Ibtisam Tesket: The Academy's Haifa-look-alike

Ibtisam Tesket vs Haifa Webe

Ibtisam Tesket, Star Academy's Moroccan contestant is undoubtedly a Haifa-wanna-be!
The similarities between them are many and she even tries to imitate Haifa in the way she walks and talks.

Ibtisam is very confident with herself and her talent and she deals with everyone around accordingly. She acts as if she's already a diva!
What do you think of Ibtisam? Is she a wee bit too confident? Or is her talent that of stars?

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Star Academy 10 Prime 2

The second prime of Star Academy kicked off with a performance from Sherine Abdel Wahab and Egyptian student Sherine!
It was obvious that Sherine Abdel Wahab was out of tune ... and she did admit that after the song was over.

After the first break, Lea and Doaa performed Beyonce's and Shakira's famous duet Beautiful Liar.

The nominees' time has come to perform on stage ... one of them for the very last time!
Ismail, Mohammad and Ishraq all did well and are hanging all hopes on the audience voting.

I can't leave Hilda out of the review can I! What do you think of her outfit ... she's a leggy lass and ain't shy to show it!


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Who Will Cry Tomorrow?!

The first week of Star Academy always sees the quick departure of one of the students ... maybe the most unlucky one!
This time is no different and there are three nominees, one of which will be leaving tomorrow night and will surely cry a river!

Who Will Cry Tomorrow?!

So, the nominees are Ismail, Ishraq and Mohammad Hussein ...

Slipping, Noodles and Korea before the 1st Eval

So, the new students of Star Academy Arabia have been inside the Academy for the past 3 days, getting used to the space, getting to know each other and attending their new classes.
What has happened since Friday night? Lots of things!

Ibtisam in the hospital

One major event was the injury of Moroccan student Ibtisam in sports class.
She suddenly slipped and fell on the floor and started shouting ... her friends freaked out and an ambulance was called and she was taken to hospital for check up.
Later she returned and started preparing for her 1st eval (FYI: The weekly Evaluation is every Sunday).

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Star Academy 10 Prime 1

Star Academy 10 Prime 1

Another season of the popular talent show Star Academy Arabia has begun ... with 17 hopeful students from across the Arab world competing to win the title.
This year is supposed to be better, more disciplined and more colorful.
This year the show will try to wipe away the sadness that has come over the Arab world and try to color the nights of the audiences.

Our host this year, is non other than the ever so beautiful and stunning and eye-catching Hilda Khalifeh ... she sure knew how to catch the camera man's eye with her thigh-high-opened dress!!

Hilda Khalifeh

Some new and important faces have joined the show this year; Elias Rahbani, Amir Teimeh, Betty Tawtal and the much loved Mary Mahfouth.

As for the star to kick off the season, and for the first time ever on the stage of Star Academy, it's the super star Ragheb Alamah.
During the prime, he performed his latest song "Habib Dehkati" which is also the name of his latest album, which was released only today.

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Starac Arabia 10 Around The Corner?

Starac Arabia 10 Around The Corner?

Star Academy 10 seems to be around the corner!
There's news that only a few weeks stand between us and the 10th season of Starac.
Have you heard that too? Are you excited about this season?
Do you think it will be entertaining and fun ... or might it be a flop?
Haven't we gotten enough of this reality/ talent show after more than 10 years of it?

Star Academy 10 Jordan Casting

Are you a Star Academy fan?
Do you live in Jordan?
Do you have a dream to be a contestant on Starac 10?

Star Academy 10 Jordan Casting

If you answered YES to all three questions, then get ready 'cause the casting dates for Amman have been announced!

The place is Kempinski Hotel in Amman
The date is Friday 21 - Saturday 22

Be there early and bring a photo of your passport and a photo of you!
You may meet Musab Al Khatib there!!

Tunis & Dubai Casting Dates for Starac 10

Morocco Casting

Casting is on a roll for Star Academy 10 ... for the past three days, fans have been going crazy in Morocco and the venues have been over crowded with application-filling teens but now if you're from Tunisia or Dubai, then your chance is coming up!
Get ready and bring your best with you!

Casting in Tunis will take place over three days, 11/12/13 March at the Tunis Grand Hotel.
While in Dubai the casting will take place on the 15th of March at the Emirates Grand Hotel.

Casting Dates for Star Academy 10

Another season of Star Academy is beginning to brew ... casting has begun and new casting dates have been announced! Casting has already taken place in Cairo.

Egypt Casting

See these three smiling guys .. Which one of them do you think was accepted for Starac 10? Or were they all taken or all rejected?

Today it was a busy day for Star Academy hopefuls in Alexandria and tomorrow will be too ... so if you're interested and you're living in Alexandria this is your chance!
Casting is taking place at Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza ... don't for get to bring a photocopy of you passport or ID and photos.

As for other casting dates, will keep you updated on the latest and will post any new dates as soon as they are announced.

Star Academy 10 in The Horizon

Star Academy 10 in The Horizon

Star Academy 9 came to an end with Mohammad Muhi winning the title ... and whether you thought the season was a success or not is totally irrelevant because there will be a 10th season!
Yes, season 10 is in prep and if you're interested in being in it, then you can fill in an application and take your chances!
The application, which is the first step of casting, consists of five parts, which you gotta complete fully.

So, when do you think could season 10 start? Maybe sometime around next November?

Mahmoud Muhi Wins Star Academy Arabia

Mahmoud Muhi Wins Star Academy Arabia

Last night, and with an explosive final prime, Star Academy Arabia came to an end.
The guests of the prime were Lebanese stars Elissa and Wael Kfouri.

The three finalists Zainab, Jean and Mahmoud performed and entertained until the last minutes of the prime ... when the audience results were announced.

The voting brought Mahmoud from Egypt to the top, giving him the title of Star of Star Academy 9.


Star Academy 9 Prime 15

Star Academy 9 Prime 15 with Kathem Al Saher

The fifteenth prime of Star Academy Arabia was the one before the last ... the guest was Kathem Al Saher and the nominees were Sukaina and Zainab from Morocco.

The audience voting resulted in the departure of Sukaina.

The finalists competing for the title of Star are Jean from Lebanon, Mahmoud from Egypt and Zainab from Morocco.

If you missed it on Thursday night, you can watch the 15th prime here.

The Last Nominees: Sukaina & Zainab

Star Academy

The last nominees of this season of Star Academy are the only two girls left .. Moroccan girls, Sukaina & Zainab.

Who will you vote for? Who do you think is worthy of moving on to the finals with Mahmoud from Egypt and Jean from Lebanon.

Sukaina & Rana, Nominees!!!

Sukaina Rana

The nominees this week on Star Academy are Sukaina from Morocco and Rana from Egypt.
Sukaina is in the danger zone for the very first time, while Rana is in it for the second time!
Who will the audience voting save this week?
Who will be given the boot?

Who will you be voting for?
Sukaina or Rana?