Star Academy 8 Coming on February 2011

Star Academy 8

Finally some confirmed news about LBC Star Academy season 8 is available!
The first prime of Star Academy 8 will be on 18 February 2011 and like every year many special and different things will be introduced to the program.

On another note, rumour has it that the Jordanian Ministry Of Culture has denied her citizens from participating in Star Academy for reasons that aren't clear yet, however some websites are saying that the reason is the low percentage voting rate that Mohammad Ramadan got during the final prime of the last season ... !

We will keep you updated.

Star Academy 8 started on 1 April 2011: Star Academy 8 News and Videos

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  1. libanlove

    What channel will this come on in the US since there is no more LBC here?

  1. barsoam

    YES! We need to know this. Will it be MTV Lebanon?

  1. amal

    Hey Waleg, About the jordan thing its not a rumor. The ministry of culture and arts banned star academy from casting in amman due to the low percentage of mohammad ramadan but laso due to previous cheating such as yehia and qwaider. A couple months ago, news confirmed jordan an dlbc made some agreement between them that convinced ministry of jordan to allow star academy 8 audition. we dont know what the agreement was btw them that changed their mind. i know this because my friend went to get info after star aca 7 ended so he could audition and they said there will not be star aca 8 casting and now there is!

  1. Nadine Nonny
    Nadine Nonny

    No LBC in America & Canada this year.

  1. hind

    I guess the winner this yr is a jordanian, LBC needs to be honest and have some ethics, we want the real results!!!

  1. Emme
    Emme replied to comment from hind

    If indeed the winner is Jordanian, unless they get someone of Quaider's or Ramadan's caliber, then they'll be shooting themselves in the foot for this will liteally serve as an admission of wrongdoing and misconduct. We all know that to be the case, but no one has ever openly accused them, taken legal action or confronted them, and no one from that organization has ever leaked info that the votes are rigged orreallocated.
    At the end of the day, people should take it for what it is. A somewhat entertaining and often controversial show that gets a lot of hype for reasons other than the talent level or the talent show itself and keeps people wrapped up in this annual, not-so-live and obviously staged soap opera. Well, it still beats most of the Arabic serials they air in Ramadan, so big plus! :)

  1. Waleg
    Waleg replied to comment from Nadine Nonny

    Dear Nadine,

    We will do our best to keep you updated with the latest through reviews, photos and as many videos as possible :)

    And who knows, until that time, LBC might be back in America & Canada!

  1. majida

    thx waleg can you pls tell me iit will be brodcat on nagham24/24 or any other channels if you know any thx

  1. Feb

    Star Academy has always been in the center of controversy in those last seven years. Jordanians have every right to ban youths from participating in a show that still practices cheating, discrimination and favorism based on citizenship and popularity, while the talented candidates are voted off or taken for granted to boost the voting process.

  1. Jenn

    Star Academy would be on MTV Lebanon in the US TV!!!

  1. barsoam
    barsoam replied to comment from Jenn

    Jenn, are you sure about that ? Where did you hear?

  1. StarAcademy<3

    When and where will the try outs be ??

  1. ss egypt
    ss egypt replied to comment from StarAcademy<3

    Do you mean casting ? The starac lbc now has the facebook account - look there ! It will be announced probably when Rula Saad is done with the current show she has for one more week (two?).

    Oh, the first thing LBC would have to do to improve the image of the starac is to get rid of Rola Saad !

  1. princesa

    staracademy 8 will be on MTV lebanon in the u.s.a. and canada, since we don`t have LBC said that on a couple of the facebook groups for staracademy 8 &nd i think it`s true or else they will be loosing a whole binhc of fans and audience (=

  1. StarAcademy<3
    StarAcademy<3 replied to comment from ss egypt

    Okay Thank you so much ! :]

  1. jojo

    noooooo i want jordanian candidates :( but gotta admit they were victims of rola.

  1. Monaliza

    There are always victims, not only Jordanians (other than Q man and Ramadan..Yehia, bashar, and waleed didnt deserve to win)...but even other countries...Egyptian participants after atteya (like maghraby, the most recent example) who are very populat but got ver low perecentages..

    Also u can tell every year tht some particpants are very popular but wont win just bcoz lbc play in certain way..they want all countries to be happy so they pick a country each yr (but for the case of KSA, but this happened bcoz of rotana being part of the program...big story)..I think Ramadan was meant to win this year (nassif was still as planned part of the final)..but then they had lots of syrians saying that Bash was a victim last year, that there was cheating and that no way Bash would get such a low percentage even in front of they just try to make the image look better..

    every year there are victims...and yes they do cheat..and selecting how far do u go in the cometition is based on ur popularity, drama you cause and which country do u come from...

  1. mimo

    slt pls ya3ni star academy8 mazalit lcasting mta3ou mou hala aman jawbouni wmer6

  1. smma

    لا لميشل جبر
    لا ميشل جبر
    كفاية حرام

  1. Haneen

    omg u guys can't BELIEVE how much we voted for QWAIDER and RAMADAN in JORDAN~~~~ when they were in the finals, ppl started voting like crazy!!!!! their posters were every where, and at the end, rola let them and their fans down, BOTH!!! but i'm not gonna lie i want jordanian contestants this yr! and if they DESERVE to win then rola better not get in their way!!!!!

  1. lulu

    omg i am so happy i hobe so much there will be oe from Iraq,and very hot boys. i miss qwaider, saad, ramadan og azoz from academy

  1. lulu

    they boys were very nice and hot
    i love them very much

  1. lulu

    w aked Nasif. he is the star. and i am a big fan for him

  1. what the hack
    what the hack replied to comment from Haneen

    If Rola "should better not be in their way" - what are you going to do otherwise ? Shoot her ? You will have some jordanians getting to the casting in Leb - the trip from Amman is short - and some may gat in the show, and you will be voting like crazy again, and Rola will put the candidate down again, and then what ? Then go to Beirut and shoot the nasty frog !

