Star Academy 8 Prime 5

Marwan Khoury singing at Star Academy Prime 5

The prime kicked off with the theme song and the dancers sported the flag of England and red uniforms in a salute to England on the special day of the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate.
Then Hilda gets escorted onto the stage with the British flag fluttering behind her!
Very smart! Nice move!

Marwan Khoury is the first guest to grace the stage.
Ahmad and Husam share the spot light with him as they sing "Khidni Ma3ak".

The first tableau, which is something out of 1001 nights, came after the first commercial break.
Sarah, in Turquoise, sang "Ya Lailu". (This song was supposed to be for Umaima, but was given to Sarah instead)

The nominees / Smurfs are up on stage next.
Yasmine begins with "Fever", then Nina sings "Law Bas Fi 3eni".
As for Karim, he sings "Wa7da Wa7da".

Haddaway, the second guest of the night, is up on stage next.
He sings his world famous song "What is Love" and with him Gilbert and Christine.
Wow! This song was so popular back in the early 90's.

After the 2nd break, Sarah is again center stage. She sings an old Umm Kulthoum song.
Then the music suddenly changes and M. Daqdouq takes Sarah's place and sings "3innabi".
Then Nesma takes his place and sings "Bitisaal Leh 3alaia".

This weeks delegate, M. Rafe3, is up on stage.
Is he going to be a delegate for another week? Wait and see!

M. Abdallah and Abdel Salam's turn is up next.
They sing "Kil Ma Ashoufek" by Al Jasmi and Majid Al Muhandes.

Marwan Khoury sings again. This time solo. He sings "Fakart Enseet".

After the 3rd break, Mr. Michelle plays the piano as Nesma accompanies him with her voice. She sings Majda El Roumi's "Ma 7ada Bi 3abi matra7ak Bi Albi".

It's time for this weeks Top 5:
5. Christine
4. M. Rafe3
3. Nesma
2. Gilbert
1. Sarah (She wins $5000 for shopping!) Mabrook!

Haddaway is up again. This time he sings his 2010 hit song "You Gave Me Love" with Husam and Karima.
What do you think of Husam and Karima singing in English?

After the break, it's a multi-colored performance starring M. Rafe3.

Then it was a reportage about Gilbert and his outing to buy a piano and other musical instruments.

Layan and Umaima are up on stage next, and following is Marwan Khoury joined by Afram.

After the break, Gilbert and Christine star in a beautiful carnival-ish tableau.
The duo sing The Gypsy Kings' famous song "Bamboleo".

As for the results, the votes bring back Karim.
As for the students, they bring back Nina. (Karim's vote was the tie breaker)
Hard luck Yasmine!

Do you think the results are fair?

- Star Academy 8 Prime 5 Videos

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  1. rola

    top 1 for sara?!!! top 1 with high watchers 1 actor :P
    karima singing english????? WTH
    christine and gilbert should stay longer n longer to sing in english when rola decided to bring worldwide singers

  1. nawal

    All the haters: eat your hearts out ! SARA was - perfect ! If you desire to see her nominated - it will be in the blue moon ! Better pay attention to the primes and not to the soap opera trash and the "characters" !

  1. rola

    top 1 for sara?!!! top 1 with high watchers 1 actor :P
    karima singing english????? WTH
    christine and gilbert should stay longer n longer to sing in english when rola decided to bring worldwide singers

  1. !!!
    !!! replied to comment from nawal

    sara was amazing as always!!! best singer this year by far!!!

  1. proud Leb
    proud Leb

    The lebanese are good but none's so good as Sarah !
    BRAVO SARAH ! Go girl !!! You are the best !

  1. libanlove

    I feel there is no competition this year at all. Sarah by far since the first day has been absoletly amazing and no one can compete with her. She has the best voice and if this is a singing competition she should win the title no doubt unless there is some massive improvement from someone else. She puts all these people to Shame. GO SARAH!!

  1. tia

    i agree , sarah should win , umaima so weak , nesma is good but dont have d look , yasmin good too but not as sarah

  1. !!!
    !!! replied to comment from libanlove

    Well said!!! she was amazing today and last prime and every prime before that!!!!! people who hate her hate that she is getting all the attention in the dailies...they say they hate how she acts or how she always gets mad but when you think of it she is acting normal for being in the house and not able to leave and being taped by camera 24/7 and not to forget that they edit and show what they want!!! but in the end what matters is how she is at the prime and she is amazing..the way she acts in the house to me is normal and i love her voice and personality...

    I also would like to add that hossam did amazing today with marwan he was actually singing with feelings

    go sarah and hossam luv you both <3

  1. Cynthia
    Cynthia replied to comment from libanlove

    no actually she puts no one to shame...she is a disgrace as far as he behavior in the academy. Voice wise, nesma is much better; she can sing opera, tarab, and english, in addition, she is a calm, contained girl respectful to everyone and therfore STAR material. Even Oumayma isn't at the level of immaturity and disrespect Sarah is...

