Lara's "Mission is You" tour in Dubai

Lara tour in Dubai

These are some photos of Lara’s “Mission is You” tour in Dubai that took place at the end of February 2010.

photos Lara tour in Dubai

Lara started her visit to Dubai by a launch and signing ceremony at Virgin Megastore, Dubai in the presence of her producer Jean-Marie Riachi during which she met her fans who came from different Gulf Countries to Dubai to see her. Lara’s tour in Dubai has been well covered by the media. Lara has been invited to interviews in different TV channels whose headquarters are in Dubai Media City such as MBC, Al-Arabiya, Orient TV, Infinity TV, Al-Hurra and others as well as some magazines and newspapers.

Currently Lara is getting ready to her next stop in the “Mission is You” tour which will be in Beirut, Lebanon.

Lara will be at Virgin Megastore, Beirut in March 27th, 2010 to release, sign her CD and meet her fans in Lebanon.

By Nonny

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  1. Nounours

    Wow, and there are actually people who buy her CD and listen to it???? Way beyond my understanding!

  1. Andy

    Eat your heart out Nonours :))))

  1. Nounours
    Nounours replied to comment from Andy

    Oh don't worry about my heart, I eat it out for more important things than this. That I cannot understand how people like this music and buy it doesn't mean I'm upset, angry or that I'm eating my heart out :))))))

  1. dayas
    dayas replied to comment from Nounours

    in dubai were only few ppl around her, they didn´t even shot a clip of her appearance, there exist just pics with her and with few fans, actually concerned the magazines let us give her the benefit of the doubt that it wasn´t her dad who paid for the interviews as promotion and according to the sales in egypt, her covered single is failed
    lara is completely dependent on her parents, despite that it looks different, since her birth is her life being planned by her parents who want her as a model and singer, she had practiced at all this since she was a little child, her career will be pushed by her dad, he is living his dream through lara
    parental love can crush one, when parents are convinced to do the best for their child, without letting the child who is no longer a child to live his own life, i hope one day lara can wake up from this life and understands that also she has the right to her own life

  1. Nonny
    Nonny replied to comment from dayas

    I just want to clarify something. The place was full of fans from different nationalities but we are not allowed to post their photos for privacy issues.

  1. dayas

    you´re talking about her release in egypt and not of dubai, in dubai were not more than 50-60 ppl in the store but u may be included in your sum also the customers

  1. eman_emy

    thank you Nonny
    sooooooooooooo much and good luck my angle lara
    God bless and protect you

  1. Nonny


    Meet Lara Scandar & Mohamad Bash at Virgin Megastore ABC Achrafieh, Beirut on March 27th at 4:00pm.

    B&L will be there...:))

  1. Karam

    I want to see Bash but I can`t stand Lara and I don`t want to see her at all .
    What can I do?

  1. kristen

    i hate lara scandarrrrrr!!! i hate hate hate hate hate her

  1. rafalo

    we all so proud of you lara thankssssssssssssss nony and thanks Waleg

  1. korona

    haha this is sooo lame...

  1. Nounours
    Nounours replied to comment from korona

    Ok thank god, so I'm not the only one who thinks this whole thing is very laaaaaaaaaaaaaame!

  1. Feb

    At least Lara did something unlike Tania the Drama Queen crying over Mohannad hahaha

  1. Nounours
    Nounours replied to comment from Feb

    Trust me Feb, if every graduate star ac student had the money like Lara we would've been seeing them popping up everywhere like mushrooms. Let's be honest, neither Tania nor Lara have voices. Every season there was just one or two good voices at most, all the rest were good for TV that's it.

  1. Henok

    GO Lara my dear ur the best & ur a star i love u & i will pray for u from those evils

  1. Nonny

    Watching Starac 7,,, Bash & Lara, guys I just love you more and more. I even miss those whom I used to hate last year.

  1. habooba

    OMG PPL grow up..what is all this lara tour for?!?!?!?! she didnt do crap..its not even her own damn song..its a remake...gosh ppl what if she did make her own album?!?!?!?! god this girl is pathetic and all she is doing is living off her parents wealth....some of you might be like so what..but this girl got everything easy!!!! she cant sing, and she doesnt have a damn voice...uffff they need to chill out..they only do all this crap bc shes american and she lives in Egypt or whatever...if she was a regular arab average Joe no one was gonna give two rats ars about her!!!! hahahah poor fans of hers deceived by her fakeness and jeesh who does buy her CD?? my CD player in my car would start crying...

  1. Valerie

    this song is a re-make.. its sung by Tata young. and tata sings it wayy better than lara.
    and yes.. if lara was an average person i dont think ppl would have made her a big deal. its soo sad how her dad plans her life for her. she has no personality whatsoever.

  1. dayas

    latest pics by faham the starac. journalist, - bash as escort with lara pin on his chest and with sadness in his look, i couldn´t see the same chemistry btw them as i used to do it during watching starac. 6 -.
    and i´m suprised why bash takes always the same look for the cameras when he visits lara´s parties, i saw clips of him with friends few days ago there he shined like the sun, so he should act more naturally on lara´s side, coz he learned in jaber class puting a bride smile on his face for call

  1. i hate lara
    i hate lara


  1. seble

    we are so proud of you i like u Lara u are the best singer i love you so much. keep going

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