  1. Nounours

    Quaidar did not deserve to win more that Nader, people always think that because they voted like crazy then their candidate should have won, people voted for Nader like crazy too, everywhere not only in Tunisian, there were so many online campaigns for him from Egypt and from Morocco and then the Maghrebine community in France and Europe. Quaidar was a crazy person, he had no respect for his friends and he had such a weird behavior and attitudes, so just because he has a great voice (which I admit is one of the best voices ever to have come around in staracademy) doesn't mean he should've won.
    Also Ramadhan was good but Nassif was a complete package, not everyone was impressed by the way Ramadhan was treating Rahma but I don't think anybody can have something bad to say about Nassif's behavior and the way he treated Zeina. He was a complete package too. I don't know I think except for the first two years, the rest of the years were pretty fair wins to me. Also who do you think should've won in the first two years? amani or Hisham? Baha or Ahmad or Attia? so we can claim that Tunisians have been treated unfairly too but hey whatever, it's part of the game, our time have come when there was a complete package around and I'm sure the time will come for Jordanians.

  1. koko

    can any body tell me when is the casting in jordan please??????????????????????

  1. KhadijaMaghribia

    LOL I really dont think the Ministry Of Culture gives a shit about a singing competiton contest. The truth is that amongs the Jordanians who competed in Star Academy, only Qwaider and Ramadan were worthing to be in final (Bashar and Yahia were nothing comparing to Amani, Zizi, Bassma or Abdulaziz). Besides, Nader and Nassif were amazing and Syria never managed to get to the finals and the Maghreb region never won at all before, despite all the Moroccans, Algerians, Tunisians and the Libyan who participated. Moroccans are being discriminated too and I dont want to sound patronizing but you just cant compare voices like Bassma or Hanaa to Yahia or Bashar. Yes the best singers are not always the winner (season 1 Bahaa and Bashar, season 2 Zizi and Amani, season 6 Bassma was the best Female voice in Star Academy history). The only winners who really deserved where Joseph Attieh, Nader Guirat and Nassif Zeytoun. Insh'allah Morocco will finally won (Shada Hassoun won season 4, but she focused more on her Iraqi citizenship rather than her Moroccan upbringing).

  1. ghizlane

    i want just know something, i live in italy and I have nilesat and in this there isn't lbc nagham .I want to know i will be another channel or not ?and why lbc europe changed in a games channel?
    answer waleg please!


    i know a lot of people in cali who voted for qwaider and yehya and ramadan star academy is rubbish and as a jordanian citizen i say that i supporty my ministry's decisions of banning star academy in jordan. They have no respect what so ever!

  1. Monaliza

    and guys, you keep forgetting...its not about the best singer..its about 'the favorite singer" so some of the names mentioned thu they had great voices, but being on a 24/7 show made ppl more understanding to their personalities and thts y they did not like them as much...these ppl might turn out to be nice ppl away from the stress of being on the show...but ppl can only judge with what they see...thats y some 1 like Q was always judged to be kteer 3asaby and trouble maker..Basma was considered bit not mature and nagging a lot...thats why some 1 like Atteya won..he was a very good entertainer...nice to every one and loved by every its more about who has the full package (voice, charcter, charisma, presence)

  1. Rose

    CHILL GUYS! Nassif won Star Academy 7 becos he was the best vocalist/entertainer with a phenomenal voice which gave us all goosebumps from his very first performance in Feb 2010 - Could everyone of you all have forgotten? Ramadan was good, but not good enough to beat Nassif Zein and this was why the votes went in at those values. Anybody with Rola Saad's job would & WILL be criticized! Let's hope that Mr. Wadih, will return as the unparalleled voice professor in Star Academy history. CHILL GUYS please!

  1. Nounours
    Nounours replied to comment from Rose

    totally agree. Ramadhan's voice was good but nowhere near Nassif's. And Nassif sings with lots of emotion, I still remember ya 3achi9atl ward like it was yesterday. Great performer and a great voice.

  1. what the hack
    what the hack replied to comment from KhadijaMaghribia

    He,he,he; Basma, the best voice not only of the season 6, but - "in the starac history" ! Besides, your compatriot. You are really "objective"! What about the Tunisian girls, Bahaa, Amani, Marwa ? What about Shahi, Qwaider, Nasif ? Basma better than all of them ? If you do not hear very well, at least look at her personality and compare with the others. Driven by the childish ambition, after the surgeries she has become even ugly. Basma wears her character now on her face. Feel sorry for her: a promissing cute teenager becoming an average plastic comercial product ! Thanks to her mom and her undeveloped personality.

  1. Nounours
    Nounours replied to comment from what the hack

    Why are you brining up her mom? Basma was immature, that's true, but she was not impolite or mean or anything else, and even if she was that doesn't bring you the right to bring up her mom. Let's leave moms out of any discussion please, it's just not nice.

  1. Aussie

    Hi everyone I'm from Australia and we to don't have the lbc, so wot channel do u think we r gonna b watching it on. Thanks

  1. KhadijaMaghribia
    KhadijaMaghribia replied to comment from what the hack

    Well habibiti if you read correctly I said "(Bashar and Yahia were nothing comparing to Amani, Zizi, Bassma or Abdulaziz)." So I di think that Bahaa, Amani and Marwa were fantastic and yes Bahaa was the best female voice of season 1, Amani the best female voice of season 2, chayma and hanaa the best of season 3, shada and marwa the best of season 4, chahinaz the best of season 5 but Bassma's voice was better than any of them and I am not saying that because she is from my country. All of these girls make the Arab African region's pride and as a matter of fact the best singers of this new generations are all from Maghreb (including Shada who is way more Iraqi than Moroccan in her upbringing). Bassma's performances were all mindblowing, she never did a bad performance. And I said better FEMALE voice, why are you speaking about Nassif and Qwaider? And we speak about voice, not personality, it;s a talent show, not a personality contest. To me the true real winners from Star Academy are AMANI, ZIZI, AHMED CHERIF, SOPHIA, BASHAR, JOSEPH and SHADA because real talent doesnt lie LOL

