon Concert

Lara Scandar was the opening act for the international singer Akon’s latest concert in Lebanon on August 7th, 2010. The concert was held at La Marina Dbayeh and the venue was packed by hundreds of thousands of people who came from different countries to watch Akon performing live for the second time in Lebanon.

The concert kicked off with the illusionist Amin Jabbour and DJ Benny followed by an outstanding performance by Lara Scandar during which Lara performed her song “Mission is You” and she also released her new single “Chains”. Lara, as described by the media, set the audience on fire paving the way for Akon’s appearance on the stage. Akon performed his most popular hits that fans sang along with and danced to till the early hours of the morning.

Photos from Lara opening act at Akon Concert

Photos Lara opening act Akon Concert Lebanon

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Lara's "Mission is You" tour in Dubai

Lara tour in Dubai

These are some photos of Lara’s “Mission is You” tour in Dubai that took place at the end of February 2010.

photos Lara tour in Dubai

Lara started her visit to Dubai by a launch and signing ceremony at Virgin Megastore, Dubai in the presence of her producer Jean-Marie Riachi during which she met her fans who came from different Gulf Countries to Dubai to see her. Lara’s tour in Dubai has been well covered by the media. Lara has been invited to interviews in different TV channels whose headquarters are in Dubai Media City such as MBC, Al-Arabiya, Orient TV, Infinity TV, Al-Hurra and others as well as some magazines and newspapers.

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Lara Scandar on "Sabah Al Khair Ya Arab"

Lara Scandar on Sabah Al Khair Ya Arab

I woke up this morning in a good mood, turned on the TV and proceeded to making my coffee. Then i heard my favorite song by Lady Gaga called Poker Face being destroyed by a very familiar obnoxious voice. I looked at the TV and it was Lara appearing as a guest on the MBC morning show Sabah Al khair Ya Arab.

She talked about her music career and her new single "Mission is you". She explained that her mom was actually Lebanese but was raised in egypt. She said that her idol was Christina Aguilera, but she dreams of being like beyonce because she has the whole package of being a star.

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Photos From Lara's Private Party

Lara and bash at her Private Party

These are photos from Lara's private party to celebrate the launch of her first single "Mission is You" that took place in Cairo on Thursday February 4th, 2010. Not too much information have been given about the party. Only few photos have been released showing some Starac graduates such as Mohamad Bash, Ibrahim Dashti, Mohamad Sirag, Nasser Abu Lafi & Nader Quirat.

We can also tell that Wadi3 Abi Raad & Anis Abi-Khalil (Sout El Dameer) were there too. Jean-Marie Riachi (producer) & Ray Kay (director) joined the party to celebrate their first production with Lara Scandar.

Photos Lara's Private Party

Photos Lara Private Party Cairo

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Mission Amazingly Accomplished

Lara at Virgin Megastores Cairo

As most of the international stars do to release their work, Lara Scandar, the Egyptian Star Academy 6 graduate and promising singer, officially released her first CD named “Mission is You” on February 3rd, 2010 in a signing ceremony that took place at Virgin Megastores Cairo, Egypt.

In addition to her family and friends, the event was attended by hundreds of fans who came from different Egyptian cities and even from different countries to witness this special moment. Previous Star Academy title winners Mohamed Attia (Starac 1) and Nader Quirat (Starac 5) were there too to share this moment with Lara Scandar while Mohamad Bash, Ibrahim Dashti, Mohamed Sirag and other Star Ac graduates joined next day to celebrate Lara’s launch in a very private party.

Photos from Lara singing ceremony at the Virgin Megastores [84 Photos]

Photos Lara singing ceremony Virgin Megastores Egypt

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Lara Scandar has a “Mission” in The City of Angels

Lara Scandar first single ad

Lara Scandar is about to release her first single on February 4th, 2010. A wonderful song called “Mission is You”. The video clip has been shot in Los Angeles and the theme is about a girl who is taken by the charm of a young man. She is stalking him in the streets of LA Downtown and fantasizing about making him hers. The clip is a mix of western music, oriental beats & a hint of belly dance. Lara is wearing four different looks for this video clip.

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Gharamak, Soon from Michel Azzi

Micho Azzi

You must still have images of the Muhannad of Star Academy 6, Michel Azzi in your head!
Do you still remember the on/off love story between him and Tania?!

Michel has been under the radar all this time, but he has been working on a single or two.
It seems his debut single entitled "Gharamak" will be available very soon.

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Bash: Different Start … Great Success

Mohammad Bash Playing Guitar

Mohamad Bash, the Syrian Promising Star, formerly Starac 6 graduate, launched his career in Syria with 2 concerts during this Holidays Season. The first one was in Damascus with capacity of 1500 spectators and the second was in Aleppo with capacity of 700 spectators. Both events were sold out with many stand-up spectators too who did not want to miss these events. Bash took the stage for 100 minutes in each concert.

Photos from Bash concerts

Photos Mohammad Bash Holiday season concerts

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Mohammad Bash Christmas Concerts!

Mohammad Bash Poster

Syrian heatthrob and Star Academy graduate, Mohammad Bash, is getting ready to blow you away with two concerts on Dec. 25th & 27th, just in time for Christmas!
The concerts, which will be held in Damascus and Aleppo, will be the official launch of his music career.

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