First Prime of LBC Star Academy 8

The season starts with a theme that's very much in sync with the events around the Arab world! Police, cops and "Mukafa7et El Shaghab"!
Hilda is as beautiful as always and she does brighten up the stage, even though she's dressed in black!

This year, the students are presented to the audience immediately and without delay and without being hidden behind any masks!

Here are the names of those 20 that you'll be following for the coming few months:

- Sarah Farah from Syria
- Muhammad Al Qaq from Jordan
- Lamia Jamel from Tunis
- Mohammad Daqdouq from Syria
- Nesma Mahboub from Egypt
- Afram Salameh from Lebanon
- Karima Ghaith from Morocco
- Mohammad Rafe3 from Jordan
- Layan Bazlamit from Palestine
- Karim Kamel from Egypt
- Husam Taha from Syria
- Mina from Lebanon
- Mohammad Abdallah from Saudi Arabia
- Christine Saadeh from Lebanon
- Yasmine Hajjoul from Morocco
- Mohammad Rahmeh from Bahrain
- Umaima Taleb from Tunis (She was a contestant on Future Super Star 5)
- Abdul Salam from Kuwait
- Ahmad Izzat from Egypt
- Gilbert Simone from Lebanon

Among the 20 students this year, there are many who play musical instruments like the piano, the guitar and the 'Oud.

For the first time in 8 years, legendary singer Warda graces the stage of Star Academy!

Tunisian candidate Umaima has the honor of singing the first song of the season with the mega star! They duo sing "Akdeb 3alek".

Next, Nesma and M. Daqdouq sing a song for religion ... a song about the unity between Islam and Christianity.

Layan is up next and she sings Nancy Ajram's song "A3melak Eh".

Gilbert and Yasmine are next with others from their friends, Gilbert and others plays the guitar and Yasmine sings "What's Going on". Then Gilbert sings "Long Train Runnin'" by The Doobie Brothers as the others play the tune.

It's Warda's queue again, this time she sings her famous song "Garab Nar El Ghira".

Karima, M. Al Qaq, Lamia and Afram are up next.
Until this moment, all the voices are impressive!

Karim and Christine have come half way across the world to be in Star Academy!
Karim came from L.A. and Chris came from Canada!
Those two are up next. Chris sings Shakira's "Loca" and Karim sings Enrique Iglesias' Bailamos.

Mohammad Abdallah, Mina, Abdul Salam, Husam, Muhammad Rafe3 and Mohammad Rahmeh are up next.
The group sing together as some of them play the guitar.

Warda is up on stage again and she sings her famous song "Harramt A7ebak".

Sarah from Syria and Ahmad from Egypt are the last two to perform.
Ahmad sings for Egypt "Ya Bladi" and all the contestants join in, each singing for their country.
Then the new generation of Starac students are joined with graduates of past Starac seasons. They all sing "Biktub Ismik Ya Bladi".

Star Academy 8 Prime 1 Videos:
- Starac 8 Prime 1 Videos (Part 1-9)

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  1. iraqi

    where is the prime video

  1. Reed

    Nesma is AWESOME !!!
    and WOW,Mrs. Warda from the first prime,Rola never ceases to surprise me really...

  1. nour

    When are you adding the videos waleg????

  1. Waleg

    You can find the first videos on:

  1. rola

    ya haram ya ramy bada l ghassa la halla2 de3an albeh 3aleh ma7rou2 3aleh alla yestrik ya roul aez amfakra tjibeh shukry rah nentro 3al airport la ne7rou2 dino

  1. Adn

    Waleg, thank you for everything!!!!!!

  1. Surprise

    omg most of the candidates r really scaring, this gonna be the worst Star in history,can't stop laughing at their faces.

  1. Surprise

    omg most of the candidates r really scaring, this gonna be the worst Star in history,can't stop laughing at their faces.

  1. Reed

    That karim guy,better have some clothe on,and get back home to "Hollywood"...he left my ears BLEEDING !!!

  1. Surprise
    Surprise replied to comment from Reed

    really ain't this the worst season yet ,all looks like Ailians !

