Marwa Nasr Releases 1st Album

marwa nasr 1st album

Remember a girl by the name of Mawra Nasr?
She was an Egyptian contenstant in Star Academy 3.
Marwa has been out of the spotlight all these years, but she's been secretly working on her 1st album.
After holding a concert for her Arab audience in France recently, Marwa celebrated the release of her 1st album 'Senin' in Paris at Virgin Mega Stores.
Marwa is also busy preparing a new single, which will be quite different from the songs in her album 'Senin'.

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Remembering Past Starac Nominees

Star academy Past Season

These are the photos of the 1st nominees in each of the second, third, fourth and fifth seasons of LBC Star Academy.
You can find their names on the following links:

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Maya Nehme Bikini Photo Shoot

Maya Nehme in Bikini

Lebanese Star Academy 3 graduate Maya Nehme was one of the students that had many creative ideas during the academy especially during the weekly evaluation... I think most of you will agree with me, if you watched the third season of LBC Star Academy, 2 years ago.
However, we didn't hear from Maya for quite a long time, until now! Guess what, Maya managed to use her creative side again to think of a new idea to have some attention after this long time of disappearance; she decided to have a bikini photo shoot!

Watch these photos and let us know what you think of Maya's photos and of her new move towards fame.

Maya Bikini Photos

Maya Nehme Bikini Photos