Starac 8 Dailies 73: More from Gilbert & Christine!

Christine is still trying to make Gilbert understand that she is dead serious about putting boundaries between them.
Gilbert has nothing on his mind except Christine and finds it hard to understand the way Chris is dealing with him.
He also tells Chris that it's OK if a relationship starts between them, because he no longer has a girlfriend out there! Is that really true? I wonder ...

Christine and Gilbert are still discussing the matter and Gilbert tries to explain that his girlfriend is his ex now and there's no one out there anymore. Christine tries to explain that if that is true he needs to give himself time to heal and relax and then fall into another relationship. Things shouldn't go this fast.

Layan gets the surprise of her life, when a huge group of her fans arrive at the academy and throw her a parade! With music and flags flying and her photos cried up high, she couldn't believe her eyes!

Layan and Umaima face each other in regards to the statement that said: "Let Layan's mom listen correctly next time" ! Someone told Umaima that Layan badmouthed her behind her back and Layan tells Umaima that's totally not true. after a long argument, Umaima tells Layan that Afram is the one who told her and Layan says: "Afram is a liar".
Later, for some unknown reason, Sarah gets into the middle of the argument as well.

The students get a huge Pizza delivery from Pizza Hut and they dive into it and enjoooooy!

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  1. Rima

    Umaima and Sarah are disgusting jealous evil parasites. Poor Layan. No matter how strong her personality is she cant beat them at thier dirty games.

  1. Rima

    Umaima and Sarah are disgusting jealous evil parasites. Poor Layan. No matter how strong her personality is she cant beat them at thier dirty games.

  1. Freedom

    Efram was just mad layan didnt vote for him that loser..he wanted to start drama and layan didnt say anything bad about umayma that she didnt say to her face..

  1. starac_fan

    @ Rima

    You are exagerating as always. You said you are not a teenager but are using the same simple ideas and strong words. Well, you are not the only one: this show ia an outlet for the agressive gossiping of many people, so they do not do it in their own lives. Probably you think about yourself as "nice" ...

    @ SANDY

    As per your last comment (on the other page):
    I read your comments always as you have a lot of common sense. This time you took an idea that I think lead you in the wrong direction. As far as I remember the first attempt at some psychological analysis was done by some Deborah, who claims to work with the mentaly chalanged people and knows it all. You approach is different but the conclusion is the same: Sara should not be held responsible for her misbehavior. You are also saying that Hussam is banned from coming to the primes so the production can agravate Sara's mood. Though you are right the flowers did not come from Hussam, but Rola, you are disregarding some moments - which leads you in the wrong direction and to the conclusion you made.

    First, Sara already knows Hussam's handwriting and she could not be fooled about the origin of the flowers and athe attached letter. Her writing of a letter to Hussam (that she sent out by Efrem) was the real act, and it is the great editing skill of the production to put these two things in a sequence (receiving, and sending a letter). That in the daily her letter was read to us is just a make-believe deception, as I do not believe the letter was seized from Efrem on the way out. Also, if you watch the scene with the flowers, in the end you can notice that she quietly sits and reads the letter again - but ! Yoy can also notice one important detail, that her right leg is agitated which is not fitting in the sequence before. The love letter made her and kept her calm, and suddenly - this detail !? This is not in real, cannot be. This is revealing something else, that she is nervous about the whole thing - that they are using her even after Hussam is gone ! The same continuation of the "love story" was with Mithan and Mustafa, after he was gone. Mirhan had to go through all those silly scenes, but it was only the season 5 - later on the demands of Rula were just increasing.

    You probably do not know, but Hussam has started talking. He does not have so much media attention as Karim, but he has revealed that those rough scenes in the phone room, he was taking part with Sara, were staged and that both of them were coerced to do it. In light of this and other revelations that will come after the show (but not in full detail as they are all under the contract and there is a huge penalty if they do it), you will need to rethink the topic. Though I see you have good intentions, and are not using this show and the forum as a valve for own frustrations - like Rima above, or others on the forum.

  1. marwa

    no matter what they say they always do like this be for they do chirstine now layan but i amazing fram he is like girl i hate him, he deserve to be out of academy. why sara said she tall behind the people she is number one who talk the student behind the she say every thing but the others they tolerate her. umaima she loves abdisalam and abdisalam loves layan that is why she feel joules i looooooooooooveeee layan abdisalam and ahmed

  1. Maya
    Maya replied to comment from starac_fan

    I really liked what you shared here, makes a lot of sense. I was wondering, how did you know Hussam is sharing everything? Was there an interview or something? If so, I'd really like it if you were to share me some sort of link? Thank you, and wise words said!

