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  1. Mimmi

    Oh come on, there are way worse than layan and al qaq. Like that girl yasmine and the mohamed that is bald.

  1. marwa

    i agree layan and mohammed al qaq are not THE best in the academy but both have much higher potential than mohammed from saudi and karim from egypt. maybe the teachers felt layan was not taking things seriously but if she is like me then she probably just laughs in all situations, when nervous, happy or scared. i think it would be a great loss to have layan or mohammed leave, because they have stage presence but i am guessing from now karima might win votes and one of the two will have to go home.

  1. Sherry

    i think these three are the right nominees, and clearly unbias.

    But that doesnt meen that there isnt people as bad as them, but hey there can only be three!
    oh and its good their not saving the "couple" till the end as usual!

  1. Maghrebi from Belgium
    Maghrebi from Belgium

    Is this some kind of sick joke??? These three? C'mon
    I didn't see the evals, but I think they did a quite decent job for the first time on stage, there were others...
    What excuses will we hear? "Get rid of your fear?" or "You sang one note out of tune?"
    Maybe they have depts, and as the past has shown us: Jordan and Morocco are strong voters...

  1. Staracfan

    What? This HAS to be a joke!! I can name at least five students who are worse than these three. Anyways, Layan should definitely come back. Her eval was great, but laughed towards the end. I think that was to cover up her real emotions (She sang for Palestine in a great way). We'll have to wait and see.
    I think they want to get rid of Karima, so that Maghreb's votes concentrates, for Oumaya's advantage (strategies, strategies!!). But, I think, Karima will come back with the viewers' vote, despite my (in this case) and the academy's wish.

    Vey poor judging...

  1. Y

    THAS'S NOTTTTT FAIIR!!! OMG!! Are they serioussssssss ????

    Layan and Mohammed Qaq have great and strong voices and it is TOOOOO EARLYYYY for them to be nominated :@

  1. amal

    i star academy is cool i love it i vote for 3333333333333333333 i love karima 3333333333

  1. safaa

    i agree i like karima too

  1. susu

    Mohammad al qaq and layan alll the way !! but if i have to be honest, Karima has a very powerfull voice, it is so unfair if she gets out. I think all off them are talented !! but it is star academy we are talking about, it is not a surprise !!!

  1. egyptian

    amal karima is no.1 not 3 take care:)
    i wish karima would stay too!

  1. menna

    omg realllllly cnt understand what a hell is that this mussssssssssst be a joke i love the 3 of them but honestly i think karima should go ouuuuuuuut.there are aloooooooot of students that have voices worse & worseeeeeeeeeee omg cnt believe it:@:@:@:@:@:@:@

  1. Monaliza

    Might be true that these 3 do not have the worst voices...but u get nominated based on ur performance not your potential (that's why in starac 5 Zaher stayed longer than Asma)...its about your performance in classes, prime and eval...and despite the fact that Qaq might have good potential..his performance in both prime and eval was not good enough (he admits it himself...he is sick which def affects his performance but the end result is he didnt perform well)..Lyan can give me a break! her performance in classes is tht of a 7 years old girl..she is not taking it seriously..she highlighted that in the eval..laughing and stopping in the middle of singing to tell them that she is tense...I think some people did worse than karima though...she wasnt great but some ppl were not tht good either

    And yes...we can state a couple of other names who didnt perform good as well (thts y some teachers actually didnt nominate the 3 above names)...coz not all students were good..but at the end of the day only 3 can be nominated...based on the eval and prime...for me the only 2 names who could have been nominated are Hussam and Mohamed (KSA)..

  1. alo

    THERE ARE ALOT OF BAD VOICES !!! i know theyr voices are not that good bs there is worrseee !!!! what a very bad judgement ! :@:@

  1. hi

    hey can anyone say me how can i vote them?

  1. again hi
    again hi

    pls say me how can i know who is the one

  1. nur

    Mohammad al qaq, all the jordian are with you !! we are voting for you right now, and we will vote till the end, for you and layan. Karima has a nice voice, but one must get eliminated.