    If you listen closely enough, Sarah's voice is actually very flat it's like she SCREAMS only...reaches high notes, but no real emotion in her performance like Nesma and Oumayma.

  1. layan and nina fan
    layan and nina fan

    who cares if she's top1 she's disgustin' nd will alwayz be yuuuuck dat old won't stay longer she's leave someday nd i cn't wait dat day hate her dat fatttty

  1. layan and nina fan
    layan and nina fan

    who cares if she's top1 she's disgustin' nd will alwayz be yuuuuck dat old won't stay longer she'll leave someday nd i cn't wait dat day hate her dat fatttty

  1. najo

    OMG WHY THEY LET Hussam sing english its soooo bad

  1. AJ

    TOZZZZZZZ F HOUSSAM garab nar el 3'era 2oly ah 2oly eh r2yak HAHAHAHAHA :D

    mabrook nina i love you <3
    alf alf mabroooook karim

    and hard luck yasmin :(

  1. Zaza

    I want to adk who left today answer anyone please

  1. mo

    OMG kariema was good with haddway everything from dancing to looking good and a very nice voice hussam was ok but he was better in arabic WHY is the academy ignoring kariema that girl needs attention and work shes got the looks and the voice haddway couldn't take his eyes from her lol AND OMYMA NOT IN TOP 5 I think the academy wants her to leave or create drama

  1. sarah

    Mabroook SARA !!!!!!!!!1
    Finally the TOP 1 !!!! Well deserved ! There are some who care ! Let the childish haters simer in their hatrid ! Who cares for the reality TV part in which all is staged, even if we do not see it.
    TOP -1 for SARA finally !!!!!!

  1. AJ

    and to hussam dont ever mention wlad medan el ta7rer 3la lesanak ya zbala !!!!
    shabab medan el ta7rir fo2 rasak ya ******* at least they are men not like u, i think sara forgot to teach u some manners

    and btw hussam thanks for wht u said that just made the egyptains just vote more for karim.

  1. Rana

    yayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mabrouk la karim and nina love u so much <3<3<3 :D:D:D:D:D

  1. Fake Academy
    Fake Academy

    ooh so sad to see Yasmin get evicted so early the girl was one of the best

  1. Kate

    Christina and Gilbert definitely don't deserve the Top 5! How bout Efram or Layan or Karima or Umaima?

  1. elyan

    what did he say about wlad medan el tahrir

  1. Jasmine

    Who leave staracademy 8??

  1. b.khayata

    i knew they would be christine because of that dumb dance number she did seriously...she might work her butt off but really there is not real talent there. it is hit and miss one time she sounds alright the next, not so great. i think their voices should be consistent at least. and gilbert for some reason is continually hailed as being so great...but once again i just do not see the appeal at all!! to me, he sounds like he is talking all the time, not reallly singing. other students would have been better choices for top 5 but oh well.

  1. AJ
    AJ replied to comment from elyan

    he was talking to nina and said we are not going to vote for karim 5ale medan el ta7rir ynfa3o.

    in ur face hussam.

  1. Jasmine

    Who leave jasmine, Nina or Karim??

  1. KhadijaMaghribia

    I am sooooooooo upset! Please someone can tell me the percentages and who votes for who?

  1. Rana

    yasemin is out ya jasmine
    karim won the public votes and nina comes back by the students votes!

  1. K Man
    K Man

    Way to go Karim fans from Egypt and from all around the world. Great Job!!!! I was about to hate all Egyptians if Karim was out. But really without him everything is boring. ANd he absolutely deserved it. God Bless you all!
    Mabrooooook ya Ahla star Karim. Mabrook Nina too.

  1. Egyptian4ever
    Egyptian4ever replied to comment from AJ

    AJ what percentage did Karim get i love this guy so much ,the students are always so unfair to him but God always r with the honest guys ,Karim you are the star babe!

  1. calm down
    calm down replied to comment from KhadijaMaghribia

    in your face loooooool you said that you wanted to see my face when yasmine will get the highest precentages hahahaha even ninas precentage were near yasmines I thought nina will get really low precentage

    byebye yasmine

  1. palestinian_chickk
    palestinian_chickk replied to comment from AJ

    OMGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wth is wrong with hussam i use to like him but now after he said that i CANT STAND HIM...i might be Palestinian but i love egyptians..and telll hussam to sthu and we dont need him to vote for kareem he already has ALOT of fans and the results prove that!

    btw AJ can u send me a video of when hussam said that please.

  1. Y

    What was the ninas % ?