  1. MeVoO

    YAY.. Four Egyptians.. am so excited. I only watched the last part of the prime and I liked ahmed's voice so much. Tahia Masr :)

  1. MeVoO
    MeVoO replied to comment from MeVoO

    Three* egyptians :)

  1. nour

    When will you post the next part? we only got to see 20 minutes!

  1. Waleg
    Waleg replied to comment from nour

    Doing our best uploading the videos online ... the next parts will be online soon.

  1. mee

    omg karim and mohammed qaq was worst really!!
    all the people talked about mohammed qaq,mohammed rafe3 and lyan bazlamit they saiid they are good but sry they dont have voice really

  1. clivey

    ra7 nmoooooott please ya waleg ya allah bdna el videos bdna nnaaam wein part 4,5, etc???

  1. nour

    wain ya waleg...? bsor3a bleez

  1. Surprise

    Layan Bazlamit is the best this year ,much love from Sweden !

  1. Yoshka

    I'm so in love in with Nesma already, her voice, is just unbelievable..rabena ye7faz weladek ya masr :)

  1. janna

    do you have link nagham?

    I think this season will be better then last one i Think 50% i really talanted
    People are good educated and have a good knowledge of music !

    I think Egypt has good 3 good shots :) good luck Egypt!!

  1. Shoushourocks

    Some guys look really good, but bad voices. Girls are like so ugly but nice voices. This shirtless hollywood guy should have better gone to some modeling competition.

  1. Yoshka
    Yoshka replied to comment from MeVoO

    I watched the last part too..if u liked A7mad, then u're gonna adore Nesma..she blew me away..I felt like Mohamed the other guy from Syria, wasn't actually singing at some parts of the song..cuz he wanted to listen to her..just kiddin of course, I liked them both, and the song was incredible!!

  1. Celine

    SO happy i saw Bashhhhh on tv 2night <3

  1. palestinegrl08

    LaYaN 4EvA!!!! <3<3<3 she is amazing... it seems like its gonna be a good season :D

  1. Surprise
    Surprise replied to comment from palestinegrl08

    Agree with u she was the best tonight ,hope this is our year !Palestine 4ever

  1. Waleg
    Author Profile Page Waleg replied to comment from Adn

    You are welcome :)

  1. palestinegrl08
    palestinegrl08 replied to comment from Surprise

    omg yes i hope <3

  1. iraqilover o bass
    iraqilover o bass

    ya hayyf mafii iraqi ppl they have pure emotional voices ya allah ani za3llana this yr all of the candidates are ugly i had to say that lool and some of dem dnt even have the voice wallah xxx

  1. Surprise
    Surprise replied to comment from iraqilover o bass

    lol at pure voices Rahma one of the worst entry's in Star history

  1. Lucie (^_^)
    Lucie (^_^)

    I'm loving the Morrocan Girl ~ She has a beautiful Voice.

    But Idk ~ i don't think this season will be that great...
    The candidates aren't very attractive and they seem very OLD.
    One of the guy was in "Nijm el Kaliji 2009"

    I Wish them Luck =)

  1. iraqi lover
    iraqi lover

    listen suprise i dnt care about rahma and shatha in star academy am talking about iraqi pure voices overall they dont pick the right ppl dnt get diffrent stuff involved i am trying to say that iraqi ppl have seen too much so therefore they all have emotional voicese o homa abtalll ehnaa abool geeerraaaa xxx

  1. palestinegrl08
    palestinegrl08 replied to comment from iraqi lover

    wow really...?? even if there isnt any iraqi contestants this year there are still very very nice voices, and who are u to judge ppl and say if they are ugly or not, yo u need to get the bias ideas outta ure head, just cuz there isnt any iraqis doesnt mean the rest are ugly...

    hopefully ppl will vote for the students for their voices... not becuz where they r from :)

  1. iraqi lover
    iraqi lover

    lool basiccly like some have nice voices am only 15 am stating my point of you it was not nice to say who are you am not doing that becouse there aint any iraqi canidates all iraqi people have nice voices as u said there still stas to us but lots of people are sterotyping get me xxx am just stating my opinion its a basic human right in london xxx

  1. palestinegrl08

    no, u saying that all of them were ugly is not nice :) there is nothing wrong with stating ure opinion as long as ure not offending other ppl.. and i dun agree with u about "all iraqi ppl have nice voices" or was Rahma not iraqi?

