Lara Scander at the MEMA 2009 Ceremony

Lara Scandar from Starac 6, Bashar El Shatti from Starac 1 and Randa Hafez from Starac 2 have been awarded the MEMA (Middle East Music Award) Encouragement Awards for 2009 while Mohamed Kammah from Starac 4 has been awarded the MEMA Best Rising Singer award.

Here are some photos from Mema 2009 ceremony that was held in Cairo on May 29, 2010.

Photos Lara Scander MEMA 2009

By Nonny

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  1. dayas

    Mabrouk to all :-)) i like Kammah, Lara´s dress is beautiful,
    nice to see Mahmoud again, i read, he is coming to the finalprime
    good luck to all

  1. Rose

    What was these awards for? Like what Lara did to get it?Or is it just for everyone? Why they didn't give Mahmood Shukry one too or even two for dancing and sining at same time. lol

  1. Strem

    It's a music award.Lara has a video and Kammah has his work as well. Each one won for a different category. Shoukry just came out of the academy. his time will come :)

  1. Sherry

    Congratulations to Lara she deserves it & her dress is lovely & yet so simple as usual :) nice to see shoukry with her, she's a pretty supportive friend.
    & Kammah is great & also deserves it, best of luck to him :)

  1. kono

    Waleg, the title says 2009, and the award ceremony was held 2010.

  1. la rose
    la rose

    Thank u dear Nonny for the pictures

    Lara as usual adorable and her dress is unique among others, she looked like an angel. Wala bat7asar at that time when our comments on on topic was usually above 500 hundred. I stopped watching the show just after M.ali left. I only watches the primes. I wish Nassif wins or else this season might be a total crap. Go Nassif go for it ya fannan u deserve it

  1. marie stephan
    marie stephan

    Mabrouuuuuuk Laraaaaaaaaa :)))
    From one success to another ISA :)))
    Shining as usualllllll may God bless her ....

  1. Amania

    Don`t like her at all , But I love Bash .
    I love Syrian guys they are so atractive .

  1. Ami

    roula must be proud :)

  1. rafalo nemo
    rafalo nemo

    congratulation lara we all so proud of you lara :))))

  1. omneazaki

    congratulation lara we all so proud of you lara :

  1. Nonny
    Nonny replied to comment from la rose

    I missed you too my dear la rose.

  1. Dina

    She was soooo cute and her dress was totally different and elegant... she was too shy to push people to take the group photo ... 7ayaty she is adorable ...
    keep shining up high :))
    3o2bal World Music Award :)) ... love u

  1. googs

    I am ecstatic to see Lara and Shoukry at this event.

  1. Rose
    Rose replied to comment from googs

    Can imagine, lol, both chatting English only w/ American accent!!

  1. luli

    i still don't get it what did she win for? what was the category name and who were the others up for the same prize? more details pleasee!

    her dress is adorable but inappropriate for the occasion, its formal therefore she should be wearing a formal dress (which means long) but oh well.

    nice to see shokry and 2ammah again...wish there were more pics of them!

    also, where is Bash? or this an egyptian only thing? it is called "middle east" music award

  1. dayas
    dayas replied to comment from luli

    Bash is in egypt with Ibro but coz of on other reason, they celebrate with Serag and Lara together Ibro´s birthday..
    pics on their fb, else a common pic of Lara and Bash on the street from 2 days ago

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