    I am happy that she is back <3 :D :D

  1. AJ
    AJ replied to comment from Egyptian4ever

    its 55.91 % so its basically 56%

  1. elyan
    elyan replied to comment from AJ


  1. Egyptian4ever
    Egyptian4ever replied to comment from AJ

    Thanks Habibti !

  1. Dina
    Dina replied to comment from AJ

    I hope u have the video link to proof that Hussam said that.
    I find it hard to believe that he would say such a thing considering he lived in Egypt for his university years.
    Plss tell me where u saw the video.

  1. Dina

    I hope u have the video link to proof that Hussam said that.
    I find it hard to believe that he would say such a thing considering he lived in Egypt for his university years.
    Plss tell me where u saw the video.
    U would be such a horrible person if u were making this up.

  1. Mariam

    I am extremely happy that Karim is back. I love him and I think that he has potential. The way I see it, he has a better voice than houssam and a way better stage presence. Houssam is so cold and dull while singing, I feel like falling to sleep when he sings.
    And about my opinion of Karima's singing, well let's be honest, whatever she did on stage has nothing to do with singing. She was screaming or talking. Her english isn't good enough. It was a complete disaster I wanted to mute my TV. Karima should get nominated soon. What the hell is wrong with Oumayma?? She screwed the song up? It was terrible.
    Last but not least, to those who say that Sarah has no competition, think again. Nessma is the best singer in there, and the only one competing with Nessma is Sarah.
    Gilbert, top 2?? Is is by far the most unfair thing that happened this season. He should have been a nominee instead of Karim. How come is he in the top 5 chart?! For playing goddamn instruments, or for screwing up his eval?! Seriously, what the hell?!! Christine is so overrated it's starting to get on my nerves.
    Yasmin's dress was way too short, someone carried her and one could see her underwear. The students should pay attention to such things.

  1. AJ
    AJ replied to comment from Dina

    im not making this up, karim's official group on facebook which is owned by his sister said it and every one there said its true they heard it on the 24/7 channel.

    i know that karim doesnt have a strong voice and getting up to here is very good for him and i wasnt going to vote for him BUT after what hussam said i voted like craaaaaaaaazy for the guy he doesnt deserve it bs i got really pissed of wht hussam said and everyone else did and that explains the high percentage.

  1. wth

    Yasmin did not leave because the students voted her out, but because Karim had the final word, and he chose Nina (what was to ne expected). Basically, the student votes were divided ! Nina is more popular with some on the site, but, be realistic - vocally she is the weakest (her one min singing today was full of flat notes)m and can be very well nominated again in few days.

  1. beti

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh really yasmine out... its unfair i'll say it again it is UNFAIR... i think rola kicked her out coz zer is no place for both christina and yasmine and we are all seeying whom rola is favouring and the students .. i mean those who didn't vote for yasmine are such hypocrites... i mean i am watching her leave right now and thy are crying and everything i bet they vote against her coz they thought her as a comperition ... really i was hoping she get to finals.... i am very dissapointed ... oh my god i really liked her and now she is out i don't even think i am gone watch from now on....srsly..... oh....

  1. Em

    Haven't followed this program much, but watched parts of tonight's prime and am watching the farewell scene on the 24/7 channel. What is this? Death academy? The girl just got voted off a show and is going home. She's not facing a firing squad. And instead of consoling her, they're making her feel like it's the end of the world. Too much drama. Way too much drama. There's so much real drama going on in our world and getting voted off a show is so insignificant next to it. Don't fight people. Just watch the show for the song, dance and if it's good for a laugh every now and then. Life's too short to waste fighting over a show and not some life altering revolution, war or even decision.

  1. me
    me replied to comment from Mariam

    PAY ATTENTION - TO HER UNDERWARE ??? Or, perhaps, Rula should ?!

  1. Egyptian4ever
    Egyptian4ever replied to comment from wth

    plz who votoed for yasmin and who voted for nina ,please answer

  1. Feb

    I liked this Prime becuase of Marwan Khoury. I was looking forward to see him since last year, he looked adorable, shy and romantic on stage. <3

    Kareem is a very nice person even though his voice needs more work but at least he's a genuine young man with a great sense of humor. Best of luck to Yasmeen.

  1. //s

    NINA SUXX i cant believe she got in OMG yasmine was one of the most amazing singers in the academy her voice is AMAZING and Ninas voice is NOT . not to mention nina is a kid and she acts like one two and kariim deffinatly does not like her back so she can go cry in the corner for all i care.
    Im justt reallly sad yasmines gone:(:( ... on the plus side there wont be anymore hosssam/sara/yasmine drama:P
    ps did i mention i HATEE nina??? ufffff plus shes a drama queen and a butt
    kk bye.