  1. iraqi lover
    iraqi lover

    sorry for my spelling mistake i was rushing `my point of view. `and there still stars .

  1. Nony

    Honestly the Egyptian and the Syrian candidates are the big blow up of this season.

    Good luck to all the candidates.

  1. nima


    karim,lian,mohammed qaq,the saudi guy and kuwiti guys was rellly baaaaaaaaaaad ! and when i say bad i mean BAD!
    season 7 is much better ! and th girl are wannabe girls from season 7 ughh

    dont like this season

    i miss ahmd al sherif,mohammed attieh,joseph attie,hisham,fadi andraos,kammah,saly,imad,shatha,tina,saad ramdan,mohammed bash,,nassif,maghrabi,rahma,sutan,bassel.......

  1. Jessica (Lebanese in Sweden)
    Jessica (Lebanese in Sweden)

    ‎7a2 Ramy Chemaly: Seriously...what was that?!! Star Academy!. Wlek ma ba2a fi damir!!!!!!!....shefet 2l reportage la ramy..:'( 2attaltou 7alkoun 3a heik reportage, 3all 2alile sallolou 2aw 2admolou ken ghiniye...2l 3alam ma ba2a 3enda 2e7ses, hamma 2l massare ..... Ramy eben baladkoun, kif 2elkoun aleb ta3emlou heik!!! Akhh ya Ramy, ne7na chte2nelak w ra7 nekhoud 7a2ak ya malek. W la 2emmou la Ramy, b2oul.....ya tante Colette ne7na ma3ik lal 2ekher w ra7 nekhoud 7a2na. 2alla yer7amak ya Ramy, w 2alla 2eysaber kell mo7ebinak. ♥ 3atoul bl aleb Ramroum. Pray for us from above

  1. iraqi lover
    iraqi lover

    i was offending some canidates i agree but then i watched the prime so i got a bit of idea of the canidates it was good by the way every ones going on about rahma i agree she hasnt got the voice but have you heard other iraqi people singing or singers the words music everything touches you i apologiz again xxx

  1. swsan

    iraqi lover and paslestinegirl
    rahma has very beaufiul voice! just listen to her voice when she sing slow songs and tarab.she was in hek menghanne for 2 weeks ago and she was amazing so shut up plz and dont talk if you dont know anything

  1. iraqi lover
    iraqi lover

    i agree with you when rahma sings slow her voice is beautifull and plz dont tell us to shut up its not nice i know lots of things as well xx (,

  1. hi

    waleg.. why isn't part 8 there?

  1. palestinegrl08

    @iraqi lover its ok hun no prob :)

    @swsan loooool... go get a life :))) if rahma was really a star then she didnt have to come to starac and embarrass herself and her country,,, iraq has very great talented artists like kazem elsaher and majid elmohandes.. but rahma oh hell no.. smh

  1. heebz

    One questions!! I cant find LBC channel, I believe they changed it to MTV lebanon..coz i was trying to watch the prime for today and I couldnt find LBC chanel..plz helppppp

  1. Nano_Maroc

    It is funny that people are criticizing the new candidates just for the heck of it ! I personally believe that most candidates this year are very talented, they really can sing !! Starac is raising the bar high this year ! Most of girls, if not all, have good voices and they are very beautiful ! The super Model from Tunisia is gorgeous and she is the best so far among the girl ( I still remember her from super star 5, she did pretty good back then and I expect her to make it to the finals this year). The girl from Egypt (Nesma), the Syrian candidate Sarah ,who sings opera, both have amazing voices, and they are musically educated. Both girls from Morocco are super talented, although I am inclined to root for Yasmine a little more as she seems to have a unique voice and singing style. Ahmed from Egypt and Mohamed from Jordan, and Afram from Lebanon blew me away with their performances at the end of the prime. My Favorite of the boys so far is Afram, and of course Umaima from the girls pool.
    I think that every and each candidate this year deserves a spot in the competition, and I have a good feeling that starac this year will be more of a talent show than a reality TV show. Good luck to all, and may the best win !

