Does Nesma Deserve The Title?

Nesma and the title

We were going to ask you this question just right after the final prime, however we decided to wait until your emotions and feelings calmed down to give a better judgment. The question is:

Do you think Nesma's winning of the title of Star Academy 8 was fair?

- Yes, it is fair
- No, it's not fair
- I don't care

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Lara Iskandar Was Better Singing in English!

These are the poll results of the poll question that we have posted last week about Mahmoud Shokry Vs. Lara Iskandar. The questions was: "Who do you think was better singing in English?"

80% of you think that Lara was better singing in English while only 20% of you think that Mahmoud is better.

Mahmoud vs Lara Poll results

What do you think of these results?

Sultan and Tahra Future?!

Sultan and Tahra

What do you think of Sultan and Tahra's relation? Do you think they might have a future together? For example getting married like Bashar and Salma or like Mohammad Fahad and Rakiya Ibrahim... ?

Do you think there is something serious between Sultan and Tahra?

- Yes
- No
- I think they are just friends
- I'm sure they will get married
- I don't care

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Mahmoud Shokry Vs. Lara Iskandar

Mahmoud vs Lara

Mahmoud Shokry and Lara Iskandar were the only Egyptians contestant in Star Academy that sang in English and never sang any Arabic song neither at the primes or the evaluations (Correct me if i'm wrong) ...

Who do you think was better singing in English taking into consideration their performance on stage too?

- Lara was better
- Mahmoud Shokry was better

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LBC Star Academy 7 Winner?

Star Academy 7 Winner

Who do you think will be the winner of LBC Star Academy 7?

- Nassif from Syria
- Mohammad Rammadan from Jordan
- Rahma from Iraq

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