  1. //s
    //s replied to comment from beti

    OMGG I AGREE WITH YOU... i wanted yasmeen to stay toooo:(

  1. wth
    wth replied to comment from Egyptian4ever

    I get your point, the egyptian students voted for Yasmin, true. But, Karim made the decision.

  1. amal somalian lady,
    amal somalian lady,

    congratulation kariim and nina i am soo happy that, all somalian with u kariim

  1. Tia

    Who said about husam is obviously want people to hate him , he is playing game , cz husam didnt like when karim hug sarah.
    Even if he said its not a big deal yani i dont understand

  1. So Unfair =/
    So Unfair =/

    OMG :O

    WTH I can't beleive Yasmine is OUT

    Karim and his gay self should had been GONE
    Nina and her plastic Surgery Face should have been the one that left her voice is so annoying :S


  1. caramel

    finally yasmine is out yeeeeeeeeeeeeee she is so annoying and all the students are crying now so fake!!!!!! dramaqueens

    ahmed ezzats girlfriend and sara are happy now lol

  1. Nadia EZZAT
    Nadia EZZAT

    The prime today was amazing ... lets see:

    *** Nina: Out of tune,, she sang terribly and i expect to see her a nominee again soon.

    *** Layan: Progressing and even getting better in each prime.

    *** Hussam: As my opinion forever, he has no voice and his song whether the arabic one or the english wasn't that good.

    *** Oumayma: Hard Luck, It will be difficult to see you a nominee but it was a kind of drama today

    *** Nessma: AMAZING .. AMAZING ... AMAZING ... IT's enough that she didn't leave the TOP 3 ever ..

    *** Christine: Being overrated is really irritating, May be she's good but not that good.

    **** SARA & KARIMA:- you were so cruel, uncivilized girls and really bad image of Syrian & Moroccoan people as well.

    **** Ahmed: He sang better than the previous primes

    **** Karim: Was better than many students.

    **** Efram: Wasn't Impressed

    **** Gilbert: Rocks

    **** Khaliji boys: Abdessalm was the best, but 3abdallah wasn't so good

    **** Rafe3 : Was so nice tonight.

  1. Kate

    Very unfair! Yasmine was true talent! Way better than christina and Gilbert! From the beginning her nomination was unfair and her leaving very unfair! I saw her going far in this competition but hey what can you do when the teachers favor others? I hope she doesn't stop here and she works on an album!

  1. Egyptian4ever
    Egyptian4ever replied to comment from wth

    no i want to know who exactly voted against yasmin and voted for nina?

  1. Nadia EZZAT
    Nadia EZZAT

    Have you guys seen what happened between KAREEMA and SARA ???????????????

  1. falastiniya
    falastiniya replied to comment from Egyptian4ever

    the people who voted for NINA were:
    moe abdallah
    abdel salam

    people who voted for YASMINE were:

  1. S

    Love you all Karim fans from all over the world. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

  1. Egyptian4ever
    Egyptian4ever replied to comment from falastiniya

    Thanks habibti Palastine+Egypt = the best Arab country's

  1. secraap

    final prime : sara abdelsalam nesam gilbert

  1. falastiniya
    falastiniya replied to comment from Egyptian4ever

    your welcome hun :) && ohhhh yeaaaaaaaah you alreadyyyy knowww, it cant get any better then that! allah e salim 2ilsanik ya rab

  1. secraap

    i mean nesma

  1. secraap

    sorry . ... i mean nesma

  1. Nada

    Impressive prime. :) This prime was by far better than earlier primes they're finally reaching some high general performance level here. Most students did really well today in my opinion, the only one who really really screwed up was Umaima, what the hell was that?! She's never done so bad before, it's probably cuz of the negative attitude she's had during this past week.. I wish her luck but I'm expecting her nomination soon. Houssam improved this prime as far as I can see, I mean he finally did well with Marwan Khoury. Wishing him more progression cuz I like him as a person n I'd hate to see him leave, though I'm shocked at what he said about the Tahrir ppl. That was .. Shallow :S Layan is also improving week by week, I'm liking her. About the Top 5, I'm not Sarah's biggest fan but she's stunning on stage: well deserved. Oh and did I mention that Nassma is absolutely amazing? She's heading straight to the title. :)

    And finally, Yassmine's departure: the last thing I ever expected, though it's the most thing I wanted. El7 I'm relieved, the academy doesn't have to lose one of the Fun Group. :) Happiness!

  1. meme

    Eww i don't understand WHY people KEEP BRINGING KARIM BACK :S

    WTH --- the Guy can't sing, And on TOP of that he IS GAY

    Don't beleive me?!?!?!

    check out his Facebook Pix AND see for urself .

