Bash at the 17th Damascus International Film Festival


Three days ago, Mohammad Bash officially launched his music career during in the opening ceremony of the 17th Damascus International Film Festival with a song dedicated to his country Syria.

The ceremony has been broadcasted live on Syria Satellite Channel and Al-Dounia TV Channel. The 4 minutes song is called 'Balad El-Ahlam' or 'Dreams Land' and Bash performed it along a group of dancers.

Photos after the jump

At the end of the ceremony, Bash came out for a curtain call and he received a lot of applause.
Among the audience who attended this opening ceremony of the festival were ministers, ambassadors, superstars and elites.

Congratulations to all Bash's fans. Enjoy this special moment that you all waited for!

These are some photos of Mohammad Bash during the Festival

photos Bash Damascus International Film Festival

By Nonny

- Mohammad Bash page on Waleg

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  1. Nonny

    Congratulations to Bash and to all his fans :)))

    That is how stars are born, up high in the sky, among other stars and never on the earth. That is our STAR.

    Was he ever below our expectations??? .... NEVER was ... and NEVER will isa.

    Bashooo,,, simply you are the best. Bravoooooooooooooooo :))) God bless & protect you.

    Thanks Waleg for posting the news:))

  1. yomboul

    Go Bashooo you are the best and incha Allah you'll have the best
    thank you Nonny for the update

  1. Meero

    Mohammed Bash really proved that talent and charisma can make you a star and not just some trophy made of crystal or whatever.

    Best of luck Bashooo form your Egyptian fans <3

  1. Nonny


    Well said.

    A moment that we have waited and prayed for all through 16 weeks. Just to see him own the stage for simple 4 minutes singing whatever he feels & like not what he is forced to sing. But seems like we have been asking for too much.

    Thank God, we got it in a much bigger and more reputable event witnessed by elites of different nationalities.

  1. maro

    bash you are so great, God bless you our star.

  1. butterfly

    we are so proud of our star bash, it was unforgetable moment, he sang so beautifully so happy to see him on stage again.bravo bash . and good luck in every step you may take.

  1. gogo

    no fans in the whole world can be proud of their star more than we are Basho... i'm really so happy. soooo proud... and feel that i am really in the right place being one of your fans. what a fabulous start Bash... God bless u.. if the first step is that much important and great soo i really wonder what wil u do then...????? luv u MY BASH......
    thanx Nonny u r.... really so great and active fan...thanx alot for everything u do..

  1. Tina

    how come no one shared this page on his facebook account! i just like bash and im nt big fan otherwise i wld ve shared this page on my facebook!!!

  1. lamia

    I Felt Proud watching Bash singing during the opening ceremony, wish him the best of like for future career and to see him one day the star of the stars

  1. nahed

    A good start for a successful career & H B D to you. Miss you and Lara, say hy to her I love you both together & wish you success & progress like what I wish for my only son.
    Nahed Egypt

  1. Nonny

    Join Mohamad Bash OFFICIAL facebook fan page :))
    w w w . f a c e b o o k . c o m / pages / Mohamad - Bash / 3251906 25446?re f=mf

  1. safi

    Really, its a verygood start, to a star like u bash
    hope all bash fans enjoyed this.

  1. safi

    Happy BirthdayBasho, and allf mabrouk ur 1st entrance, from the wide door, of fame. we enjoyed ur song too much. mabruk to all ur fans.

  1. Alain NRM
    Alain NRM

    I don't know why this picture scares me and makes me cry gives me the impression that Bash is currently suffering as a man doomed to death ... over a barrel,sobbing, he begs his executioner:stop my suffering, be indulgent!!! ...I'll never sing patriotic songs, I'll only sing romantic songs
    as my dear fans want...I'll never suck up to the politicians ...I promise you I will leave politics to politicians...the only thing that interests me is to become the new Qabbani or a young Adonis...

    well done dude you have finally realized that an artist's life and Policy do not mix...if you allow me I have one advice for you: free will gives one the capacity to control one's actions.

  1. gogo

    Today everything is shining ... everything is happy... everything is soooooooooo beautiful... of course... it's Basho's Birthday....
    Happy Birthday My Bashoooooooo.

  1. gogo

    Mohammad Bash.. a star from Syria... i'll never forget this gorgoeous person... i'll never forget the happiness which this amazing star has brought to my heart.... happy birthday my Bashooooooo.....

  1. gogo

    i wish that the cute and happy child sitting always in your heart to stay forever in your white heart.... happy birthday Bashpoooooooooo

  1. Nonny

    Bappy Birthday Bashooooo

    I have waited too long trying to find what to write and I think there is nothing that I can write and it will be enough. All I can say is that your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of “YOU” to all those who love you and believe in you. I hope this day bring all the special things and beloved ones that mean the most to you. May God bless, protect and grant you all the best for you deserve nothing but the best.

    Yessss,,, you are “the true definition of a STAR”

    S --- Smart
    T --- Talented
    A --- Ambitious
    R --- Remarkable

    Happy Birthday my favourite STAR and the best is always yet to come isa.

  1. Nonny

    Oups... Happy Birthday Bashooooo :))

  1. hanan

    Happy Birthday to our cute star Maohamad

  1. rita

    Happy Birthday Mohamed Bashhh i wish you all the best in the future u r the best you are the ture star in my eyes. god bless you and remeber age is just a number Happy Birthday to the ture star Bash

  1. amy

    happy birthday Mohammad Bash, may Allah protect you and give you all what you want.

  1. Alain NRM
    Alain NRM

    bash's unforgivable, I have completely forgotten to wish you a happy birthday...I count on you to give us a true album of this gained maturity...
    Or maybe you are still majnoon, majnoon, la la la la la la!!!!!

  1. jona

    ya juji can i know wht time the the mohamad program in jaras

  1. la rose
    la rose

    I m so happy that our bash is gaining what he deserves, his happiness means a lot to us, his smile competes sunshine. Allah y7meek ya bash and may all ur days be full of success and happiness as u granted us precious moments just to feel u r our star.

    Thank u dear nonny for the post and ur remarkable efforts.

  1. Dalo

    Bash is the best star.

  1. juji

    jona i dont know what time... i think they change now...

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