Star Academy 9 Starts April 6th

Star Academy 9

Many of you have been waiting for the final word about the first prime of Star Academy 9 and it's official this time, Star Academy 9 will begin on Friday, April 6th.

The first prime will surely be a strong kickoff of the 9th season.
During we will get to know the new stars of the season, boys and girls from around the Arab world with an array of talents.

Are you excited about this season of Star academy?
Do you think it will be more of a success than last season? Or will it flop?

* Update: Star Academy Season 9 has been postponed to undetermined date after it was announced on Star Academy Official Facebook page that it was going to start earlier this month. No reasons were given for this decisions.

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  1. naddy

    Which post is star academy 9? Nagham nig? And the prime come on MBC or what?

  1. Janaaa

    Does anyone know where we can watch it in america? Are they going to put it on MBC or MTV?


  1. Sam

    Waleg plz find out frequency 4 nagham on arabsat pls pls pls

  1. Billie

    Please Waleg, could u tell us the frequency of Nagham on Arab sat or where else we can watch it? I'm ultra excited!!! Thank you :)

  1. houcem

    in LBC sat???

  1. khadija

    je veux savoir quand va commencer starac 9?

  1. mikmariam

    can't wait
    @mariam: im so excited!!!!!! <3 gud luck :)) Egyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyypt

  1. melika persian
    melika persian

    بعدما كثر الحديث في الإعلام عن عدم بث برنامج الهواة الأشهر والأضخم في العالم العربي "ستار اكاديمي" على شاشة المؤسسة اللبنانية للارسال ال "إل بي سي" وذلك بعد انفصال المحطة الفضائية وشركة "باك" عنها، أكد الإعلامي طوني هيكل عبر برنامجه "نشرة مش نشرة" الذي يُبت كل اثنين بعد موجز السادسة والربع عبر صوت لبنان 100.5 و100.3 ان ستاراك مستمر على شاشة ال "إل بي سي" بحسب معلومات خاصة بالبرنامج، وبانه سيكون بإدارة رئيسته رولا سعد، ولكنه لن يعرض الا بعد الانتهاء من بناء المبنى الجديد الخاص فيه والذي يقع بجانب مبنى المحطة الرئيسية في ادما .. و يرجح انه سيكون في بداية الخريف القادم، مؤكدين ان رولا اختارت بالفعل 14 مشتركا ويبقى ان تختار ستة مشتركين آخرين.

    أي أن كل ما في الامر أن البرنامج سيشهد تأجيلاً في موعده فقط .. لذلك ما علينا سوى الانتظار .. من أجل عيش أمتع و أروع اللحظات طيلة الاربع أشهر برفقة الحدث التلفزيوني الضخم ستار أكاديمي

    اخر خبر مؤكد من داخل الاكاديمى Are you sure???

  1. susu_egypt
    susu_egypt replied to comment from mikmariam

    Yeeeeeyyyy ! Masr is gona win it again !!!! Can't wait too !

  1. xxxx

    cant wait looking forward to t but i hope this year there is a good talented iraqi guy in it and all the other arab countries to e equal xxx but omg so not fair i have to revise for my exams its going to put me off track especially when its

  1. mikkkkk

    Star academmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyy!!!!!
    can't wait!!!!

  1. Majida

    Malika. R we going to see the first prime on the lbc and no 24/24 on nagham?

  1. Sunita Ahmed
    Sunita Ahmed

    I am waiting for this season iam so excited

  1. to_majida
    to_majida replied to comment from Majida

    Both the Nagham and the LBC-live start with the starac program on the Apr 6 at 9pm Lebanon time.

    Isn't it incredible we are going to watch it - IN LESS THAN ONE WEEK !!!!!!!!?????

    The best TV show on the earth is coming so soon !!!

  1. ahlam

    to majida . the above comment

    do u mean that both nagham and lbc channals will be viewing the primes???????? that would be epic. here in england we dont get the lbc channel which sucks lol.
    and i agress starac is the best show everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  1. Majida

    Ahlam here in Dubai we have lbc but don't have nagham we use too it's blank now don't know why?