  1. Abdulaziz
    Abdulaziz replied to comment from Maghrebi from Belgium

    Maghrabi !!! Long time no see ! This is no joke, Rula's job as usually. Sometimes the nominations are hiding the goal, to get rid of one particular student, like in this case, I'd say. Plus, this is the 1st nomination, so it creates the excitement (good for the show). Rula has probably decided the Layan-Qaq connection will never deevelop in the "couple" and, perhaps, Qaq has already rejected to behave as Rula was expecting from him (instead of showing affection he's half asleep all the time). At he same time Layan is gettin a mighty slap that will definitely wake her up and make her more focused. Kareema is there just for the testing purposes, to check the level of enthusiasm of the voters in maghreb this year (after Tahra's fenomenal support last year). Palestinian voters are always reliable when voting for their candidates and even if Layan does not come stronger than Kareema she will be back by the student votes. So, Qaq will be gone, Layan will be working harder, Kareema too, and next week the real poor voices will get their turn. Take care !

  1. Eleni

    Cmn the nomination is not fair layan and qaq are nt bad but i think the history from star academy 6and7 is gn be reapted yahya and tahra so dnt leave the magrabs win for seven times pls vote 4 layan and nt karima.

  1. hi

    pls say who is the first one now

  1. ahmed

    qaq all the way to the top ! Kareema will get out this week, wait and see ! it is obvious !

  1. zuflylykabee

    layan and Qaaq have got a great voices but C'mon Karima is a STAR she can sing verry well and has a strong voice gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Karima plz ppl vote for KARIMA ..... i think karima should come back with the publics vote and students should return Layan cuz she deserves more than Qaq go gurlzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  1. plsssssssss

    plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss say me how can i vote

  1. zuflylykabee
    zuflylykabee replied to comment from Abdulaziz

    totally agree 100% wiv you true say this is Rula's strategy it is so bay

  1. marwa

    if this nomination was just a push for layan karima and mohammed to work harder it came way too early...and they could have wanred them differenty. why not warn karim and the other weak voices instead? what is done is done anyways....not the first time star ac makes really bad choices for nominations...

  1. Abdulaziz
    Abdulaziz replied to comment from marwa

    The production is always happy to surpise you, and worst voice is not nominated first. This is not just a simple "push" - the production has a lot of experience in how the things can develop and they have been watching these candidates already for more than a month. Rula wants to cut this relation that is leading nowhere and is just making Layan more unfocused - fast ! It makes an excitement too. Besides, we do not know anything about how much cooperation for Rula's demends these two have offered. Remember Maghrabi last year ? He did not want to do all they expected from him.


    basically mohammed al qaq has a nice strong voice an the other 2 but mohammed al qaq should stay i dont know how to vote can someone pls tell me how can i vote i come from london i live in london appritated xxxx


    lol we get the point its intresting how much you like staracademy 1 xxxx


    WAT THE HELL!!!!! Mohammed was so good in the nomination! nd Layan 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i think Karima shuld go home she sucks! but like that syrian guy nd kariam suck!!!!!! ugh this is so unfair if Layan or Mohammed go out im never watchin this show agian!!!!!!! <3 u Mohammed nd Layan! DOnt Give up Mohammed and Layan kol el Ordan ma3kom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Allah 7ayee Aslkom! <3 <3

  1. sara

    je vote pour karima 11111111111111111111111111111 vive le maroc

  1. houda

    Je vote sur la princesse Maroc tous les peuples arabes vous soutenir parce que vous êtes un niveau chanteuse vive le maroc 11111111111 karima karima karima

