Salma Ghazali is Pregnant!

salma and bashar

Did you know that Salma Ghazali is pregnant?!
She and hubby, Bashar Ghazawi, are expecting their first child together! Those two are going to be parents! Mabrooook!

Photos after the jump

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Amani Swissi New Album and AlJanadria

Star Academy 2 graduate Amani Swissi has participated in the opening ceremony of Al Janadria Festival in Saudi Arabia. She was the only female singer in the Festival alongside the big singers Mohammed Abdo, Rashid Al Majid, Abd Al Majee Abdallah and Abbas Ibrahim.

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Remembering Past Starac Nominees

Star academy Past Season

These are the photos of the 1st nominees in each of the second, third, fourth and fifth seasons of LBC Star Academy.
You can find their names on the following links:

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Zizi Adel's Waad Alaya


What do you think of ZiZi's latest album 'Waad Alaya' which was released a few days ago?
Which of the 8 tracks on it do you like best?