  1. Lina

    guys, can you pls tell me the frequency for nagham on arabsat

  1. melika persian
    melika persian

    Just news on LBC channel.

    Cancellation of Star Academy 9 this year to present next year in the first month of February: (: (

    Reasons will be announced in the magazine "Madam" next version
    ... ...
    April Fools "April": D Each year and you are good
    ... ...
    Taisho and takalo other

  1. fares



  1. Yedne

    I think Star academy 9 is starte after Romedan guy!

  1. to_majida
    to_majida replied to comment from ahlam

    Apologies to everyone ! I got the "cold shower" today ! Now it is plain clear to me I've been only spreading the rumors, like evrybody else - even like this article ! Ive been watching the show for years and every season one week before the start the LBC makes an announcement about it. On their EU channel it is always on the Sunday, and today, it did NOT appear ! Whatever this confusion with the April Fools is, the fact remains the LBC is -silent ! On their website (the Lbcgroup) there is not a word about the season 9 !... On the other hand, evryone is spreading some unfounded news. This article for instance says "it is official" - but, who said that ? Some fan groups ? How can it be "official" if the LBC does not say a word ? Also, in the past the LBC had observed some religious hollidays ... On the Apr 6 is the Good Friday - is the LBC really going to open the starac season on the day ? All this together - lot of rumor and no leaks about something really happening - tells me, that we were getting too happy too early this time ! Despite the possible disappointment (I am bracing myself for that), it would be also good if there is no starac during the summer, and if it actually starts before the winter (as some are saying) ... ???

    The nagham starac program starts at the same time when the LBC main channel, but it shows only the picture of the academy living room, until the end of the prime, when it starts transmiting (like every Friday).

  1. lina

    waleg?is their star academy 9 this year or did they just leave it until after ramadan?

  1. A fan
    A fan

    Star Academy 9 official Facebook page stated that they will be starting later than usual due to work being done in the living areas of the school/home.

  1. Abdulaziz
    Abdulaziz replied to comment from A fan

    They are also just spreading a rumor ! No one is really "official" except the LBC. Every other season something new is added to the Academy and there is always some rumor about the delays because of that - the work of the carpenters and craftsmen !? This time it is more likely there is something about megotiations for renewing the contract with the Endemol (who holds the licence rights for the starac). The French starac was closed after 8 seasons (the TF1 got 8 seaasons licence and in the end the show was not profitable anymore so they did not bother to renew the contract). One more thing: the "usual" season beginning used to be Jan. or Dec. - until the 5th season; then for two years it was Feb., and last year - Apr ! For any show that depends on the voting public the best option is to have no similar show overlapping its season. The Najm al Khaleej has established their season from mid-Sep to early Dec., and A.Idol this year was from the mid-Jan to the late Mar. What is left is the spring and summer, and that is not very conevnient as in the summer people tend not to be at home, and in the late spring in many countries the exams are taking place. Therefore, there is no "max" solution for the LBC, but it does not have to worry them at all - the starac is so popular and so well established in the entertainment world, that other shows should be much more concerned if there is some running in parallel. In short, I doubt the LBC is considering having the show during the summer; or right after the Ramadan, mid-Aug. Btw, the starac has always been some time after Ramadan. Actually, this might be the reason ! If the season had to last 15 weeks (16 primes), and starts this Friday - it would end just at the beginning of the Ramadan, which is not right. Or the season has to be shorter. I'd finish with this conclusion, and hope to see the new season some time in the fall. Ciao a tutti !

  1. Selina kassa
    Selina kassa

    Waleg i hope its not to fool as because its not cool at all

  1. melika persian
    melika persian

    Postponed start date start program Star Academy in the ninth season to date last because finishing some equipment as building students has been changed region which was previously the building

  1. Liza

    Waleg, we need a concret answer to when Star Academy will start. Am getting really disappointed in you guys. I was use to that your News were Real and not just some romours. I mean at least answer us. How did you get the news? That Star Academy will start this friday. Hoping for a answer to our question

  1. Abdulaziz

    Well, sometimes friends can help a lot in getting right info. I got something from Beirut and would like to share with the visitors of this site.