  1. samoor
    samoor replied to comment from starac_fan

    i agree with you... but i wanna know can u send me the link to the interview with hussam saying those things that it is staged ! please i want to see it to believe it (: thankls

  1. Rima
    Rima replied to comment from starac_fan

    Get a life and stop assuming about mine.

  1. starac_fan

    @ samoor
    @ maya

    I'll find the link tomorrow. I trust you do not think I 'm making anything up, just have to go right now - have an exam tomorrow morning! Sorry ...

  1. Maya

    We all know that most of these scenes are acting and we'd be pretty naive to believe most of the things that are going on in the academy, I just wanna know why I am so attached to this show?! I don't know if it's the previous seasons that made me still hope that better seasons are soon to come. Anyways, I follow up with the show a lot and to be honest everyone has a really bad personality. I was watching a show on "Al Jadeed" and the topic was about the nonsense that happens on the academy and Houssam's brother happened to be on there. First of all, I saw some disturbing things from everyone! Nesma was touching her private parts and smelling her hand infront of the guys, they showed girls going in and out of the pool. And Houssams brother had made a really good point and saying "Why are they showing the bad things on the show, why cant they show the good times they had?" Which is really what I want to see. I remember the years before they would show how much fun they'd have. From water fights to other things. This year it's only fight, after fight, and It's tiring! During the part where Sarah was laughing with Gilbert, I enjoyed it more because HEY! Theyre showing a smile on Sarahs face once in a while! Why show us the bad side of her? They should put a good image on all these stars, especially Sarah because she has a gorgeous voice. They are making HER look bad. My mother, who is very picky about voices because she is into "Oum Kalthoum" and "Abdel Halim" even admitted that Sarah's voice was gorgeous, but after she saw the huge fight with Houssam, she despised watching her sing! So why Rola or Nadine or whoever is doing this, put these things on the show? Anyway, I know I'm talking a lot haha but all in all I find Sarah my favorite, not because of her personality but because she has a voice of a goddess. I think Ahmed is the sweetest, maybe Christine the most mature? Gilbert is a great performer. Nesma has a gorgeous voice but she's starting to bore me. Layan is under rated and deserves more credit. Daqdouq has a decent male voice. Abdel Salam has a fine voice but 4 times nominee, way too much. Oumayma has a very nice voice but I think its a bit over rated. Who else is there.. It's a shame that Efram left. Throughout the season all the best voices left early. Efram, Rafe3, Karima, Yasmine, and I even think Lamia had a ncie voice? Anyway, as ashamed as I am to say it, I am attached to this annoying show!

  1. Abiyah

    LOOL people should write no more than 10 lines up in here cuz no one wants to read a comment that looks like an article...dang its even longer than the summary!

    p.s sarah SHOULD GO HOME!!! uggghh then the side kick umaima will come to her senses.

  1. nawal
    nawal replied to comment from Abiyah

    So - DO NOT READ it ! If you do not like it - leave it ! You prob write only the SMS messages and do not know anything else.

  1. Cilia
    Cilia replied to comment from starac_fan

    Guys I guess this is the link ur talkin about :))

    h t tp : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h v = f q E m s F 2 Z 4 T Y & f e a t u r e = r e l a t e d

    h t t p : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = - Q _ P 0 g e 2 - K E & f e a t u r e = r e l a t e d

    Sorry couldnt find part 2 and had to put a space between each letter otherwise my comment wont appear here

  1. Abiyah
    Abiyah replied to comment from nawal

    stop being emotional! shoot.
    a comment isn't supposed to be 2 pages long..that's why its called a COMMENT!
    get outa here with that emotional "don't read" ish!

  1. Hala A.
    Hala A. replied to comment from starac_fan

    what you said is illegitimate. It's funny because you criticize almost everyone on here for being biased. Anyways, here's proof that they don't act from hussam himself

    h t t p : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = 2 G 1 B O E g 5 u q s

    (remove spaces, and skip to 10:10)

    Please, spare us your psychological analysis, or at least, make legitimate claims

  1. Exotic
    Exotic replied to comment from Maya

    Sarah's accent in english is super cute and sexy i wish i could see her talk more in english. We all know alot of stuff in academy is staged but sarah has naturally aggressive personality and sharp tongue alone with it. I don't believe however she is mean spirited as the show make her to be , remember she had a fight with karima , lyan and christine and she made up with all of them.
    I think she is misunderstood and probably had some mood disorder and can't know how to deal with her anger, all that yelling and fighting can't be all fake there is element of her personality that shows. I hope she gets anger management and some therapy because if she didn't all her talent will go to waste.