  1. Nano_Maroc
    Nano_Maroc replied to comment from Jessica (Lebanese in Sweden)


    I totally agree with you! Ramy deserved a much better tribute than that. Allah Yerhamo !

  1. Rayan

    Already the criticism has started. Give them a break! You guys dont even know who they are yet, let alone, you're still bagging some of them out. They're pretty talented this year, more than any other year. Each of them have something different to one another, and that's what i was hoping to see - not just typical voices and telents amongst all candidates. I agree that this season will be more of a talent show rather than a normal TV show, where usually we've got all those love stories and crap happening. Hope it doesn't turn out that way. Hold your horses people, still more to come... and more to find out.

    P.S: Anyone know how we can watch starac. live? Can't seem to find any channels broadcasting it.. let me know please (:

  1. Staracfan

    Wow!!! Students this year are, for the most part, amazing! I have a feeling a girl will win this year, and thir voices can certainly back up my feelings!! A few standouts.. Sarah from Syria and Nasma from Egypt... They totally sealed the showed!! But still, many weeks are ahead of us and only time could seperate the good from the very good and, of course, as seen every year, the very bad!! Good luck to all students. Hopefully, their evil sides will resist to all the drama!! I'll be watching out for Nasma and Sarah... awesome voices!!

    And what's up with that super hyper girl in the audience?!!! Sh was jumping all over the place!!!

  1. Layalee

    First of All! --- WARDA amazing, that alone made me love the new season lol! wow!

    I must say I am very very very very very impressed with a lot of the voices this season.. they usually have few strong voices on the previous seasons, but this season there is handful!!!!

    for what i can tell so far..

    Umayma - Power House voice she also very beautiful! and wow at that height mA
    Mohamed (syria)- Very very strong voice! i like it!
    Nesma- Amazing voice, different and very talented!
    Layan- Beautiful girl, Her voice is nice not so strong (but could be better, ehhh its too soon to tell)
    Yasmine and Gilbert- both were good! and do enlgish music justice! Gilbert is impressive on the guitar!
    Karima- Gorgeous girl! and verrrry beautiful voice! blew me away!
    Mohamed Al qaq- very handsome and voice was very nice, but hope to see him do more later!
    Lamia- also verrrrrrrrrry goood voice!
    Afram- Sawtu haneed min jid! very nice voice and very soothing to hear
    Christine- i loved her preformance, she seems to have a good voice, but lets see how it develops, again i thought her stage presence was off the chain!
    Karim-- well he is HOT. voice is nice (not all that) did i mention he was hot lol
    Mohamed (KSA)- touching story! nice voice!
    NENA- i loved her right off the bat! cute girl, very nice voice, seems sweet and she sure knows how to work the stage! she seemed very happy to be there !
    Mohamed - he was ok. couldnt really tell so much about his voice!
    Abdelsalam -- poor guy seemed very shy and nervous, so no comment
    Housam- handsome guy, voice was average~
    Mohamed raf3- he has a very nice voice, romantic type, loved it!
    Sara- LOVED HER!
    Ahmed- awwwwwwwwww hes so cute with a lovely voice

    sooo yea overall i thought majority did very well and again im impressed!

    Allah yerham Ramy ya rab ...wysakno fe janat alna3m!

  1. soussou

    what I didn't like is the tribute concerning Ramy!!!!!!he deserves something better!and what about his egyptian friend?is he ok?nothing about this!!!!!!!!!
    Personally I find that the level is high this year and they are already stars!and please we don't have to judge them about their physical appearence or something like that!!!what is important is the talent.I know everyone is free to express his point of view and that is democracy and freedom of speech and this is my opinion about this matter!it can be shared or not:) I want to say good luck to all of them and especially to Tunisians;)) LOVE YOU TUNISIA :*

  1. Layalee
    Layalee replied to comment from soussou

    lol even though i mentioned some about the contestants look ( couldnt help it)
    but i completely agree with you, no one should be judged on appearance!
    talent is what matters!