  1. w-t-h
    w-t-h replied to comment from KhadijaMaghribia

    Sorry, we're on the different pages. The starac is not a talent show. Rola "killed the character" of Ramadan and nobody outside Jordan voted for him - despite his huge talent. That would not be possible in a talent show (like the superstar). The starac has everything in it, and some talents too - but it alone will not bring you very far (a lot of people think Miral and Khawla were quite talented, yet they both got only to the 13th place - out of 20!).
    When you say Basma is the "best voice ever" you asume female and male voices. People say Fairuz is the best voice of her generation - including the male voices. Let's say Basma is among the top-8 starac talents, but there will be not disproportionatly more people (than 1/8) who would claim she is better than others. Do not ask Waleg to make a poll because the visitors of the site are not a representative sample of the entire arab population.

  1. w-t-h
    w-t-h replied to comment from KhadijaMaghribia

    I am sorry if I have been a bit too harsh in my replies. It only reflects my disapointment with Basma. I am not sure if she has a manager, or just those who are close to her, like her mom; but, whoever it is they are not advising her well. She was heading to study medicine in France, and after the starac has become just one of the many starac "celebrities," waisting her time at the parties, and the hang-outs of the big stars in Beirut and Cairo.

  1. loula

    hello, do you know when is the casting in dubai?

  1. nawal
    nawal replied to comment from loula

    For sure this Jan ! Google the lbcgroup, and read often their official announcements.

  1. KhadijaMaghribia
    KhadijaMaghribia replied to comment from w-t-h

    Again babe I said "Bassma was the best FEMALE voice in Star Academy history", followed closely by Bahaa, Amani and Shada. Bahaa was my favorite all the way to the 6th season when I just got amazed by Bassma. But yes I dont like her style nor her personality (I got annoyed by Moroccan girls speaking Egyptian or/and Lebanese when they could try to speak "simplified Moroccan"). Why Star Academy lacks integrity, it is when they fill the casting with Khalijis or Lebanese who dont know how to sing but will get votes or candidates sympathies because... we are in Lebanon. If you think about it, you always have 4 to 5 Lebanese per season when sometimes countries like Qatar, Sudan or Mauritania were never represented or people from Iraq, Oman or Emirates were represented once or twice (Shada Hassoun being a Moroccan from Iraqi background). Honestly, the only few Lebanese who did a really good job were JOSEPH ATTIEH (one of the best Male performer), CYNTHIA KARAM, TINA YAMOUT, SAAD RAMADAN, MUSTAPHA MEZHER, RAMY CHAMALI, MICHEL KEZZI thats it. But when you think about it, the Lebaneses are always the first to go each season.

  1. KhadijaMaghribia

    Same thing with Khalijis, the only really relevant were KHALAWI and BASHAR (season 1), HUSSAIN (season 2), Abdullah (season 5), the amazing ABDULAZIZ and Ibrahim (season 6). The rest of them were very random but still get the other kicked out because of the votes. Honestly if you look at the list of all the contestants, only a very few really made a difference. Mohammed Ramadan should have been first or second, Rahma was very irrelevant even if I loved her personality. SuperStar was nice for the first season, it gave us wonders such as Ruwaida Attieh (she should have won), Diana and Melhem.

  1. wth
    wth replied to comment from KhadijaMaghribia

    Yes, you said "female voice" (regarding Basma being the best) - but even so, I cannot go with it. I could agree if you had kept Bahaa, and added somebody else to these "best." All you are saying shows that you are not accepting the starac is not a talent show. You would be much more at ease if you took the show as the specific form of the entertainment, something like a relity tv soap opera with singing. I can give you a "proof" this is not a talent show. But, you have to believe I am not making this up. In an interview Michel Azze said that before the last selection there was in the group a lebanese girl who had a voice better than anyone's, who could dance, had charisma, and, in a word, was the "complete package." Yet, she was not selected. Can you guess why ? First, because for Rola Saad it was more important to have Michoo and Tania in the show than somebody as perfect as this girl when it would have been impossible to drop her before Micho (if she was better); and second, a Lebanese girl in the final is a waist for the show, because a Lebanese guy in the final gets almost no votes anyway, and is there only for the patriotic reasons (it is a Lebanese show after all). So, this is a show that has a "formula" (that has been in the development since the 2nd season), and you can be against it (because, for instance, you will never see in the show a black guy from Yemen), but it will stay like that - as it brings in a lot of money !

  1. Rannouch

    i don't think that Ramadan or Bassma were victims in Star ac...
    Any student who gets a chance to sing in the prime the songs he wonts gets the exposure he wants.. So it doesn't matter if he wins...

    The victims are those who have the talents but don;t have the exposures needed. Like Zeina, and most imp Rami (not because he died) but let's face it he was last year's vicitim, never got the songs he wants, sang the least songs in the prime, I mean if u hear the songs ( taratel) he sang before he died he has an amazing voice which he was never given the chance to show us.. plus was never in the Top 1...

    Well the past is behind us. I hope this year all get equal chances and the dailies won't be focused on 2 students and primes on 3....

  1. princesa

    okay okay you guys are just wastin ur time =/ just chill thisi s staracdemy,and this is the way it will always be, whether all of you think there is disrimiation or not, ur opinions ill notchange anything, w bi sara7a i think there he teachers and even if they were cheating i think its ll because f tey jus let it ethe audience votes, then they will never be ay lebanese,syrian, morrocan, tunisian, or even palestinian just stopnaggin about it if u dont anna watch it, then simply dont since its really botherin you !!!