  1. safaa de maroc
    safaa de maroc

    Je vote pour vous karima la liberté du Maroc karima 111

  1. Shay-D

    Karima's nomination was a huge surprise for me. She is my season favorite and I thought that she would go straight to the finals without a single nomination. I don't really think that Roula is testing Morocco's enthusiasm as someone here mentioned simple because if she wanted to test how strong their voting will be, she would've nominated the weaker Morrocan contestant, Yasmine. I am extremely angry at how talented people are wasted every season in favor of some drama. I mean, who thought Rahma would make it all the way till the end last year? And who thought that Miral would leave so early? This year, they're doing the same with Karima who I believe was fairly comfortable before the nomination. She expressed her disbelief while chatting with Mhmd Rafe3. Karima told him that sure the Judges know what they're doing and all but I'm just wondering, why did they nominate me? It's interesting (sarcastically) and then I think she said something about being nominated in the first week means that she's already out of the competition. I think she's right. Looking back, only very very few contestants were nominated in the first week and still survived till final rounds. I can only think of two, Rym and Fadi who were both nominated in the first week in season 3 and both managed to stay relatively long with Fadi reaching the semi-finals and Rym surviving 5 nominations (the people loved her) and losing the 6th one due to Roula's interference (remember the little fight?). Tahra was nominated in the second week, not the first one, and stayed for a long time because the crowd adored her. But, eventually Roula kicked her out. So although I want Karima to stay this week, just for the fun of it, I do believe that her shot at winning this season is over.

    As for Layal, well, I kinda knew that she would be nominated. Let's be honest here, she is not THAT talented and her immaturity surfaced during the evaluation, laughing and chuckling in front of the judges and then shockingly stopping in the middle of the song and calling it a day. Yeah, she clearly messed up and when you're infront of judges and teachers that are known for taking advantage of the slightest mistake you do to nominate you, you don't really go off laughing and chuckling and expecting not to be nominated. She's also all over Qaq which kinda makes me sick. I mean, where's your dignity and charm, getting insulted and neglected by Qaq and still associating yourself with him.

    As for Qaq, I really don't care about him that much. He's a Fadi wannabe, in my opinion, and he doesn't stand out. Also, I'm not too fond of his presence and performances. So I really wouldn't mind watching him leave this week. This won't happen though because the boys will outnumber the girls in the voting and in every first nomination the guys all vote for the guys and vice verca. Hopefully I'm wrong.

    The way I see it, Roula's plans will eventually come to a full circle when she has Karim, one of Tunisian girls (Oumaima or Lamia), and probably someone from Jordan or Syria be in the final 3 so that she can have strong voting from 3 strong countries that have been suffering from political instability this year.

    And that's how Shadi, sees it. :)

  1. maroc karima
    maroc karima

    Je vote la plus belle voix et plus minces et mieux Maroc

  1. je t'aime karima
    je t'aime karima

    I love you karima to death

  1. Rosie

    Come on everyone keep voting for Layan,
    she must come back to the academy

    Layan is a Star

    يا رب ترجع ليان ومحمد القاق وتطلع كريمة
    انشالله ليان ترجع يا رب ليان ترجع انشالله ليان والقاق يرجعو لانهم بيستحقو

    بليز بدنا نرجع ليان لازم نرجعها لازم نوقف معاها بليز صوتولها الها و محمد القاق ... لازم يرجعو

  1. morocco

    Morocco has always and always karima

  1. b.khayata

    please stop double posting and spamming guys..its so irritating going thru the comments section and finding posts with just 111 repeated with a candidates name or the same post repeated.

  1. christine

    inshalllah qaqqqqq raji3333 <3 7aram 3aliyon wallah layan qaq and karima 2swaton bi3a2do!!!! shu hayda!!! mo ma32olll!!!! there's yasmine and karim they did wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy worse!! no joke!!!!!

    c'mon rola star playin' ur game hun!!! damnnn wallah 7aram 3alayki ughh

    qaqqq kl lebanon with u <3 luv u soo much and u'll be back. layan and karima 7ayatii b7ibkon and ma tihkalo ham inshallah bisir 5er bas ba bi2dir sawt 2la la qaq :/

  1. najoua

    karima is coming back for 100% with audience vote you will see jomhour tahra is jomhour karima morocco wont let karima down she has a strong voice.Rola is just testing it because she remeber when we did to tahra for 7 times so it will be this time to karima will safed by the audience vote
    lyan by the students 9a9 will leaving

  1. Samy Djazairi
    Samy Djazairi replied to comment from Abdulaziz

    Hey Abdulaziz
    How r u?