  1. Pink Frog
    Pink Frog

    MERCI MERCI MERCI!!!!! You guys ROCK kitttiiirrr Thank you so much for posting these videos up for all of us to watch, being in America we no longer have LBC and to have a site that is showing us the WHOLE SHOW and pictures kamen is truly a blessing! God Bless you guys and Thank you again!

  1. Nadine
    Nadine replied to comment from palestinegrl08

    Yea Layan is the best :D she has the looks and voiceeeee, im glad there's finnaly someone from palestineeeee

    Palestine w bess♥♥


    YEsss, staracademy again, finally some change from news and dissapointement... Well, yesterday was WOW. everything was amazing , it was like am i really watching staracademy or another show. 75% of the studesnts were really talented. For the first time they didnt give looks the priority but to the voices. I was confused to choose my favourite. I enjoyed everybody specially Nesma and ahmed's song really touched me with his soft voice. Good Luck egypt. Good luck everybody:)

  1. Monaliza

    Another Starac season, new talents and drama :)

    its too early to judge the candidates (we can judge their talents by next week coz some might be good but were just terrified on their first performance, and to judge personalities we still have a couple of weeks...i remember last year the first 2 weeks we thought they are all nice and love each other, eventually the season turned out to be the one with the most drama (faintings,fights,etc)

    Quick review of the 1st prime:

    Generally, many good voices this year..not all with great charisma though..i think..just think, maybe a girl would win this year

    - Umayma: she sang twice, her second performance better than the first, very good voice and since u guys say she was in super star, she has an edge of being used to sing on stage

    - Nesma: also sang twice, she blew me away i have to the fact that she can sing English and Arabic (Opera as well)..besides her talent she is also well trained which is an edge as well...she will be George's focus though, to lose weight

    - Mohamed (syria): i personally liked their duet, he has a very good potential..
    - Lyan: i heard a lot about her before the prime, i have to say her performance last night was just average...she is cute..need to work hard though (especially tht she is supposed to be used to singing in front of audience since u guys said she released songs before)
    - Gilbert: Great..i loved him 3an jad..seems to be confidence and his charcter stands out
    - Yasmine, didnt like her performance of the song tht much, but she does have a v good potential (she is young too, so she still has big room for development)
    -Karima: She has very good potential as well..i think she has a lot to offer
    Lamia: same as Karima
    - Efram: i like him, very good and nice soothing voice
    - Moe El Qaq: again, like lyan, i expected more coz of every one saying how amazing he is...he seems to have potential but we shall wait and see
    -Chrisitne and Karim: i honestly didnt like them that much...compared to Gilbert and Yasmine (who also sings English), i would go for Gilbert and Yasmine
    - Nina: she is so cute i have to say and has charisma, her performance was not tht good thu
    Houssam: worst performance of the night! he is really cute thu..would be upset if he left this week ;)
    M Rafea: average, shy performace
    The 3 khaliji guys: average shy performance as well...thu i think 2 of them has better potential
    Sarah: She seems well trained, loved her in the opera song more than her performance with Warda
    - Ahmed: he has very good potential...sang with lots of feelings

    Overall, i think 75% of the students are really good, most of them seem well other than the voices...we still have to see charisma and stage presence..

  1. Abdulaziz

    This season belongs to the ladies, and one of them will win. Last time - and the only time ! - that a young lady won in the show was four years ago! It was Shada. The only privilege to sing twice in this prime had: Omayma, Nessma and Sara. Half of the guys are mediocre, and almost all ladies were very good, so they will be dominant in the primes. It is true the season has perhaps more talents than any season before, but the show will be not focused on the talents only. As long as Rula Saad is the director it will be a mix of the talent show and the reality TV. So, there will be a lot of stories in the academy, and perhaps those candidates who rely on the talent only will get nominated and dropped from the show, as it was before. The favoritism, couples, and the unexpected nominations will be coming from the Rula's kitchen as always.

