I Wish to Have a Boyfriend

By H.A.R. on May 2, 2005

Iím a girl who wishes to have a boyfriend like others but I canít. The problem is that my family forced me to not have any guys in my life. i donít know what to i do. Please help me.

the sad girl

Dear the sad girl,

I donít think this is a big problem. You donít have to have a boyfriend to be like others. Why donít you be single and be unique! Boys will come into your life at some point; so donít rush things. Just enjoy your time and your age and be yourself. Be ďThe GirlĒ !

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  1. LoOoL


    May 3, 2005

    Hey sad girl!!
    I Don't why is that even your name,i think you have loadsa things to enjoy in life other than Boyfriends and relationships,then you gotta know that your family cares for you and want the best for you,Anyway if there's a certain guy try to talk them through and see! just have a decent mature conversation explaining your point of view (though i don't even know it anyway)your problem is common it's not a real pro it's just a kind of security families think that they provide children with,Good Luck

  1. babigurl17


    May 3, 2005

    hey sad gurl..kifikkkk...well having a boyfriend isnt everything in life..ya3nii yah its sweet when a guy says ennu bi-hibik wa tells u all this sweet words bas then again all that stuff wont do nothen..just live your life wa have fun..and your parents they just want u to become a good person -n- not be like them saabeen

  1. bassant


    May 22, 2005

    hi sadgurl its fine not to have a bf cuz i am the same thing and i went and i had abf behind my parents and trust me it was good first but when he left me i was all alone cryin and having the worst life so don't get a bf now its too early u will find the guy that deserve u later not now yalla bye take care gurl

  1. unidentified


    Jun 20, 2005

    I don't think u're the only on who shares this situatin, but there are many that passes through this everyday my friend, but my advice to you is if you are ready to be married, I mean over the age of 18 and your familly won't mind that, it's not a big deal if you look for Mr. right...or wait for him, but makes sure that he is ready to get marred, so you won't have a conflict with your familly, wa tawakali 3ala allah sister.

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