  1. Feb
    Feb replied to comment from KhadijaMaghribia

    I've always been saying that for years and the problem lies with the show's %100 Lebanese staff and the favoring of Lebanese students espcially if they're good looking or affiliated with politcal parties as in Joseph's case whose father is a member of the Kataeb. Ramy even though he's dead, wasn't a victim he stayed till the semi-finals because he's Lebanese. It's sad how the promising talents never get the recognition they deserve like Mohamed Maghraby who received praise from pop stars like Saber Al-Rubaei and Angham and what happened to him? Many of us were angy to see him go while the others remained because of the drama. I could go on and say all the negative aspects of Star Acadmey but nothing will change and I don't think next year there will be will be a candidate from Qatar the only Gulf State that didn't have anyone to represent it, or even from Somalia as it's obvious that LBC is still racist or has something against people with average looks.

  1. Lebanon till the end
    Lebanon till the end

    hey hey hey Feb*** you're wrong lbc is never racist ... Joseph attieh was the best in star academy 3 and he deserved it ... Rami was not very good or his voice but he was good in acting and such things don't forget there's not only singing ... A Qatarian girl was in Star ac at first I mean in star ac 1 or 2 or 3 .......... and till now I thing the lebanese were the best from the 1st one til the 7th

  1. Feb
    Feb replied to comment from Lebanon till the end

    I have nothing against the Lebanese people, Saad is better than Joseph who's only one dimension when he sings.

  1. Lebanon till the end
    Lebanon till the end

    Feb** Saad may be better then Joseph but they weren't together ,but the reality is that Joseph worked hard to win ... then he was very good with Rim ghazaleh ... so the lovers of Rim voted to Joseph... ou ba3den ken ma7boub Joseph and I don't forgot ... it was the only day that in Lebanon that every 5 time you vote you pay only the one ... so I remembered we voted to him very very much ...and he deserved ittttt...and he didn't won because his father is a part of Kateeb ... and don't forget he's with ''Tayyar watani el Herr '' not like his father

  1. star ac is for talent not winner
    star ac is for talent not winner

    Guys! Calm Down!! The point of star ac is not to win but to get recognized. most of the successful star ac students werent even winners so it really doesnt matter if they win. atleast star ac is a popular enough show that allows these talented people get recognized by music studios. also HOW COME THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A SUDANESE PERSON ON THE SHOW!! i dont want to be biased but sudanese people have amazing voices and great music that is like a combo of arabic, indian, and african music. imagine how cool the show would be if we had a sudanese rep?

  1. wth
    wth replied to comment from Lebanon till the end

    The LBC is never racist, nationalistic, and so on, and (in the end you say) - the lebanese have been always the best. Isn't it because they are Lebanese, we could ask you - "Lebanon till the end (of the world)" ? You can call yourself "Lebanon ueber alles" too. I do not mind your opinion, but, why do the lebanese always say they are better than the others ? If you keep repeating that, in the end nobody takes you seriously. You know what, you guys are the biggest snobs in the world ! (And btw, you're confusing Qatar with Bahrain, but we understand, that is too far from your golden beaches. Qatar's never had a representative in the starac.)

  1. Lebanon till the end
    Lebanon till the end

    WTH ** you are really a dump, Lebanese are the best and that's what we saw from star academy 3 and on at first they weren't strong and if LBC was racist why only 1 lebanese won and he deserved it, no one can reject me,after starac 3 Lebanes were great and not because they were Lebanese but because they were learning...and performing great...Maybe more then 20 Lebanese students represented Lebanon in 7 years but from them only Joseph...Saad...Carlo...Rami...Fadi that was and Palestinien-Lebanese...Micheal Azzi...those were best star academy student among Shaza Hassoun...Ahmad el Sherif and Qwaider ...See not because we're Lebanese we win or we go to the finals but because we're awesame why the Lebanese didn't won from the first starac ? .....I'm an Armenian and then Lebanese but I love Lebanon more than Armenia..and I live out of Lebanon but I concider Lebanon the best country in the world ..................................................................................................About representing Qatar ... I don't care of them .

  1. star ac is for talent not winner
    star ac is for talent not winner

    is there even casting in sudan? please i would love to know!

  1. star ac is for fun not talent
    star ac is for fun not talent replied to comment from star ac is for talent not winner

    Nope ! The lbc is not crazy. Only in: casa, tunis, cairo, beirut, dubai, kuwait, riyadh (and no more in amman).

  1. KhadijaMaghribia
    KhadijaMaghribia replied to comment from star ac is for talent not winner

    I honestly dont think they do casting in Sudan. Casting spots are in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait and Dubai and in foreign cities (outside the Arab world). Besides, to answer to someone who asked about Somalia, Somalians are not Arabs, a very few of them speak Arabic for religious purposes but they mainly speak Somali. And to the Lebanese Armenian, Lebnan blad ktir 7loo wa cha3bo tayeb men a7ssan daraja, but a very few of the Lebanese contestants were very good, most of them were really bad in singing. The few good people
    season 1 : CYNTHIA
    season 3 : JOSEPH
    season 4 : TINA and CARLO and DANY
    season 5 : SAAD and MUSTAPHA
    season 6 : MICHEL K
    season 7 : RAMI (keep in mind that there are a leat 4 Lebanese each season, the season with the most talented Lebaneses was the 4th). And besides JOSEPH ATTIEH, no Lebanese got successful after Star Academy, most of the very successful students are from either Gulf or Maghreb region. SUPERSTAR gave us really good singers too

  1. Nosa123

    I live in Norway so i don't have Lbc or Mtv so i don't have the apility to see on televioson, but I want too know if there is a pafge on campiuter who I can see starac live

  1. Meme

    what about the other channel like NPN, MTV,OTV,NEWTV since there is no more LBC ?

  1. Sara
    Sara replied to comment from KhadijaMaghribia

    Actually darling I'm a somalian and i'm very proud to tell you that we are Arabs and thats the main reason we are in the جامعة الدول العربية
    And actually more than few of us speak the arabic language and due to civil war in our country up to 700,000 kids which are now young adults and teens were born in arabic countries and speak fluent arabic and if there was a talented somalian girl or guy who wanted to audition for star academy they can do that nothing is stopping them after all we are Arabs xx

  1. Feb
    Feb replied to comment from Lebanon till the end

    Qatar is a great country and please don't forget its role when it brought all the conflicting political movements together two years ago.
    Qatar doesn't need StarAc.