  1. Hessa
    Hessa replied to comment from Maya

    I agree maya we watched the jadeed too and as much as we were shocked by sara nesma shocked as more we were revolted and disgusted and what made it worse was tony verbal description....

    And u know what I wanted to make sure if that was true and not something they came up with so I searched for the video and my shock was intensified when I saw that she was sitting in the living room and mido was next to her and some other guys i forgot who exactly and mido was telling them how he met M

    when people started talking about this her fans said pepsi was spilled b4 and she was smelling it but NO MATTER WHAT HAD HAPPENED THERE IS SOMETHING CALLED A BATHROOM

    Im sorry but this is disgusting...i always liked nesma from the start but this is too much i believe… It seems that there is no perfect star this season

  1. Rima
    Rima replied to comment from Hala A.

    Thanks Hala! I was gonna say the same thing.
    Starac-fan should stick to criticizing the show since he/ she seems so obssessed with it and lay off criticizing ppl who make comments here.
    And should psycho analyyze him/herself and figure out his/her dillusional love hate relationship with star academy!

  1. Muna


    Ok Mr. I know everything, why do watch the show? I really don't get you. You seem to have answers for everything. So why in God's name spend all your time watching and analyzing Star Academy if you know what is going on?

    You clearly are Sara's fun and if somebody claim that she have a temper problem (which is true), you jump up and down saying it is all scripted, come on dude, can't you see? She have a great voice with bad attitude whether you like it or not. Being a fun is something but denying the truth is just ridiculous.

    P.S. Be simple, don't give me your long analysis

  1. starac_fan

    @ Maya,
    @ samoor

    (as for your question yesterday; the "intro" is for others who read this)

    If you want to learn more on what is going on behind the starac reality show (that runs in paralel with the primes - the starac as the music show), look at the TV program on the starac, and listen to the Hussam's interview. After that you may change your ideas ... But, if you want to stick to what Rula shows to you, and want to believe in it, you may just get annoyed, so skip the further reding of this posting.

    Hussam is still under the contract and cannot go into the full details, but implies a lot between the lines - for those who watch the season regularly it will be easy to put what he says together. The very balanced and serious TV program is made about the LBC crossing the line of decensy. The video shows: Karim putting his hand on Layan's butt in the roof garden, Karim and Layan in the swiming pool close together, Nesma touching her intimate parts in front of everyone (in the living room), the last Hussam- Sara explosive fight (in the phone room; btw, in the room many big fights happened before, like Shada- Carlo, Nasser- Sirag; is it a coincidence?).

    Hussam's radio interview (part 1,2,3):


    A discusion on the reality program of the starac (part 1,2):


    (The id-s above are of the u-tube clips.)

    @ Cilia

    Thanks; I meant these and some other clips.

    @ Hala A.

    I criticize no one; just pointing out if you are watching a movie do not forget it is just a movie, and do not throw mud at people you do not know. Do not assume Rula shows you all the time the real people (they are boring and nobody would watch the show). Hussam is talking as carefully as he should - the fine for revealing the business secrets (how the starac is made daily) is large ! He is also contradicting himself on purpose: what is at 10:10 is denyied by the other details (if you put them together). If you think there is no acting, then, what is the purpose of the drama class ? To prepare students for the primes ? If you have seen any of the classes you know it is not about the theater acting, but exactly what they are doing for the reality show !

    @ Muna

    I watch the show as I am interested in the media (and the starac primes). The future of the TV is the news and the reality TV - or, there is no future for the TV. The LBC is doing what everybody else is doing. It is generally recognized half of the starac is the reality program, and people know how the reality shows are made. On this forum, some, like Rima, prefer to ignore that and vilify some of the candidates, especially Sara, and find pleasure in that. Pretty sadistic gossiping, ha ?

    It is hard to talk to you, or many in this place, because you want it all short and simplified - and this show CANNOT be put in the black and white statements. The reality shows are never ALL scripted; this is how you would like to see it: either all fake or all real. It is half-half - something you cannot accept (or grasp ?). Your "truth" is what Rula is showing to you.

  1. Muna


    You said the show is 50% real and 50% fake. My question to you is why do you always say its "scripted" when it comes to Sara's case? Couldn't it be real or 50/50 as you said? the cursing, the yelling, the backbiting is it all fake?