  1. hala
    hala replied to comment from meme

    no you see this is the exact reason why he is so popular he is like a porn star or a sex machine or a walkin scandal and as you see boys and girls seems to love that cause you know what they say he is so nice if you know what nice means here lolz

  1. Maghrebi from Belgium
    Maghrebi from Belgium

    How come so many talented students are already out like Lamia, Mohamed Qaq, Rahma and now Yasmine? But she had it coming... Too bad actually I wanted her to sing in Arabic aswell. But those are the rules of the game... Allah ghaleb!

    What was Christine doing in the top 5? Omayma deserved it soo much more. And where were Efrem, Karima and Daqdouq?

    I think the best students are:

    Sara, Nesma, Omayma (though she did bad this time), Layan, Efrem, Mohamed Rafe', Karima (but what were they thinking giving her that song?), Mohamed Daqdouq, Abdesalam for the Khaliji style and Gilbert for English.

    Ahmed has a decent voice
    Christine is totally overrated
    Nina is cute and seems very sympathetic, but she can't sing
    Mohamed from KSA enjoys himself on stage, but his voice is average.
    Karim's singing isn't bad, but should stick with simple songs

    BTW: I wonder why Yasmine, Gilbert and Christine signed up for an Arabic singing contest? It's ok to sing in English sometimes, but don't let it dominate. Who do they think would want to work with them?
    One might say I'm glad Yasmine left: if you're in an Arabic show, SING in Arabic and sometimes in English! There are other talentshows where you can sing English as much as you like: Yasmine could have signed up for the French Star Academy, Gilbert and Christine for American Idol for example...

  1. Noah

    I really don't think Husam and Karima should sing in English they can sing arabic the english songs should be given to people who can not sing arabic like Christine and Gilbert....
    Top 5 was totally unfair, Afram and Umaima should have been part of the top 5 this week especially Afram he was GREAT last prime especially in his tableau... I'm not saying Sara isn't good but I believe that Afram should have came in first place...

  1. Billie
    Billie replied to comment from Mariam

    U took the words right outta my mouth!!! what da f**k did Karima do on stage, cuz dat sure as hell wasn't singing!!! think she's very sweet but i was so embarrased for her dat i started closing my ears - smh..... poor Oumayma-she messed da song up soo bad, i can see her nomination coming unless she is amaizing on her evals....Houssam needs to leave A SAP-dat dude is at da wrong place at da wrong time, period

    Rafe3 hayati did well tonight n idk y the dont give Mido more songs...Yasmin was good but shit happens n she happened to go...#good luck girl......i personally dont like Christine's personality or her voice much either but she actually did good this prime with gilbert whom i think is a weird guy with a lotta undeniable talent!

    Layan on the other hand is improving as a lot of you have already noticed- i'm just impressed how much further a person is capable of accomplishing without distractions, in our case-Al Qaq!

    To whoever said Yasmine's dress was pulled up when some1 picked her up @ da end, I noticed dat too!!! Funniest moment of da prime for me is when Moe Abdallah forgot Yasmine's name n when he was struggling a lil - lol...

    On a different note, can anyone tell me the health stat. on Shoukry? may God bless dat guy, i <3 him

    @ last, ana bhibik kil lealem le Arabi...Billie min Ethiopia

  1. Lena ♥ Rafe3
    Lena ♥ Rafe3

    :'( Cant believe Yasmine has gone, i loved her so much, she had the best voice out of the nominees and was sooo cute! wallah haram. But i like Nina too so i'm happy shes back.

    i cried so much when they were saying bye to her :'(

    Can someone plz tell me who voted for yasmine?

  1. NiNa Fan!
    NiNa Fan!

    Ok first of all I really hate Sarah’s personality but she deserved to be top 1. Other than that im not going to give her any credit the girl is pathetic and attention seeker as people go! I really love Nina and yes i know her voice is weak but still love her...
    The whole prime was good but haven’t you noticed the performances in general is very weak comparing to last years and to star academy 5!!! they used to (bring down the house) lol with their singing....
    And Hussam is another story the guy CAN’T sing period!!!!! neither in arabic nor in english and the way he stands there like a lump makes wanna go upstage and slap him to get some spirit in him GOD!! lol seriously!
    And how come is it that every time they show the fight that happened between the Psycho and Karima they cut the part after Karima hit the Psycho’s shoulder/hair and then the psycho turns around and then PAAM its cut.... to me it looks like sarah turned around and hit her back?!!! Right??? I mean why in god’s sake Karima would be so angry and crying that much... something must’ve happened....
    And OMG the did u hear the psycho she was like “i was “talking to her” and then she hit me and i have to stay put” WOW
    there are cameras everywhere sweety you can’t just lie like that... first of all she’s the one who started singing and then she’s the one who slapped Karima’s hand... LIAR MUCH???!!!!
    and the rest of guys were ok.....
    P.S: Sarah please “khally fe shwayyet akhla2” o stop fooling around and touching guys 24/7

  1. nadia

    sara was mazing on the prime she was very very nice
    and nesma too im sorry for yasmin has very nice but no luck
    her friend could save her instaed lina or karim relly it s not fair

  1. shining star
    shining star

    OMG i'M SOOOOOOO happy that Karim is back!!! He deserved the votes big time.
    AHLA KArim I luv you mot habibi. Great Job fans!