  1. ss egypt
    ss egypt replied to comment from Sara

    Sorry, but you are not right. By the narrow definition Arabs are those who have ancestors in the Arabia-Syrian desert, and by the wider definition arabs are those whose primary language is arabic. A lot of somalis live in the arab countries or speak arabic as the second language, but so what ? The arab ligue is a political organization and the membership is only political. As an oposite example of what you claim, take Egyot: the arab ligue main office is in Cairo - in a country where majority considers themselves egyptians! Somalis are not arabs.

  1. ss egypt
    ss egypt replied to comment from Sara

    The ligue says arabs are those who live in arabic speaking countries that are in sympathy with other countries like that. This is a political definition as for instance Iran satisfies it, like Somalia, but is not a member. So the political definitions are not the reality. Even the somalis called themselves somalis, because calling themselves arabs would sound ridiculous - despite the membership in the ligue.

  1. sara
    sara replied to comment from ss egypt

    But that doesn't prove anything IRAN is not a member because they are not arabs Full stop Somalis are arabs because our ancestors are from yemen it seems like your information is just based on shallow knowledge I suggest you read some books to back up your so called information PLUS somalis call themselves somalis because egypations call themselves egypations and saudis call themselves saudis simple as and we are not members of the arabic ligue because of sympathy thats not how the real world work wake up !!!

  1. ss egypt
    ss egypt replied to comment from sara

    The arab league is a political organization. In their definition of who the members are it is said those where Arabic is a language and who are in sympathy with the goals of alike countries. So, the countries as Chad, Israel, Palestine, and Iran (with a large arab minority), can be members, but, they are not. Turkey waits for the EU membership : would the UE make it european?
    That somalis originated from yemen is very silly to say ! The khaleej arabs would laugh. The somali language has nothing in common with arabic, except for the borrowed words. I am sorry, the somalis can be proud and in the arab league, and nothing can stop them in applying for the starac, and they can get in - only over the Rola Saad's dead body !

  1. ss egypt
    ss egypt replied to comment from sara

    You got me interested in your claim and as you suggested reading (so I can improve on my shallow informations), I found in the library something - The Evolution of Human Populations in Arabia, by Petraglia (Ed). The source says there were sporadic migrations from the north-east africa, in the distant past (before the Sheba), if the population from the region is taken genetically as one group - that is, in the area of the present Ethiopia, Somalia and Northern Kenya. So, the somalis are brothers with Ethiopians and Kenyans. So, neither by the ancestry nor by the language Somalis can be arabs. But, no big deal. The heritage of the north-e. africa is enough to be proud of something.

  1. nesreen

    I hope there will be a palestinian person this year :(

  1. Sarya
    Sarya replied to comment from ss egypt

    Idk what your obsession is with who is arab and who is not. Stop being a bouncer for something so silly. If sara says that she feels somalians are Arab then so be it. Being arab today is basically about culture. All people in the Arab world are too mixed with other ethnicities to consider themselves the "original" Arabs. Even today the Arab monarchs are mixed with different ethnicities. So if someone feels that they embrace the Arab culture then they are Arab.

  1. KhadijaMaghribia

    I do know a lot of Somalis in the US and NONE OF THEM speak Arabic, they speak Somali or Swahili. Besides Arab peoples are the people from arabic speaking NOTHERN IFRIQIYA (MAURITANIA, MOROCCO, ALGERIA, TUNISIA, LIBYA and EGYPT), the LEVANT (SYRIA, PALESTINE, LEBANON and JORDAN) and the GULF (IRAQ, YEMEN, SAUDI ARABIA, QATAR, KUWAIT, EMIRATES, BAHRAIN and OMAN). The Arab League is just a political organization that takes the Muslim countries who have Arabic as an official language, therefore SUDAN, DJIBOUTI, SOMALIA and COMORES. But these are actually ethnic Western Africans like Kenyans, Ethiopians and people from Chad who are not Arabs. But yeah I am agree with Sarya when she says that Being arab today is basically about culture. Therefore you Sara may be Arab because you feel like it, it doesnt mean Somalia is an Arab country. Peace to all of you

  1. ss egypt
    ss egypt replied to comment from Sarya

    In the first place, Sara made a strong statement herself. According to you it is the culture that matters and if one is interested one can declare herself a member of any culture. Maybe in the USA, but hardly anywhere else. Sara might be interested and learn all about the Pakistani culture and take a trip over there and say "I am a Pakistani !" - and they will be very amused ! ...

    But, this is all beside the point ! The first thing you read when applying is the preconditions: age, 16-26, fluent arabic, the passport from one of the countries in a list - Sudan an Somalia are not there. The casting in Cairo is on the 14th and I will ask a friend of mine if that is different now. If not, you could complain to the LBC for the discrimination. Good luck with them!

  1. Sarya
    Sarya replied to comment from ss egypt

    Ok so somalia might be a debatable country on whether it is considered Arab or not but Sudan is def not. Alot of scholars even say that the Arabic spoken in Sudan is the closest thing today to old Arabic. Anyway, Sudan is considered an Arabic country by LBC and its is on the list because they do allow members from that country to audition..they just dont have casting in that country because there arent many people interested there. Also ss egypt you might want to know that my uncle is a linguist at Harvard Uni and is a professor specializing in the arabic language and told me that egyptian arabic isnt even considered "arabic" by many linguist. I am not from sudan yet i do just want to point out to everyone that the people there are identified as arabs. I dont mean to offend you ss egypt and if you feel like somalia and sudan are not real arab countries then ok i doubt anyone really cares about your opinion.