    I agree with u.
    I wonder if Karima will get the audience's votes.
    Morrocan are big voters but LBC's behaviour towards Tahra last year might have changed everything.
    We'll see

    I'm sad. No Algerian. But 4 Lebaneses. Pliiiz

    Nesma, Sarah, Oumeya, Karima w Lamia all the way.

  1. malak


  1. Sofia

    We can never be sure on who is leaving or staying as we have seen enough suprises through out the years..............but logically i think Karima will get the most votes because she is Morrocon and they vote alot and second because most people who like Qaq they like layan too since they are "couple" so they want to see them both coming which means the votes will be divided plus they are both from the same area, he is jordainan and she lives there too and jordainan dont have much luck with star academy..........Then the boys will vote for Qaq and girls for layan which means layan is out, i could be wrong but this makes sense to me at this point.

    I beleive that layan's nomination is fair because she was so childish in the eval, she acts like a little girl in all classes plus she keeps following Qaq, even if he likes her which he probably does but at least he is controlling himself, at first i thiought she was a cute girl with good potentials to stay for a while but her personlaity has a big role for her nomination..........As for Qaq he was better than few others in the prime and eval, at elast better than the other jordanian guy, he is better than the saudi guy, better than karim.

    Same for Karima, she is alot better than at least half of them so her nomination is either a test or to get rid of the couple i mean one of them.

  1. rasnia

    I love Nina so much, she has such a good personality..

    but anyways, i think that layan is very childish like everyone said she seems like the onli reason shes here is because mohammad q. is here. as for mohammad q. i think he needs to like change is whole attitude. i think karima has a wonderful voice and i think she will stay. i feel bad for her moms death.
    i think karmia and layan are coming back but mohammed q. is leaving..

  1. bouxra

    ana bhib yassmina haya nch2lah rah titla3 izaa majachi ma3ah s3oudi rah titlaaa3

  1. yara

    what is the link for the official staracademy facebook page ?

  1. hala

    al academy kolha zolom. wallah 7aram di3ana iza til3 qaq. sawto bijanin 7aram. wallah fi ghiro kteer lazim til3o nominee!!!! :((((

    7arammmmmm o 2kbar zolom hal academyyyy!!!!! and yes i must say jordanians have absolutely NOOOO luck in star ac!!! they voteeeee like crazyyy but at the end of the day,,, we all know who controls the voting resultss,, rola without a doubt!!!

    Goooooooooo QAQQQ inshallah raji3!!! vote 222222 people

  1. KhadijaMaghribia

    Karima is going to be saved by public, she has been used just to broke the couple-wannabe. Layan is going to be saved by the group. Karima's performance of Oum Kelthoum during the first prime was such a delight and I really love Layans voice. I think that this casting smells, honestly they put too much people from the Levant and only 2 Moroccans and 2 Tunisians (including a contestant from SuperStar for Oumayma) and 3 people from the Gulf who are irrelevant. Please get rid of the Egyptian stud, he is irrelevant.

  1. jamila

    they should of chosen the guys from the gulf all of them sucked, and karima was awsemoe !!!! what the hell.

  1. noha

    there are three key things I noticed about this weeks nominations:

    1- all three contestants come from countries that aren't having as hard a situation as others at the moment.
    2-They want to kick off the season with a suspenseful nomination
    3- Most importantly, if I am not mistaken, this friday is the final for arab's got talent which has the same time slot as the Prime so they probably want to win in the ratings for friday night I assume!