    What is strange this season, is that there are no khaleeji students (only 3 - very soon to become 2). They have been the most reliable source of income for the show (as nobody votes so much for their candidates as the khalijees). It's a mystery! The LBC does not have anymore the rights for the show production, as it bought it from the Endemol for seven seasons, with the contract provisions for one more if so desired, and considering this might be the last season (if a new rights are not bought), perhaps the show owner is not concerned any more so much with the revenues, and, as apparently there was no luck in the talent search in the khaleej, it was perhaps decided not to sacrifice the quality, by rejecting talents from the less profitable regions, for the sake of profit from the khaleej - as the good impresion in the end is better.

    Rami was mentioned, but with a painful moderation. One of the reasons (besides the others) this season is so late this year is to have the Rami's anniversary during the season, so the 8th of July prime can be dedicated to his memory. The accident happened in the night between the 7th and 8th. The final of the season should be one week later.

  1. Rayan

    Are you sure? :(

  1. Ghizlane

    I didn't watch the prime so i cant judge the voices or the faces, i just wanna say that the first prime you cant evaluate the candidats voices, cause most of them are singing for the first time on the stage in a huge programm like Starac & also didnt study music. or even evaluate their beauty cause they're here to sing not modelling & with starac they are going to become moore beautiful day after day with make-up & face treatment .

  1. syrian

    Husam Taha Husam Taha Husam Taha Husam Taha Husam Taha Husam Taha Husam Taha Husam Taha

  1. aisha

    waleg how can i watch star acdemy star acdemy online i live in toronto

  1. Staracfan
    Staracfan replied to comment from Rayan

    I was watching it yesterday night, but today, there's nothing :( I don't get it!! I was looking everywhere, as most channels were either deleted or closed!

  1. veeh

    if you want to watch star academy prime and dailies live... And click on watch lbc live!

  1. Staracfan
    Staracfan replied to comment from veeh

    But you have to pay for it... You forgot to mention!!!

  1. Valeria

    i don't like the tunisian girl, with short brown hair.. and one of the girld gave karim pole dance today in the sport class .. like wtf?
    i miss the candidates from last year :/

  1. madrido

    i agree with you. I MISS THE CANDIDATES FROM THE LAST YEAR! they were amazing they were like a family!! this year they are boring and they dont joke like guys from last season. its dead in academy. maybe this year we can see many talents but it doesnt matter i dont watch starac because of the voice if i want a beautiful voice i can go and watch super star. starac is about everything carisma,voice,personality etc
    i wish they could do a new season and bring the candidates who have the most fanbase from season 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 .......

  1. mima

    when the dailies will be online?

  1. Waleg
    Waleg replied to comment from mima

    First parts are online, the rest will be online in few minutes.

  1. Lara

    I thought Layan did an okay job yesterday. But you know she was on top of a flying disco ball and she still did a good job, i bet if she preforms normally she will do a much better job. I hope she wins!
    Go Layan <3

  1. soushou

    Just a small question - there is no Oussama today?

  1. Badria?

    what happened to badria's face? she looks different, did she do a surgery or something???

  1. Abdulaziz
    Abdulaziz replied to comment from madrido

    It's not true they are not joking or having fun together. Watch the 24/7. Karim has some potential for joking; something like Sirag, the egyptian guy in the season 5. Evry season has fun students, those who create conflicts, the serious workers, etc. This "generation" is no exception. We are just not familiar with them at the moment. Though, there are always some we favore more, and that is the reason some seasons are remembered as "better" ...

  1. Abdulaziz
    Abdulaziz replied to comment from Badria?

    She is remembering Rami (every moment she was there).

  1. Celine
    Celine replied to comment from syrian

    He is georgoussss right? Only his voice isnt that strong unfortunately

  1. Abdulaziz
    Abdulaziz replied to comment from Abdulaziz

    the error : Sirag was in the season 6.
    Btw, the "hot" syrian guy has zero voice and is too dull to stay longer in the show.

  1. samira

    star acadimy es el mejoorrr ana men fan d yasmiine, karima ,kariiiiimm <3 I LOVE MAROC

  1. sandy
    sandy replied to comment from palestinegrl08

    I thought starc 7 is over and u are still nagging about rahma man you are boring

  1. Jenny

    when did you see badriya? did she visit the academy or what?