    Apparently the new LBC owner (the saudi prince) Walid Bin Talal has assigned Rula Saad to a new job, and accordingly, as the starac management is getting restructured there are some unresolved issues. Therefore, there will be no starac before the Ramadan ! Most likely it will start in the late fall. Sorry for the bad news ! It will be better for your exams.

  1. Abdulaziz

    Just a few words more. Rula Saad probably went too far in the new LBC saudi owner's opinon by exposing Karim as a homo and by over-exploiting Sara for making the reality TV part of the show "more interesting" - or scandalous - so the saudi owner was thinking "what is next ?" Its very likely the starac will become a lot more conservative with the new management !

  1. Seline

    Waleg pls pls tell us the real deal? U post the info and ur not gona answer anything!!

  1. salma

    star academy very nice programme of sing and actris

  1. mo

    I checked the LBC website and the program schedule and it does not say that Star Ac is this Friday. Also its impossible since its easter for the next 2 weeks and they will have religious programs on Friday also there is a rumor that Rola Saad got fired.

  1. starac_fan

    Hey, redneck; if your so smart what ar'you doing here ?! Yeah, we loosers got no life, so leave the page alone and after your sweatshop meaningful life go to your soccer buddies and beer, and yell for your team your rat's bollocks out. Just go away ; rats are not wellcome on the page !!

  1. ahlam

    to majida, thanks for the answer sweets, and STARAC-FAN LOL UR COMMENT KILLED ME LOOOLZ.
    and omg, im sooooo disaapointed here's me trying to finish all my uni work before friday comes so i can watch starac to my hearts content haha. oh no i hope its not true i was looking forward to starac this year after a dissgracful last season my word it was just nasty lol. but lets just hang on to this hope till friday night!!!!. maybe just maybe lbc are planning to supprise everyone. lol

  1. Rula


  1. myriam

    everyone on this page these rumours are all wrong star academy is going to start 6 april which is Friday and thats all i know and i am sure about it because it has been on the official page of star academy and their has been an advert now stop spreading rumours that aren't true and walleg is wright

  1. starac_fan

    @ ahlam
    @ myriam

    I wish myself if it were some kind of surprise ! Yet, there will be no surprise ... Go to and click on the schedule, and youll be under the LBC International - Lebanon time. There is an arrow on the right margin - click there to move the schedule to 8pm, and look under Friday. Before the primes there was always the LBC night bulletin, right ? From 20:00 to 20:30. After that it is not the starac, but - the Good Friday concert ! On the EU LBC channel is another Easter program ... Its a disappointment, but, better for the exams ! Friends, see you in the winter ! (Im gona hibernate now ...)

  1. myriam

    their is going to be star academy on 6 april 2012 because of of the candidates of star academy said that on his page

  1. Candy

    Star academy 9!!!!
    I doN'T cAre.....................................

  1. anfal

    PLzzz plzz Arabsat IraQiii..

  1. Enjy-London

    WALEG????? plz upload the prime, coz my ARAB Sat is not working.... plz put it WALEG...

    i kept waiting since 5 hours ago,,

    i really appreciate ur effort..

  1. xxxx

    waleg plz upload it did it start today plz i waited for so long plz thank u

  1. nihal

    oh oh oh what a boring in 6 april all the nght am wtchng lbc and nthng to be appear i think its akiding hahahahaha pls waleg tell us some infrmtion about star 9 pls thanks

  1. susu

    SILLY KIDS ! There was no prime ! NO PRIME !!!!

    Do you read any of the above comments ??? Do you understand it ??? !!! The public does not know what are the problems the LBC is having, and Waleg too is part of that public ! Why do you expect from Waleg to know it better than the LBC ??? Nobody knows when the show will be ready, but there are some people who want to make money and they are preparing it, be sure ! Wait until the fall, Nov - Dec, and it will start ! But, this spring - NO.

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