  1. Shad

    To all pls vote to Karima from Morocco or Layan from Palestine

  1. Abdulaziz
    Abdulaziz replied to comment from Samy Djazairi

    Samy, it is very likely Kareema will get the public votes. Qaq is a great guy, respectable, but because he is a quiet type some of the guys are not well connected to him and we should not be surprised if at least two vote for Layan, which would be enough for her, as all girls are going to vote for her too. You are right, it is sad there are no algerians or iragis, and 4 lebanese - of whom 2 are some of the weakest, with all the khaleejis (they've never had so weak candidates as this year) and that Husam who was so bad in the najm al khaleej that judges eliminated him right away as the first one.

  1. Abdulaziz
    Abdulaziz replied to comment from Maghrebi from Belgium

    One more thing. I forgot you do not care what happens after the season is over, so you probably do not know last year jordanians were accusing Rula of cheating with the votes in the final: they were saying Ramadan could not get so low percentage. There was also a rumor no one from Urdun was coming to the starac this year. Since the Qweider case there has been going on something between the starac officials and the Jordanians (who said, after Qwaider lost with the 0.4 margin, that Rula is not welcome in Urdun). This nomination should not have any connection with these past affairs, but they inevitably come to mind as the nomination is so strange - even as a plain stunt (for the public). The only confusing thing is, really why Kareema ? Why testing her fans base so early, or whatever the purpose of her nomination - as she is one of the best candidates ?!

  1. wassim

    i think that layan should be on the list with qaq too... both were not serious and got driven by the academy...
    but i was shocked to see karima on the list... karima did a good job in the first prime and the eval...

    i believe that karima will be voted back... and it is up to the rest to choose between qaq and layan..
    personally i think layan is leaving the academy.

  1. Abdirisaaq somalison
    Abdirisaaq somalison

    OHH c'mon dis is not fair, dis three are nice, so i hope dat layan and karima stay and qaq go home, lets vote for layan&karima vivvvvvvvvvvvvva for layan and karima

  1. Maghreb

    So sick and tired of Raula digging money from maghreb al-arabi ,it's not fair cause Moroccans vote so much to milk them every year.and Karima?? only Alla knows what they r up to why destroying a young girls dreams ,it's so sad cause she said that her dreams of star has died cause of her early nomination.she is one of the best if not the best this year.

  1. Celine

    Pretty sure Karima is coming back by public votes and that guy will be back by friends votes! we shall see :) Happy none of the Syrian candidats got nominated :)

  1. apple

    WTF? fkin messed up....GO LAYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. amal

    ana amal min maroc tanhayi karima ou yassmine sawthoum zouine stmero fi lamal

  1. menna

    plz nobodey vote for karimaaaaaaaaaaa plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz this is not fair plzzzzzz

  1. nouhayla

    karima henaya me3ake ntina ou yasemina ka3e lmrarba m3akom matkhafch a karima

  1. leila

    i am from jordan but i still like karmia cuz she has the best voice i hope she comes back.
    as for layan and mohammed q. i think they really need to work harder and layan needs to try to be serious more often.
    i am supporting mohammed q of course, but i like karmia to.


  1. roka boka
    roka boka

    يارب ان شاء الله ليان ومحمد القاق يرجعوا يارب كل المصرين وراكو ان شاء الله
    وان شاء الله الى هيكون استار الموسم دة واحد
    مصرى بأذن الله

  1. Waleg

    *** Comments with REPEATED WORDS or NUMBERS will be DELETED!
    PLEASE do NOT post such comments!


  1. kasha

    ana kasha mn iraq yarab muhamad an yarja3 insha alla

  1. hoola

    & V. NICE GAL .

  1. aya

    voter pour karima yala la tkhaliwha titla3 haram
    plz sawto hya tstahl tiba

  1. kasha

    ana kasha mn iraq yarab muhamad an yarja3 insha alla

  1. hoola

    VOTE FOR HER . . . . .