    As I said she have a great 'Tarabi' voice and have a bright future ahead of her (in the music business) but reality check she needs to have an anger management class or something!!!

  1. Maya
    Maya replied to comment from Abiyah

    Sorry Abiyah but some people are actually interested in reading long comments and what others have to say! No need to be rude about it. Thanks :)

  1. Maya
    Maya replied to comment from Exotic

    I agree with you completely! There is always some elements of her personality shown in these scenes.

  1. Maya
    Maya replied to comment from Hessa

    Exactly! I was so surprised after I saw that! I always had some sort of respect for Nesma because I knew she wasn't too involved in the drama but after I saw that it made me lose respect for her because she's disrespecting herself doing it in front of guys and cameras! It shocked me and I felt disgusted by her!

  1. Melissa
    Melissa replied to comment from Hessa

    where did u find the video of nesma smelling? plz can u send it to me :)

  1. SANDY
    SANDY replied to comment from starac_fan

    I am not saying most of the stuff is not staged I knew that already but not all of it cause those students are not so stupid to make themselves look so bad besides u forgot something the conflict between sarah family and hussam which was the main reason why they fought is not fake just the other day his brother and her aunt were calling each others names in puplic and the brother sent a warning its all dump ofcourse but not everything is fake sarah is sometimes smart and she does act alot of times but sometimes she looks clueless anyway no matter what the truth is the production and everybody else are using her in the end only her will pay the price just like rahma from last year who was pretty depressed for a while after seeing what was written about her but she managed to get over it I wonder if sarah will be able to do the same cause her case is so much worse what matters here that those girls are talented and its a waste to destroy them just to amuse rola and her gang

  1. shay
    shay replied to comment from starac_fan

    Husam said the opposite of what u r saying, when he was asked by Remi if those scenes were staged he said NO, and they never see the control , he said other students had fights also but they were concentrating with Sarah, go see the interview with Remi and dont put words on his mouth he didnt say those scenes are staged !!

  1. samoor

    The nominees are Abdelsalam, christine, and layan .... !!

  1. farah

    what the hell is up with them??? why abdulsalam???? he has a good voice:( i think this time layan will be back by the ppl vote and it'll be between abdulsalam and christine:( i hope abdulsalm comes back:( abdulsalam had a good chance staying to the final but's star academy :(

  1. la rose
    la rose

    seems christine will b the target this prime

  1. Maya

    You guys, Abdel Salam has been nominated like what? 4 or 5 times? It's enough, khalas ba2a, it's time for him to leave! Vote for Christine or Layan, THEY are the ones that deserve it! I am going to vote for Christine.
    Honestly now people, Abdel Salam time for you to leave.

  1. Lena ♥ Rafe3
    Lena ♥ Rafe3

    Noooooooooooooooooo Not salooom again!! :'( i dont understand why they keep nominating him!! Out of the three he has the best voice, but i like them all! Its gonna be sad seeing any of them leave tbh!



  1. samoor
    samoor replied to comment from starac_fan

    Hey i really want to see the videos that u posted but i copied and pasted them into youtube but they do not work.... please if u can copy the WHOLE link and paste it here so i can see it thanks

  1. Soso

    PLZ alll fans votee layanoo! She deserves to stay. Hiye t2adammet ktiir !!

    If layan dont get the audiences votes, she will be out!! la2en either sara or omayma will vote for her and same with gilbert cause christine ya3ne lebneniyee... Soo what abt nessma i dont knoow !!


  1. samoor

    if abdelsalam gets audience votes then
    nesma- ?

    if layan gets audience votes
    sara- christine
    nesma- christine
    TIE Layan- idk ??

    if christine gets audience votes
    Oumima- ? maybe layan
    sara- layan ?
    gilbert- layan ?
    ahmad-abdelsalam ?
    daqdouq-layan ?
    nesma-layan ?

  1. lara
    lara replied to comment from samoor

    Lol there's no way christine will get the audience votes first of all. I'm almost certain abdelsalam will win the audience votes once more and between layan and christine.. I think mido, nesma, oumayma will vote layan while sarah, gilbert and daqdouq will vote christine. And of course abdelsalam will choose layan. And in response to layan winning the audience votes.. Mido, nesma, oumayma would vote abdelsalam and the rest christine. And without a doubt layan would choose abdelsalam.