  1. Ara

    I don't understand the excessive adoration of Gilbert.

  1. Monaliza

    again, another average prime...some students are actually becoming boring..

    - Yasmine: for me she was way better than christine, its a loss that she leaves now...
    - Karim: i think he is improving, yet remains 1 of the weakest in the house
    - Nina...she messed up today
    - Ahmed: he was REALLY good today...however he is kind of neglected...he deserves more attention
    - Houssam...i can't beleive he is still here....he is worse than all those leaving...he isnt good in english or arabic, he doesnt have stage presence and he isnt working hard in classes...
    - Christine: i agree, overrated..average this prime (didnt like their version of Gypsy's song)
    - Gilbert: i know some of you find him weird...but he is talented...doesnt deserve the top 2 position since he screwed in the 5 was enough (since he was really good last prime)
    - Sara: could have done better today..deserves the top 1 thu she was amazing last prime
    - Nesma..this girl deserves to win...she has the voice and the stage presence
    - Karima...singing in English was a mess...she has a very good voice but doesnt have control on her voice and that is her big problem
    - Dakdook: he is becoming boring honestly
    - Lian: really improving, liked her performance today
    - Rafea: could have done better but he is on the right track i guess (he is over confident though so sometimes he is off tune)
    - Umaima: what was that!!! i know she received the song late but seriously am sure she knows the song! a mess
    - The khaliji duet: they need to sing songs other than Kahliji! like last year...we dont have to wait till mid season...i like khaliji songs but at least they can sing them with singers or tableaux...they dont have to just stand there every prime
    Efram: he has really good potential..but he lacks the "star quality"

    I think the nominees next week (will have to wait till the eval though) are gonna be among Houssam, Umaima, Karima, Nina and Karim..Nesma should be top 1 next week

  1. Lola

    Sara is Fake! in 2 weeks time she said these sentences:

    To Karim: I love you more than i love Houssam
    To Houssam: you know what you are to me, put rules when you are dealing with yasmine for my image
    To Yasmine: He is using me and you, he is fake
    To Houssam: You have no feelings and no manners
    To Houssam: I love you

    Now thats lots of mood swings!!

  1. Mariam
    Mariam replied to comment from Lola

    She's mentally sick we have to excuse her.

  1. monaliza

    One last comment...its great to have Michel Fadel back on stage playing the piano...he is just sooo talneted..Nesma singing and him playing was pure beauty

  1. Saaeda

    nesma should be top 1 she was most amazeing and oumia, karima, hussam should be nominated that was very terrible.. sara and nesma are the top 2 in the academy and the best two voices ever in the show.

  1. Vira
    Vira replied to comment from AJ

    hi Aj what did Hussam said about shabab medan Eltahrer extactly & when &why?
    ?plz i need to know

  1. Sofia

    Best voices: Nesma and Sarah
    They started very strong from prime 1 and kept it off.

    Most improved: Layan and Rafe3
    week after week they are making agreat progress, layan was very good today, she was the third best i think after nisma and sara

    Most boring: Gilbert and Christine
    i cant stand them no matter what they do, the only reason they got rid of yasmine is because they want to focus the attention to these 2 in the english songs, yasmine was by far better than these 2.....

    Going backward: Omaima
    on stage and personlaity wise, few weeks ago my impression of her was talented and sweet now it had changed, she is causing drama just as mush as sara.

    The most forgetable: The kaliji guys
    They never give them anything othe than 1/2 or 1/3 of a song each week just to be seen for few seconds.
    i like abdulsalam more than abdala, he is funny and good in singing, but abdala is showing to be so naive and no personality at all, feel bad for him but in this competition feeling bad for someone does not mean they have to be there long......

    The worst voices - boys: husam and karim
    Even though hussam was good today in arabic, but karim was trying as usual

    Worst voices - girls: Nina and Karima
    They were very bad today, they are the weakest girls right now.

    The steady good ones: freme, ahmad & mohamed D
    good but nothing special about them, they just sing, they dont leave an impression or something to remember.

    Nomination will be between these based on prime today:
    maybe abdala

  1. sarah

    omggg this prime was soo boringgggg!! Nothing special !! Nessa and sarah had 3 songs while others had half a song; not fair!! Why the hell would they give karima an english song?? do they want to nominate her next week??? she's good in arabic!! What happened to omaima?? this is the second time she forgets the song lyricsss !!! Top 5 was fair and sarah deserved to top 1 although I'm not a fan of her!!!!