  1. Abdulaziz
    Abdulaziz replied to comment from Shay-D

    You are right, partially. As we are missing all information, in this show there are very often two explanations. Kareema's nomination can be a sort of test, but at the same time it could be something else. When everyone knows how Tahra was strong with the voters, wouldn't it be normal that Kareema, from the same country, wins ? Even if she does not get the max votes people will accept her max percentage, even if adjusted a little. Who would be that crazy to loose one of the top candidates who can contribut to the show as much as she can ?! Looking this way, she is just used and the target is one of the other two. Yasmin cannot be used for the "test" because the weaker candidates are recognized by the public and their support is rather "lukewarm" this early in the show (for instance the saudis, often generous, did not care much for Haitham last year).

    You're right about the first nominations. I would just add Siraj (season 6), though he did not make a record, like Rym. However, Fady's nomination was an anomaly: he was nominated first week, and then months passed until his next nomination - in the quarer-final !

  1. karima el mssiyah
    karima el mssiyah

    salam 3la col mocharikin ana karima min magrib sawto 3la karima rah tstahil khsna n3tiwha forsa hit 3anda sawt wa3ir makayinch bhalo fel academey plizz sawto 3la bint lmagrib larabi

  1. amal

    ana amal min al mghreb yassmine ou karima hazitou lmeghreb kolo bsawtkoum al kawi hna makoum lmgharba koulhoum

  1. hawasin

    karima deserves to come back!

  1. menna

    am sorry waleg

  1. Shay-D
    Shay-D replied to comment from Abdulaziz

    Well but they still made a terrible mistake by nominating Karima. No matter how far she goes, she will not be as credible as the rest because she'll be labeled as the girl who survived the first nomination and could've been gone ages gone. If Rola is testing the intensity of Morroco's votes, then she did it really early. As you remember, Tahra did not score a high percentage in her first nomination. Mahdi beat her that day but after a few weeks they were nominated together again and she beat him instead. The same scenario took place in season 5 when Amal Boshousha scored a higher percentage of votes than Dia but then after a few weeks Dian and Amal were nominated together and Dia defeated Amal in the votes which ultimately caused Amal's elimination (she deserved to win in my opinion). Anyways, my point is, Morrocans do not RUSH to vote for the Morrocan contestants in their first nomination. They wait till the second nominations to increase their votes. So although Karima is the most likely to win this weak, the moroccans wouldn't have reached their full voting capacity and potential. My point is, Roula will be disappointed because she experimented Morocco way too early.

    Moreover, why is she testing Morocco against countries that are relatively weak in votes. I mean with all due respect to Jordan and Palestine, only a few of whom belong to these 2 respective countries score high percentage while nominated. Jordanians reached the finals twice and still couldn't win. Palestinians were never really close (with the exception of Fadi who as I mentioned before was fortunate enough to reach the semi finals). If Roula wanted a suspenseful vote, she would've nominated an Egyptian, a Moroccan and a Khaliji. We're also disregarding the fact that the votes between Qaq and Layal will split because when people want them BOTH to stay, they will divide their potential votes to two, which in the process kills both of their chances in winning. Layal is obviously the weak link in this nomination. Her chances of survival this week are very slim because not only is Karima dominating the votes this week, but Qaq seems in a really good position with his peers. After all, that's Roula and she enjoys teasing us all season song. As they say: "The near is blood, the nearer is bloody!" :P

  1. darky

    the people who r saying karima will be winning the audience votes.....HELL PEOPPLE COME ON!
    They changed the numbers between karima and layan,so on tv karima 1 layan 3 and on the phone layan 1 karima 3!!!!!!!
    and thats y on the 24 ktiiiiiiiiiiiiiir nas betsawat ghalat,so they would also get votes from the people correcting to the others!
    its obvious even when sot eldamir....said which mohamed is leaving this week..oooooppppps i mean whos gonna be nominated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    didnt u all notice that?!They know it!Am i the only one???!
    karim,nessma,karima,ahmed,christine,hussam and nina allllllllllllllllllllllll the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  1. Rosie
    Rosie replied to comment from roka boka

    الله يوفقها ليان مهضومة وموهوبة
    احلا ليان شو اموره
    بحبك بحبك بحبك بحبك بحبك يااقمر

    ان شاء الله ترجع ليان تنور الاكاديمي ليان لا تخافي كل معاكي ليان انتي بجد دلوعه ورقيقه

  1. Nadine

    Pleaseeee does someone know how to vote in america??