  1. Lena ♥ Rafe3
    Lena ♥ Rafe3

    Am i the only one here who is still missing Rafe3? :(


  1. yeah..
    yeah.. replied to comment from Lena ♥ Rafe3

    Noo, you are not the only one, i miss him 2.. because he doesnt deserve te be out and gilbert is still in.. :S

  1. Nunu
    Nunu replied to comment from lara

    I hope he gets the votes:( but does abdulsalam has a weak voice??? can someone tell me??? don't think he is the weakest out of the studentss :( all the sudden they started to pick on him :( maybe they decided to change their plans and put mido instead of abdulsalam in the final :( wallah haram he doesnt deserve it !! layan has a strong voice aswell; i dont get why gilbert is still not nominated yet ?? are they scared that nobody will bring him back ????????????????????

  1. Lena ♥ Rafe3
    Lena ♥ Rafe3 replied to comment from yeah..

    It feels like people have forgotten him :( I really thought he would make it to the final, he deserved it.

  1. yeah..
    yeah.. replied to comment from Lena ♥ Rafe3

    I thought so to, he have really a nice voice.. his voice is better dan d2dou2,gilbert, ahmed w abdelsalam.. i dont understand why he is out really :( thats why i cant forget him, because he doenst deserved it.

  1. Lena ♥ Rafe3
    Lena ♥ Rafe3

    Yeah, for me he had the best male voice this year. Him, Nisma, Sarah and Omaima are are the strongest this year, i dont like them all but they do have the best voices and maybe Daqdouq too...

    And i love Saloom's voice, Gilbert will probably win lool

  1. Lara
    Lara replied to comment from Nunu

    I also hope he wins the votes because that would guarantee layan back in the academy... inshallah! I love el thulathi el andalusiiiiiiii! I can't even imagine the academy without the thulathi l mire7 .. or if one of them is missing. Who are we gonna watch ya3ne... sarah w gilbert? Tfi.

  1. Hessa

    Maya i totally agree

    Melissa u can find it in makaronata channel in tony khalifa program i think u wont lose it :)

  1. tia

    Mellisa ........................ i didnt know about it but ive searched it and found it . here is the link after slash after you tube dotcom

  1. starac_fan

    @ Muna

    Dear Muna; all the reality shows are made around few key figures who carry the action. It has been all developed and tested with the audience in the US. The main character has more staged scenes than the supporting figures. It is crude to use the percentages, but if you want, something like 70 (and more) to 30 (and lower). The example in the starac: Sara and Abdullah (or Nesma). Many of her actions (especially with Hussam) have been staged, and Abdullah had probably none (as well as Nesma). I use the word "action" because it's used in the texts on the reality TV. That is when cameras are on one person (with purpose). If you want to see those parts when the person is not prepared for a scene, wait for the moments when the focus is not on the person ! I cannot prove to you anything with the facts, especially if the show is still going on, but a good starting point for you could be the time when Efrem leaving. In the same time interval the flowers are coming, in the same interval Sara has a fit, she goes to see the flowers, does not take a single flower from her beloved, reads "his" letter (nerveusly), and writes a letter to Hussam - that we hear too. Would it be normal in the real to have your friend show your intimate letter to somebody else who would read it on the TV - or she is pretending to write, as the production will do that for her ?

    @ SANDY

    I respect your common sense. The families did not know one another before the show, and candidates know very little about the outside world (the phone calls are all sencored). You made a very important point: if all candidates of this show are normal, as it would be illegal to hire those who are not, then they all are aware of their public immage ! So, if they are doing something detrimental for their immage cannot be explained otherwise than as the coercion ! In order to stay in the show they do themselves harm by accepting what Rula wants. Btw, Rula is doing all that just for money.

    @ shay

    Hussam could not say to the direct question anything else but "no" - he is liable for what he says. I admit that. However, all his interview is inconsistant, as he is trying to hint at what he cannot say. It is true they do not see the control, because there are speakers all over the place. Yet, they do see the production, or one of them ! Many people know that Nadine has meetings every morning with some of them, or those who will be "in action". At one moment Sara was in the phone room, which is the contact place, and called Nadine (as if she was going to ask her what next), and at the moment the editor changed the camera to another room.

    @ samoor

    Go to any clip on the u-tube. In the address look for the "watch?v=" and erase all on the right side; then, copy one id (from those I provided above) behind '=' ...

  1. Mariam

    I know that I'm totally out of place, but what is it that Nessma did that was so shocking? I read something about smelling, but what exactly?? Can someone post me a link please? Thanks a lot in advance

  1. nawal
    nawal replied to comment from Mariam

    tia and atarc_fan gave the links / u-tube clip id.

  1. rashooooooooood

    gilbert love chriastine but chriastine donot love him

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