  1. H

    LOL what a terrible prime! Marwan khoury? So boring. Hadaway? Hahaha what are in the 1980s?! That was a ridiculous prime. The best part was yasmine leaving cuz as bad as nina is yasmine was worse. I don't understand what people like about that thick accented English music?!

    Funniest part was karima singing in English with haddaway and hussam. Lmfao what a disaster!

    In the end I felt like I was watching a Gilbert infomercial. Rola must really like him cuz the guy is terrible. He would get laughed out of places in the US. And don't get me started on Christine. SO FAKE. phony and awkward dancing is only gonna get you so far Chris.

    Best are Sarah, Nasma, and Layan.

  1. Ms.Eliz

    Yesmine leaving was unfair but the worst part is that Christine is staying in the house even longer because they need girl who can sing in english.
    For some odd reason I dislike this girl with passion, I don't know why they are advancing her and Glibert while ignoring Effram who have a great voice.

    Beside what is the odd of someone who sings in English on making it big in the middle east, if you want to be success full you sing in arabic so i don't get the point why student who cant' sing in arabic being in the academy.

  1. Mariam
    Mariam replied to comment from Billie

    Billie, I'm glad you agree with me.
    And I was the one who commented on Yasmin's "dress"!
    HAHAHA @ Mo Abdalllah! He's so cute!
    As for Shoukry, I happen to leave next to him, I bumped into him twice, he's doing okay physically but psychologically I have no idea. ( I didn't talk to him though, just kept staring at him lol)

  1. Cyntia

    Hussam you were wonderful in the prime You have a wonderful voice go ahead we love you

  1. mima

    what's the problem with you ? why all this jealous from Hussam
    If you like someone just encourage the one you like without attacking others . All what Hussam said was a kind of joking with friends because they went in a very silly conversation and to stop it he said that its for their sake , and believe me if anyone of the student find it the way you did no one will be silent sure they will comment about it . so please stop to be jealous and be positive and not negative

  1. Sam
    Sam replied to comment from Mariam

    What is there to excuse??? She's getting on ppl's nerves. And She's doing it purposely. I don't care if she has good voice or not. She's not the only one with a good voice. And lately i don't even want to hear her sing. She disgusts me more day by day. If you don't have a personality you're nothing. And if she tries to act nice and sweet after all these, I would even hate the whole show becoz I couldn't stand her fakeness level anymore. And trust me, I speak not only for me but majority ppl feel the same way.

  1. Katya

    what is the prob between them now? I see Kareem talking about some1 al the time and saying some were conspiring against him and that the academy is now split into two teams? Any idea?

  1. aya
    aya replied to comment from Rana

    yesssssss ............kariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim

  1. Nalù
    Nalù replied to comment from beti

    I agree with you! I mean seriously? Nina is still there and Yasmine is out? What the hell?!!!!!

  1. salma

    what houssam said is tottaly right
    its a big shame that ahmad and karim are an example of shabab al thawra!!
    all they do is talk about crap and make fun of others
    i dont know how the thawra ever worked with men like them .. which i rather call 7areeemmm ...
    simply ahmad and karim are a big embaressment for egypt !!!

  1. M

    The primes keep getting boring by the week. My comments on students performances:

    Ahmed: He actually did very well. I still think he must be given a chance to sing an actual song by himself. By the way, he was supposed to sing along with Rafe' in "Beygheeb" but he was pulled out of it last minute. Totally unfair!

    Hussam: yet once again, he is a fail! Arabic song wasn't too bad but English song disaster.

    Karima: WTH were they thinking giving her that song? Yes, she looked stunning but the girl has absolutely no voice. And yet when the girl was starting to improve that was a total disappointment.

    Sarah: Stunning voice, still have my reserves on her behavior in the Academy.

    M. Rafe': I find his performance repetitive. He shouldn't have been given the entire "Beygheeb" song.

    Nina: Pretty face but extremely weak voice.

    Karim: He's doing his best to improve in a 15 second song so What do you expect?. The songs given to him in the prime aren't helping him show his abilities.

    Da'dou': Repetitive performance.

    Gilbert: He is doing well.

    Christine: said it once and will say it again, totally overrated. It should be her gone and not Yasmine.

    Oumayma: I still find her among the strongest talents. What happened was a result of the negative attitude she has been through. I find it extremely unfair that she isn't given a spot in top 5 and Christine is?!

    Abdallah and AbdelSalam: Their performance is very repetitive but they are improving and becoming more comfortable on stage.

    Lian: I found her performance dull and the song was stronger than her voice.