  1. b.khayata
    b.khayata replied to comment from Nadine

    hey did you try via the star academy website by lbc (google lbc and find it that way)? thats the only way i heard works from outside of arab world, unless you have a relative back home who can do it for you

  1. rozana

    no way wtf is that m7mad wa lyaan nowayy plzzz love them wallah :(

  1. Layalee

    For real talents sake.

    karima deserves to win the votes! so i will be voting for her!
    Although this nomination took me by surprise, but im not surprised layan and mohammed got nominated, they didnt do so well in the eval (and im sure they have more potential than that)
    layan was laughing and goofing around! mohamed qaq rushed through it. Karima was decent (still dont know why she is a nominee)
    but it is true that people like Karim/Mohamed abdallah/ and some guy that i forget his name also deserved to be nominees .. but ohh well ..

    if Karima leaves wallah this show is going on my shit list!
    i have a feeling layan will be leaving. meeeh who knows!

    and to be quite honest, they all did so SOO well in the first prime, i was disappointed by all of the evals, its like their voices decided to go down hill from there.! specially daqdoq did so poorly in the eval compared to his amazing prime preformance!

    and WTF

    at the teacher MARRY... she nominated Omayma and Sara LOL those were one of the best ones... who the hell does she think she is!

  1. Sofia_UK

    Karima will be back by the audience all moroccans ppl will vote 4 her like Tahra until the end we will eject all off them

    Karima Ur a shining Star

  1. ikhlasss

    karima 1111111 dima maroc ikhlass

  1. Maghrebi from Belgium
    Maghrebi from Belgium replied to comment from Abdulaziz

    Hi there, Abdulaziz! Indeed a long time ago!
    I have a feeling that Jordan might dominate this time, as Moroccans are angry and will maybe be boycotting by not voting... Who knows, but it seems Moroccans are also determined to get their top candidate back!
    I think I'm quite objective when it comes to nominations and try not to let patriotic feelings dominate, for example: when the first Moroccan last year was nominated, that was justified. But Karima, so early?? Out of the tree I think she's the strongest and definitly deserves to be a top 8 student! And if really a Moroccan needed to be nominated, then atleast put Yasmine as a nominee!
    We'll see how it ends...

  1. mel

    lets just b fair once i really like the 3 of them but magreb and jordan has gt ohter representatives in z academy bt layan is z only person who represents palestine.just be fair and vote for layan.i get ur points zat shes childish and everythg bt i think her being a nominee is really a wake up call so lets give her a for layan............

  1. Nadine

    Mohammad Al Qaq Is the Best, its time for Jordan to win this season...

    Voooote for Mohammad starac 2 Everyone....

  1. abbass

    for abbas to you allllllllll i love you w7elme ino kon be hal maken lebanoooooooooooon wbasssss

  1. Rani

    Out of the 3 nominees I think Layan and Karima should stay.
    7aram Karima was maybe just in depression after she kept on crying after remembering her mother, may she RIP. We should give her another chance.
    And Layan should stay too, she has a very strong voice. I agree that she took the eval as a joke but her voice is really good.