  1. ss egypt
    ss egypt replied to comment from Sarya

    I do not have any opinion, nor "feel" anything about Sudan! I was just saying the fact that until now (a year ago) Sudan and Somalia were not listed in the LBC casting application form, which is the same one for all locations. You are jumping to some conclusion that Sudan is not an arab country, which is outright silly. I did NOT say that! Please, do not put your words in my mouth, and ask somebody who will go to the casting to check out the formal conditions for applying. Btw, why do you want to turn the tables now? Whatever a linguist says the egyptian dialect is and will be considered arabic. You are now introducing the less-and-more and that is the real way to the discrimination, unlike just bringing up the yes-and-no criteria (not formulated by us) for who can be considered arabs (in order to join the LBC show). If you want to know, the egyptians may be "less" arabs, but, they do not even consider themselves full-blooded arabs, nor want to (the same goes for the Lebanese).

  1. KhadijaMaghribia
    KhadijaMaghribia replied to comment from Sarya

    Sarya habibti, your comment about "egyptian arabic isnt even considered "arabic" by many linguist." is totally irrelevant. If Egyptian arabic is not arabic, which dialect is? None of us speak poetry arabic right. All the dialects, Lebanese, Egyptians, Moroccan, Gulf, are Arabic dialects with other influences of the populations living in these area prior Islam. Besides certain Sudanese people speak Arabic because they use to be slaves of Gulf people, therefore the old arabic type of thing. Moroccan Arabic which is considered as rubbish by many middle eastern is also very old, we use a lot of medieval arabic terms and classic arabic terms + some amazigh terms and pronounciation. I guess why a lot of people dont consider Sudanese people is because they are black (I dont say dark but black) like people from West Africa. But Somalia isnt an Arab country at all, and they dont even consider themselves as so.

    Ok so somalia might be a debatable country on whether it is considered Arab or not but Sudan is def not. Alot of scholars even say that the Arabic spoken in Sudan is the closest thing today to old Arabic. Anyway, Sudan is considered an Arabic country by LBC and its is on the list because they do allow members from that country to audition..they just dont have casting in that country because there arent many people interested there. I am not from sudan yet i do just want to point out to everyone that the people there are identified as arabs. I dont mean to offend you ss egypt and if you feel like somalia and sudan are not real arab countries then ok i doubt anyone really cares about your opinion.

  1. nawal
    nawal replied to comment from KhadijaMaghribia

    the "west africa" in all your postings should be "east africa" or north-east ...

  1. maya

    So i dont get it , where will we be able to watch starac ???????????????????????????

  1. dayas
    dayas replied to comment from maya

    if u donīt have LBC than on the internet tv channels ;-)
    notice the name: "j u s t i n tv "(just remove the spaces), there are a lot of channels, those are going to broadcast 24/7 the show

  1. KhadijaMaghribia
    KhadijaMaghribia replied to comment from nawal

    No Babe, I meant West Africa *(countires like Mali, Senegal, Cameron) who are Blacks Africans and dont consider themselves as ARABS even tho they are MUSLIMS. Thanks for the heads up though

  1. nawal
    nawal replied to comment from KhadijaMaghribia

    1--- "...therefore SUDAN, DJIBOUTI, SOMALIA and COMORES. But these are actually ethnic Western Africans like Kenyans ..."
    2--- "...dont consider Sudanese people is because they are black (I dont say dark but black) like people from West Africa. But Somalia ..."

    1: straight error; 2: the context error (you could also say "black like jamaicans" but it wouldn't fit in your context).

  1. Sarya
    Sarya replied to comment from KhadijaMaghribia

    Guys! we all have different opinions on who and who is not arab. please lets just agree to disagree. the important thing is that we all love star academy (a show that brings all different types of arabs to one place). right now im celebrating new years in hacienda egypt and i want to say happy new year to everyone. im in egypt and i love the culture and the people and i love hacienda and our vacation home here. i never meant to insult any egyptians! but i still stand strong on the fact that sudanese people are arab!! it does not matter if they are black they are arab because they speak arabic as their first language and follow alot of arabic traditions. lets end this discussion and focus on the new season of star ac. does anyone have any friends that are in casting?

  1. KhadijaMaghribia

    LOL habibti mafi 7aja. And yes some Sudanese people consider themselves as arabs but most other Arabs dont consider them as so. Wether it is in Popular culture (all the singers of Arabic music come from all over the Arab World but you dont have Sudanese people). Also in all the TV shows and stuff like SuperStar, X-Factor or Star Academy, you dont have Sudanese people, the darker people to be in the show were Zizi Adel and Hanane Asfoura (Morocco and Egypt in season 2), Khalifa (UAE in season 3), Shoroq and Ayoub (from Bahrain and Oman in season 4 and Ayoub is Indian or Pakistani) and Noura in season 6 (from Kuwait). Star Academy's concept is really nice but its becoming less and less authantic... the first season, the third and the fourth were really good and the 5th was really MAGHREB oriented which was nice. But when you see irrelevant people like Tania reaching the semi finals, that sucks thats why they stopped doing the tour after season 4

    Guys! we all have different opinions on who and who is not arab. please lets just agree to disagree. the important thing is that we all love star academy (a show that brings all different types of arabs to one place). right now im celebrating new years in hacienda egypt and i want to say happy new year to everyone. im in egypt and i love the culture and the people and i love hacienda and our vacation home here. i never meant to insult any egyptians! but i still stand strong on the fact that sudanese people are arab!! it does not matter if they are black they are arab because they speak arabic as their first language and follow alot of arabic traditions. lets end this discussion and focus on the new season of star ac. does anyone have any friends that are in casting?

  1. peaceonearth

    honestly star academy will never be the same after rami's
    death:( i still cant believe it! wait can someone just make it clear so if we have MTV lebanon they'll air star academy?? PLEASE someone help me out! MISS YOURAMI! loveyouforever
    one more thing apperantly something bad this year is gonna happen on start academy. who knows what we'll just have to wait and see!