    Efram: Good voice but again he isn't showing any presence nor improvement. Efram prime 1 is the same as prime 5.

    Nesma: Keeping the best to the last. Even though I found the entire prime boring her performance in "Matrahak bi Albi" by the great Majida al Roumi was absolutely stunning. I read someone's comment earlier on Sarah having a better chance of winning since she has the looks while Nesma doesn't? How shallow are you?! That's how today the music industry is portraying music, it was never about the looks. The girl's voice is a gift and its a pleasure watching her.
    I can smell the jealousy all around her in the Academy so Rabena Yehmeha and may she keep getting better.

    Hard Luck Yasmine! I'm glad both Nina and Karim improve and hope the teachers actually give them the chance to show their abilities.

  1. shada wfatme
    shada wfatme

    kreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem i love u and mohamed rafea i love you tooo

  1. jadex
    jadex replied to comment from nawal

    you are perfectly right Nawal she deserves top 1 and not the cruel judjement from the dailies.

  1. Bero
    Bero replied to comment from salma

    don't you even think to dare and talk about Thawret 25 janruary and if u want the truth Ur a DISCRACE to arabs and for the websites someone like u must be banned to open his damn mouth to talk about shabab el thawra

  1. Katya

    what is the prob between them now? I see Kareem talking about some1 al the time and saying some were conspiring against him and that the academy is now split into two teams? Any idea?

  1. Abdulaziz
    Abdulaziz replied to comment from Katya

    You will be surprised with my conclusion, but it can be Hussam! He is clearly weaker than Karim but unlikely to be nominated any time soon, as he is protected by Rula because of the part in the soap opera (with Sara). Though nobody said anything regarding Husam's stupid joke (shabab ...) it seems the effect of it is simmering in Karim. For this Karim will be liked by his compatriots and the gay issue will be looked over (he will be winning the next nomination). The academy camp is indeed devided now: lebanese and syrians are on one side and the north africans, with the two khaleejis, on the other side. These students are not stupid ! They see the good talents leaving (Lamiya, Rahma, Yasmin) while the mediocre singers are secure and even enjoying the top-5 status (Christine, Gilbert). Rula will just go on with her current choices as this division does not hurt the show, it makes more drama. Regardless, it is unlikely Nina could stay longer than one more week.

  1. fromUS

    lamia is a disaster!!! OUT BIG TIME!

  1. cupid



  1. jadex

    heres what i think about prime5 :

    The English group: Gilbert and christine:
    christine: has a good voice but not as gd as miral and has not shown alot pf progress but is definately safe for now.

    Gilbert is way overrated, just bcz he can act, dance, has a personality, play several instruments, doesnt mean he should be in the top 5 his voice is one of the weakest in the academy.

    The 5alijees: moe abdallah and abdelsalam:

    moe abdallah: he has stage prescence and thats it he doesnt have that gd of a voice but has improoved a bit.

    Abdelsalam: hes way better than moe abdallah vocally and has the potential to do much better.

    the tarab group:

    oumayma: hard luck, she has the potential but keeps screwing up bcz shes distracted by the quiting and the top5. she needs to realy work hard for the eval to save herself from nomination. good luck.

    sarah and nesma: nesma has shown an amazing potential as did sarah both have the most powerful voices now but sarah has got more stage prescence if it wasnt for the staff her image wouldnt have been ruined. i expect both of them in the top 5 again.

    Layan: she has improved massively but such tarab songs are way more difficult and out of her level yet she performed it pretty well and flawlessly. it would be ironic if it was Fady andraos all over again since their both palestinians.

    ahmad : hes doing good but constant( without improvement) the teachers should pay him more attention.

    afrem: same as ahmad but alittle better

    moe rafe3: same story but i think the teachers dont want to waste their breath for fear that if he reaches the final he wouldnt get a lot of votes.

    moe da2dou2: his first appearance was his best and thats it hes becoming dull and average he has got no stage prescence at all

    karima: her english was a disaster, she should have stuck to tarab and arabic. after her huge improvement in prime 3 with sophia marrikh it was downhill from there, its possible she is a nomine soon

    Housam: he stunk neither english nor arabic suit him hes probably nomine next week

    The Nomineas: nina stunk she might be nominated nxt week too since they need to eliminate a lebanese soon

    Karim: his pose on stage is very awkward and his voice is not that impressive not improving and soon nominated

    yasmine did gd but am glad shes out she was one one of the weakest

    about the top 5: christine deserves it but nothing more

    Rafe3 finally made it gd since hes improving

    nesma deserves it too

    gilbert is out of place just like yasmine was in top 5 the first 2 weeks and got out the 4th so will gilbert soon hopefully

    Sara realy deserves top 1 congratulations keep it up :)

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