  1. Abdulaziz
    Abdulaziz replied to comment from Maghrebi from Belgium

    ey! I'll drop a line in your box later; I'm busy at the moment; sorry. You did not have much time for the show last year, and that's why do not know the relationship between the show production and Joradanians is worst than ever. None of these candidates from Urdun is of the Ramadan's caliber, and they cannot go far by any standards. However, the poor guy, Qaq, is better than at least five others. Besides, he and Layan are a "couple" what Rula always wants. So it looks more likely Rula is giving some "lesson" to the Jordanians, rather than trying to please them (and this is not going to cost her a penny, as the show might be at the end - the LBC still has not bought the rights for the next cycle). Karima is one of the six top students, and Rula is not that crazy to send her home in the first week. She is nominated because she is stronger with the voters than the other two, and also, perhaps, because Rula wants to stir the interest for her. I mean this could be just the patern Rula discovered with Tahra and is using now for hher business, by a gradual increase of a student's revenues potential. Because the strategy is to keep Kareema longer and have some build-up (of the Maghreb motivation to spend; as saudis are not going to help, like the last year with Tahra), Yasmin was not a right choice as she will be out sooner.

  1. Abdulaziz
    Abdulaziz replied to comment from Shay-D

    I'd like to say it again that neither I think Kareema's nomination is exclusively for the testing purposes. Rula wanted primarely a strong candidate who will for sure get the public votes so that other two go to the next voting, by students. This and the dramatic affect achieved may be all there is behind Kareema's nomination. I can also guess that her nomination is the strategy Rula discovered with Tahra, that, as you say, there is a need to build a momentum with the voters in Maghreb. Rula said herself the season last year was financially the most successful (= voting revenues). Rula has the way and knows how to twist the hands, so very likely her target will be elimated by the student votes. We will see who that is. The strange thing is that at this early stage Rula already has a "couple" for the silly games in the reality TV part of the show, and is throwing that away !? As so often, we do not know many things behind the production's decisions, but that is what makes the show interesting ! As for the Khaleejis, last year in the first few weeks their votes were very low, so Rula could not put any of them as a sure winner in this nomination. You could be right about an egyptian candidate, but, again, it's worth remembering that Shukri's votes, last year, were also low (many explain it by the LBC program absence on the Nilesat).

  1. amal sguiry
    amal sguiry

    yalah almgharba sawto lbant bladkom karima raha hna mahtaja likom vote 111111111111 sms9669 amal de casa maroc

  1. Ilhaam ali
    Ilhaam ali

    Karima s de 1st N i love her

  1. alah alwatan almalik
    alah alwatan almalik replied to comment from egyptian

    karima is the best i like layan too and to be honest mhamed should leave but we will miss the most sexiest boy of the this season

  1. alah alwatan almalik
    alah alwatan almalik replied to comment from KhadijaMaghribia

    ghadi nb9aw ngooloo hakkak ta tawa7ed may sawat bla man n9awsou 3la karima mhamed ta houwa 3andou un grand public

  1. alah alwatan almalik
    alah alwatan almalik

    tell me if there is any star to night in the prime pliiiz

  1. sarah-italy

    les trois nominès ont des belles voix mais je vote karimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa elle merite vas-y karima vive le maroc

  1. angele

    hi kifkoun 2ana b7ebkoun kelkoun wbe7eba la karima ktir ktir :p
    w2ana halla2 3am 2e7darkoun

  1. angele

    hi kifkoun 2ana b7ebkoun kelkoun wbe7eba la karima ktir ktir :p
    w2ana halla2 3am 2e7darkoun

  1. angele

    hi kifkoun 2ana b7ebkoun kelkoun wbe7eba la karima ktir ktir :p
    w2ana halla2 3am 2e7darkoun

  1. Golden Abdi from Somali
    Golden Abdi from Somali

    Guy's karim has great voice he deserves last night. But Lamya doesn't deserve to leave i' have one quest why always lbc ignoring the student's who has great voice just like lamya and karima the are amazing they are really good,

  1. Golden

    Hey! Can anyone tell me how do i comment facebook night.

  1. mira

    The thing that happend with lamia, did also happend with qaq. He has an AMAZING voice, really ! He deserved to stay, in till the final 5. And the same with Lamia she deserved to stay.
    Staracademy is not a program for talented people, it is a program to just entertain people !

  1. yasmin

    hey guys ilove u all but mostly nina we love u so much nina...

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