Moroccan Starac 9 Student ...

Murad Okh

The much awaited 9th season of Star Academy doesn't seem to be near!
There were strong rumors that the first prime was to kick off on Friday April 6th ... but it turned out to be nothing but hot air!

Now, there's more speculation ... and you gotta admit that those speculations are what keeps us going until the actual beginning of the season!
Presumably, there's a new candidate in the show; Moroccan Murad Okh!

Check out these photos of the presumed Starac 9 student ... what do you think?

Photos of Moroccan Murad Okh

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  1. Karima

    ppor guy his dream is killed after what it appears the cancellation of this season !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Mikkk

    So no star ac untill after ramadan !!!!!!!
    Sooooooooooo great
    whats wrong with them ??? they could have started on the 6th uff annoying

  1. melika persian
    melika persian

    With the Arab Viewer waits off Star Academy 9, having accustomed follow-up student life for eight years until this day, locked in the meantime LBC management maturity greater after a large segment of the public lost Arab regress is evident in the level of programmes!
    "She choked Shams the LBC!" This at last! Today the station relies on return life to rooms Star Academy and theatre attract public again, after the first seasons were a source of millions of dollars and world-famous, while viewing ratios and profits fell successively from the fifth season.
    Having bought the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal 85% of the land as well as LBC Pak company, is the largest owner from the outset in the space, LBC became President academic Roula Saad and its own "Vanilla" in immediate danger and large, has large Empire erases built for itself in the past years, especially with the presence of Turki Shabana as new in Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation, with the survival of Sheikh Pierre Daher, brother-in-law Roula Saad, a simple no decision whatsoever in station.
    It replaces the Rola Saad? Who has the determination and strong will and personality to a similar eye received it shed on his shoulders the responsibilities of success or failure! It replaced the strict Director Director of firm and is the first possibilities? Or back Star Academy 9 without a President or Chairperson of the phenomenon of public fact that this administrative post and could be in a team setting and management not only? May be headed by non-Lebanese person music management and is a probability which throw him confidential new station management?!?

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