Abdallah Vs. Rana

This week the nominees of Star Academy 9 are Saudi student Abdallah and Egyptian student Rana ... Which will the audience voting bring back? Which one of them will be the unlucky one that will be sent packing???

Abdallah & Rana

Angham & Joe Ashkar Guests of Prime 12

Angham & Joe Ashkar Guests of Prime 12

The guests of the 12th prime of Star Academy 9 are going to be Egyptian singer Angham and Lebanese singer Joe Ashkar.

This prime is also special because there are no nominees and there will be no voting results or departure of any of the students!

Will you be tuning in to Friday night's prime?

Star Academy 9 Prime 11 LIVE

Moen Sharif with Hilda on Starac

Kicking off the 11th prime is Egyptian singer Amal Maher, with Rana by her side to share a song with her, she looks like a giant!

After the break, we'll be whisked off to Japan with one of Elissar's tableau's! Surely magical!
Nothing says Japan like Cherry blossoms, a few Samurai's and a few Geisha's ... and in this tableau, Zainab and Sukaina sing Comme Toi.

The two nominees are up next. Abdallah sings one of Majid Al Muhandes' best songs, "Sa7arni 7alaha", while Musab sings Hatem Al Iraqi's song "She3loma". I think they both excelled in their performances tonight. Perfect!

Up next is Lebanese singer Moen Sharif. He sings his famous song "Sho byeshbahek teshreen".

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Star Academy 9 Tenth Week Nominees

The unlucky nominees of this week of Star Academy 9 are two guys; Musab from Jordan and Abdallah from Saudi Arabia ...

Musab and Abdallah

Although I usually think the nomination is fair, didn't the teachers say that both these guys did well and proved that they have a sensitive emotion and feel every song they perform?
And just a reminder, they both did great in the last prime!
So, the question still remains ... why put these two boys head to head?

What do you think? Is this nomination (in particular) fair?
Who will you give your vote for? Musab or Aboud?

Moen Sharif & Amal Maher

Moen Sharif & Amal Maher

The guest stars of the next prime of Star Academy, Prime 11, are going to be Lebanese singer Moen Sharif and Egyptian singer Amal Maher.

Star Academy 9 Prime 10 LIVE

Star Academy 9 Prime 10 LIVE

The prime kicks off with a duet from the guest Marwan Khouri and Abdallah, "Albak 3ala Albi".
After the first break comes the first tableau. Musab is Ali Baba ... thus there are the 40 thieves as well! And inside the cave, there are the dancing beauties and Rana a midst them sings "Ali ya Ali". Abdallah also has a part and sings a few lines.

Then it's time for the nominees, Zaki & Rana, to come up on stage and sing their parts.
Ironically, the both did great and were fantastic on stage and their performance was near perfect.

Next, Egyptian singer Amina shares the stage with Zaki to sing her duet "Baladna". A song about both Egypt and Lebanon.

After the break, Sukaina will be singing "Impossible", so be ready!

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Sarah Farah Drops By at The Academy & Breaks Some Plates!

Sarah Farah Drops By at The Academy

Remember Sarah Farah? That Syrian girl with a loud mouth and a hot temper, from Star Academy 8?!
Sarah is going to be a gust on Star Academy 9 Prime 10 and she dropped by the academy to pay a visit to the students and walk down memory lane ... speaking of memories, do you remember when Sarah and lover boy Husam had a huge fight in the phone room? That was something unprecedented! It left a lasting impression on everyone ...

In all cases, let's let bygones be bygones ...
Sarah showed up at the Academy and brought some delicious sweets for the students.
They spent a couple of hours together, singing, playing, having fun and then devouring the sweets!
Sarah decided to end her visit on a "loud" note; breaking plates! Yup! She threw plates on the floor and broke them and the students joined in with the destruction! They sure had fun!

Star Academy 9 Dailies Episode 61

So, what have the students of Star Academy been up to?
It seems the students are so bored that they decided to turn the academy into a circus! And Abdallah is the master of everything! Hes the animal trainer, magician and clown!

starac-d61.jStar Academy 9 Dailies Episode 61pg

The girls have an appointment with the hair stylists and Pantene!

Abdallah receives a mini helicopter, which he flies around the academy ...

Mme. Mary comes up to the girl's room with a pot and wakes them up with banging on the pot! It turns out it's already 10 and the girls are still asleep!

Rana and Musab seem to have some kinda problem.
Since Mme. Mary told the students that they have to be cleaner and clean up the academy around the clock, accusations started flying between the students.
And the fall out happened between Rana and Musab ... then they fight because Rana called him "hypocrite" and he called her "opportunist" ... Ouch!

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Star Academy 9 Ninth Week Nominees

Rana and Zaki

This week on star Academy 9, the nominees are only 2!
So, it's either this one or that one ... the students have no say this week!

And the nominees are:

- Rana
- Zaki

Which do you think will get the boot and leave Star Academy on Thursday?

Lilia Departs from Star Academy 9 .. Fair?

Star Academy 9 Girls

Yesterday night the 9th prime of Star Academy 9 was broadcast but it was recorded on Thursday night.

The guests were Joseph Attieh, Souma and Amal Bouchoucha.

The nominees were Lilia, Sukaina and Mahmoud.

The audience voting brought back Sukaina with more than 50% of the votes! and the students chose to give Lilia the boot and bring back Mahmoud.

Lots of fans believe that the departure of Lilia was unfair and that she was the target of the academy since the beginning.
Some think she's actually got the best voice in the Academy this year ...

What do you think? Is it fair that Lilia's Starac journey is over?

Star Academy 9 Dailies Episode 55

Star Academy 9 Dailies Episode 55

A hair specialist drops by the academy to teach the students about their hair and how to use hair treatment by Pantene!

The teachers have a one on one with each nominee.
Lilia is told to have patience and do her best and to progress. She is also asked to pay more attention.
As for Sukaina, she's told to be more creative and brave and less shallow. She needs to dig deep to better her talent.
Mahmoud is asked to be more active and lively.

The students get another re-looking session!

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Star Academy 9 Dailies Episode 54

The academy police, Rana, is after Jean and Musab is trying to get between them .. she actually monitoring all the students and is after them to throw their garbage in the bin.
Jean is not finding it funny and can't stand Rana! He goes to his room and retreats there.

Star Academy 9 Dailies Episode 54

After the eval, each student called their parents.
They didn't expect their parents to start throwing blame at them and tell them that they need to do more than their best.
Jean, Zainab and Sukaina all expected encouragement but got something else! They got a piece of their minds! Ouch!

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Star Academy 9 Dailies Episode 53

Star Academy 9 Dailies Episode 53

Social media night started off on the wrong foot; because Jean and Sukaina had a little fallout just before it started!!

The highlights:
Rana and Abdallah sang a beautiful song by Angham "Sidi Wissalak" after being requested by one of the fans.

Rana and Sukaina are asked to stop screaming and shouting around the academy!

Zaki and Zainab sing the duet they sang together in the previous prime.

Musab is asked what the features of his dream girl are ... tall, sweet, kind and "Na3oumeh". Cute!

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