  1. nancy

    can any body tell me where can i watch star academy 8 in computer please ?

  1. stephany
    stephany replied to comment from nancy

    sorry i dont now ....but i want to now where...

  1. rawda

    this is probably just another rumor...waleg why do you report this stuff? its most likely not true and it only causes drama in the comments section. unless that is exactly what you were going for, don't bother post this stuff...preserve some integrity

  1. Aussie

    Hi waleg can u plz answer my question for the second time, I'm from Australia and I don't have lbc wot channel can I watchit on. Plz answer as soon as possible. Waiting thanks.

  1. bibo

    oh nice i love star acadmy even i didn't speek and listen arebic but i like star academy plz can u mix ENGLISH spoken persone in acadamy

  1. KhadijaMaghribia
    KhadijaMaghribia replied to comment from bibo

    Its an Arabic tv show, why should they mix with english?

  1. Maya

    MTV Sucks please bring LBC back :( i wanna see star academy this year

  1. bibo

    i said arebic but english speaker i love Areb but i did't listen ok

  1. :(
    :( replied to comment from Maya

    ughh i totallly agree with u maya. they didn't take our permission to change it to mtv and mtv doesn't have anything on it unlike lbc :(

  1. Bana
    Bana replied to comment from Haneen

    Well then, I guess tht nassif and tht Saudi dude jst had more fans, and votes, just because u voted like crazy it doesn't mean tht others didnt

  1. me
    me replied to comment from peaceonearth

    Micheal Hayek said that


    STARS ACADEMY C'est tres bell program thank you yery mauch lebanon for this program i hope was mochtarikine from maroc ktar because where stay waiting wenner belkab

  1. Rose Jurdi
    Rose Jurdi

    Why do you all feel that there is cheating with the voting process? Why do you all think there are victims - is this part of the culture amongst you all? Why do you blame Roula Saad - she has done a magnificent job over the past 8 years - no matter who heads this program, you will still find criticism and be judgemental. I suppose that is ok, while I totally disagree that any participant was ever victimized on any of the Star Academy finals - Ramadan was not a better performer than Nassif on Star Academy 7 - are you people kidding yourselves? Mohammed Bash was not a strong vocalist either at all and Lara prevailed becos her audience loved her dance moves - she entertained well, while she had no voice at the time - Lara was even off tune when she sang without Bash! But they entertained us together and I enjoyed them both. Kwaider was a truly pathetic personality who needed supervision 24/7 and his voilent behavior on the show should have had him removed instead of us losing the making of the star in the young Saudi guy who sang Sinatra with Prof. Wadih - Oh God this was talent and entertainment - so let's just relax and enjoy what is yet to come. Be broad-minded and why should anybody feel victimized - we are watching this great program for entertainment while these young people develop into successes with their talent. Let us make 2011 Star Academy 8 the best yet and just sit back to vote when we want to do so and hope for the best as it is all fair, honest - why doesn't any other nation have the same complaints about the judging on talent shows all over the world? Is this just part of the Arabic culture? You all copy and mimmick the western world in appearance, but why not go all the way and behave like the western world as well?

  1. ss egypt
    ss egypt replied to comment from Rose Jurdi

    You are quite wrong. There are many on the website who watch the starac all their free time, as many scenes on the live channel as they can, and they get some intuition that tells them things are not right. If you take a more rational point of view you can come to the same conclusion. This might be a "talent show," but it is also, and much more, the rality TV show that contains all the elements of making of such a show. One of the "tricks" is the "victim" creation. Please, read some book on how the reality tv shows are made.

    Abdulah did not leave because of qwaider; he xould do it earlier. He left because he found out he was to be nominated again after his first nomination; and under the preasure of his family. I do not see why you are mentioning Bash and Lara - because here we see them as "victims" ? They were eliminated because they riched the limit of their use for the show. They both have very modest talents and stayed that long thanks to the 24/7 and not the primes (as often their singing was embarasment for the show). I agree with you the show is a good entertainment, but very few of these talents ever achieve anything more after their short fame. You ask why in other nations people have no complaints about voting results. Because there is no other starac show that is made for more than one nation ! It was not planned for more than one country. It is miracle that this LBC show works at all !

  1. yasmine
    yasmine replied to comment from KhadijaMaghribia

    very true enchaalah morocco will win this season

  1. hind

    this year i wanted to come and participate in star academy because i had 16 last october but i have studies and i know that i have a good voice maybe 2013 i can come but plzz lbc i want the copetition of star academy stay till i come plzz

  1. Nadine

    Best be on MTV Arabia... Coz my lebanon channel is shit.... hasnt got da much signal it the freezin weather so plz on Arabia da whole England is waiting... xxx

  1. magrebia 7ora
    magrebia 7ora

    wach makaynch wlad lmagreb 7etach 7ata 7ad marad 3lia

  1. Ahmad
    Ahmad replied to comment from Nadine Nonny

    in which LBC channel we have more than one and thank you.

  1. samia

    am waiting oll the time star academy8 and i wish ol the best of star academy insha.lah i will suport who is the from egypt b/c i like't aya. mahamed seraj . and mirhan

  1. khadija

    mejor que la gente de marreucos no hay son guapas intelegente y cultivada

  1. khadija

    les meilleurs sont les marocains mas wadi3 abi ra3d et gabi prof de teatre le reste es una mierda una kontayni una bassoura j adore gabi and wadi3 os quiero mucho muchisimo guapos et mi hijo os envia un biso muy grande j espere que vous serez a star academy 8 car sans vous les deux star academy no vale nada

  1. khadija maman de yassir
    khadija maman de yassir

    el mejor programa in todo el mundo es star academy lebanon walakin honaka katir mina addolmi wal ihti9ar la gente que savait mas sale la primera es una verwanza mais j aime beucoup el programa car me disfruto mucho con gabi and wadi3 yarabi ikono fi had la saison 8 car mon fils aime beaucoup a gabi quand il revient de l ecole directemen me pregunta maman achno dar gabi achno gal gabi yarabi ikon howa owadie hadi sana

  1. NadineGhosn

    I hope theres a candidate from palestine this year.