  1. Kgirl

    She gave a pole dance to a homosexual guy...what is wrong with that. Yes people Karim is gay and into guys. He has a boyfriend here in Los Angeles. I am sure soon u guys will notice it too his feminine side. He is hot oh ya no doubt....but we all know that the hot ones are either they are taken or gay.

  1. Lebaneseboy
    Lebaneseboy replied to comment from Kgirl

    hey there, i had a doubt he is i don't know why ! i even guessed that he is open about it ! anyways i just want to tell you not to judge people unless you are 100% sure and have a valid proof because we seriously don't care about someone's interests when it comes to bed ! we just care about the personality ! let's just not judge him and try to judge the stuff that matters the most :)

  1. ShushuuGold

    Ooooh karim has nice voice Masha'ALLAAH.

  1. Alain NRM
    Alain NRM

    That bloke "karim" is actually our mate ahmed who's been for a while entertaining us with his hilarious comments on this very site.
    Wooow Karim aka Ahmed matey, the way you move your butt will turn on all the nancy boys our noble planet contains! Jeez!

    Oh dear oh dear here you are again with your pseudo-analysis on the star academy concept. Sorry mate you won't ad vitam eternam dupe us since all of us are aware about your unique aim: Rula Rula Rula. Yeah you are obsessing over Rula.

    You have already made your conclusion about who "Rula" decided for a final winning. You're day in day out blabbering the same BS against "Rula" honest job.

    It's too bad my fiiend Ahmed is busy with his role as "Karim" within the star academy otherwise he would have been on here to back me. Sigh...

    On another note that girl in black, who's "singing" on the prime8 with the guest star singer in red, the sooner she is out the better. She has to go back pretty damn quick under her parents' shower. Mind you when she "tried to sing" it started to rain on my beautiful city. Arrrrgh

    Come on Ahmed aka Karim!! you'll make it for sure. ;)

  1. Melissa

    it's sooo boring to watch them.. miss the candidates from starac 7 !!

  1. Alain NRM
    Alain NRM replied to comment from Alain NRM

    Oops Prime 1 part 8. Obviouslyyyy!

  1. Lola

    @ Alain NRM

    OMG u sure its the same Ahmed??

  1. daniella

    @Alain NRM; where did he comment?

  1. Alain NRM
    Alain NRM replied to comment from Lola

    I'm quite sure Karim is our mate Ahmed. Remember, he is Egyptian and he lives in the USA. He is soooo talented. IMHO Ahmed aka Karim will be definitely the starac8 winner.
    C'mon Ahmed aka Karim, You'll make it for sure!!!

  1. Basel

    Are you lot serious? they accepted a batty boy into the academy? oh my days the SHAME! it's bad enough all the girls know how to pole dance and booty shake on live TV in front of the arab world lol HOE academy boiiii

  1. maya

    am in usa alike this student

  1. Valeria

    hahaha @basel, soo true!! hoe-academy 8

  1. natalie

    who r d teachers this year?

  1. Basel
    Basel replied to comment from Valeria

    It's all comin' out on the first day looool there will be nothin' left for us to be shocked about later :/

  1. ahmed

    woooowwwwwwwwww le starc 8 me plait bocoup garder ts la peche j vs aimmmmmmmmmmmmme tro et vs osi madame Rola et d ne pa oubliť Hilda osi et srtt tw oimema te belle te manequenne tu es la seul ki m plait bocoup ouhibouk ktir oumeima et j veu k tu soi avek un bogosse dan le star academy

  1. sanaa

    moi sana de algeriť wawwwwwwwwwwwww star academy 8 for bezef

  1. amal odowaa
    amal odowaa

    i love all star academy 8 students especialy karim kamel

  1. Kgirl
    Kgirl replied to comment from Lebaneseboy

    Am I 100% sure of course I am coz I know him. I mean just because he is gay he shouldn't be qualified to be there. Of course he won't be open about it while there I mean so many arab countries are watching him and he knows if he does say something he might not be liked. I was just commenting on someone saying he got a pole dance from a girl. Plus he will make the academy more interesting with his personality.

  1. Mirna

    I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu allllllllllllllllll an i wish for all to be stars.......:)

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