Mohammad Al Qaq Retires!

Mohammad Al Qaq

What a title! The funny thing is, he hasn't really started a career to call his decision a retirement!

In all cases, Star Academy graduate, Jordanian Mohammad Al Qaq, has decided to stop pursuing a career in singing and is going to retire!

This comes only weeks after many singers decided to retire.
But Al Qaq's reason for stopping singing is just like Fadel Shaker's; he wants to do all he can to be closer to God, and because he believes singing to be "forbidden", he decided to retreat and halt his dream of becoming a famous star.

What do you think of this?

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  1. A fan
    A fan

    Graduate?! hardly.

  1. amal

    It turned out it was a rumor! go on his official facebook page and see

  1. Joseph

    who is he? i have never heard of his name? what does his sing?

  1. Dodo
    Dodo replied to comment from A fan

    Huh!! a singer ! retired!! thats all retarded!

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