  1. Michael Bittar
    Michael Bittar

    When will it start and how many Syrian canadates are their this year?

  1. nawal
    nawal replied to comment from Michael Bittar

    The starac formula is: 2 or 1 candidate from Syria. The 1st prime is on the last Fr in Feb., or the 1st in March (if the technicians do not finish on time; there was a large fire in the "academy" few months ago). This could be the last season as the LBC vought rights only for seven seasons.

  1. ranan

    listen guys when is star academy going to start exactly?d you know any of the new candidates' names? thanks

  1. buchra  from usa
    buchra from usa replied to comment from Rose Jurdi

    i am talking with you Rose Jurdi
    what are you talking about you don't know there is cheating with the voting process for as moroccan people we know we have vote
    victimized on any of the Star Academy finals yes hanane idrisse she have nice voice very nice voice , basma boussel very very very nice voice and she didn't win came onnnnnnnnnnnnnn people

  1. rena

    I no longer have the LBC channel, will Star Academy come on the MTV channel for those of who live in the US?

  1. nihal

    wow iam so happy

  1. malika assa
    malika assa

    malika from morocco I am 18 year i am studing

  1. saliha

    i hate star academy very much

  1. laith

    If star academy is in lbc why isnt it showing in the movies that will be shown?
    Please answer today.

  1. Esraa Sami
    Esraa Sami

    When is th first prime ??

  1. Dina

    I live in USA and i knoe that Star Acadeny 8 will star today so i'm wonder if we can atch it on MTV or not? if NO HOW WE CAN WATCH IT ONLINE?

  1. samia

    i like't star academy so what time the first prime of star academy 8 pls answer who knw the frst

  1. Rana

    i thought that the first prime was today :S what happened to it? when is it going to be aired? i cant wait!

  1. lilly iraq
    lilly iraq

    hello every one :D i know that the first prim is today but i wonder why that there isnt any news about staracademy any where? i thought that maybe its canseld or something because there is not any thing about star academy the last 2 weeks. please answer today
    love lilly

  1. nawal
    nawal replied to comment from lilly iraq

    how can anyone answer when nobody knows it ?! It is amazing how people just keep talking without listening (or looking through these threads) ! The season is in delay because the lbc has no more rights for it and some other company is taking over; because there was a fire this winter and they are still working in the building, etc, etc. Be sure when tickets come out on sale somebody from Lebanon will say that on the website - and the opening night will be 10-14 days after the start of the sales. So, if that happens in a few days the season will start on the March 5; if later, on the 7th, and so on. But, it will start, be sure, because they had castings.

  1. nawal
    nawal replied to comment from nawal

    if later, on the 7th, and ---> if later, on the 12th, and

  1. tala

    hey all we opened LBC SAT and it didn't come ???

  1. tala

    hey all we opened LBC SAT and it didn't come
    and all these websites is rummer !!!!!!!

  1. lilly iraq
    lilly iraq replied to comment from nawal

    thanks for answering because i had no idea about it. i live outside iraq so the only place i can have conection with the arab warld is waleg. so thank you very much for answering so soon
    love lilly

  1. me3tez

    yesterday I saw on Lbc there's casting in Paris ... so there's more time to talk for the 1 prime

  1. imen

    when star academy will be in tunis?
    please answer me

  1. nawal
    nawal replied to comment from lilly iraq

    Sorry, I did not know your only source of info about the arab popular culture is the waleg site. If you search the web you can find many other sites; though, it is true the only site in english dedicated to the starac is this site. Actually, as the owners say, the site was created to report on the starac, and later spread out with other articles.

    For your info, and probably to regret of many people, there is one addditioal casting, in Paris, scheduled for the end of Feb., what means, considering the preparations with all candidates take about one month before the 1st prime, that we may not see the opening night until end of March! That in turn means the season will go on until end of June - what has never happened; or, the season may be shorter. The LBC has no more rights for the show, though it is producing it even this season, and that could be one of the reasons why it is late. But, I'd say the major reason could be the fire damage this winter, and they are just not ready..

    So, prepare yourself for one more month of waiting! Salam.

  1. lilly iraq
    lilly iraq replied to comment from nawal

    im the one who should be apologising because i did not look through the threads. so sorry for bothering you and thanks again for answering me:D. safy ya laban?
    love lilly

  1. princess H
    princess H

    when it will start. how we will watch it. we don't have lbc any more we have mtv? any one had answer?

  1. lilly iraq
    lilly iraq replied to comment from princess H

    hello :Dwe dont know for shour when it starts but if you dont have lbc you can allways watch it here on waleg. they usually put on the primes like an houre later or something:D
    love lilly

  1. rahma marzougui
    rahma marzougui

    hello ena netmana lkefet etalamith etawfi9 ya rabi w nchallah eli yest7a9 yeb9a w yezina mala 5eyena w tfabrik by w nchallh ta9roh msg allah m3akoum

  1.  bochra

    star academy 8 start time is march 18 good news for everyone asking about it and there is star academy 9 after

  1. micho1706

    sweet, thanks bouchraaa
    so if i have lbc on my satellite i'll be able to watch it or no?? i have both mtv n lbc ..i just dont get this whole dispute thing

  1. star fan
    star fan

    can't wait till it starts!!!

  1. mimibrune

    i miss star academy so mutch

  1. laith

    it was announced that Jordanian candidates are free to enter i checked the application and it has Jordan on.

  1. bouchra
    bouchra replied to comment from micho1706


  1. jiji
    jiji replied to comment from bouchra

    In Beirut the opening night tickets are still not on sale! This means the opening is postponed for the 25th !

  1. loulou

    Waleg, when is star acadamy starting ? please tell us as sooon as possible

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