Birth Control to Be Offered at Maine Middle School

By WALEG on Oct 23, 2007

Sexual activity is already a common thing in teenagers, but not in middle schoolers. Middle schoolers are those aging from 11-13 years old. It can be hard to think that children of these ages are already thinking of sex or are actually involved in it. But what of this news that a middle school in Maine will be making available to its students birth control services? The Portland School Committee voted 7-2, allowing the school medical workers to provide birth control pills to the girls. And the thing is the parents will never know if their kid is using birth control because they will have to sign a waiver that will enable their children to seek medical attention in school.

The rationale behind this program is to lessen the occurrence of pregnancy among very young girls. And according to the Portland officials this program is really intended for 14 to 15 year old girls. And it wonít be that easy to the girls to get the birth control. They will have to undergo counseling to let them know of the options that they can have.

This news has provoked varied reactions. Some, especially the parents are shocked by this step while others are in favor of it. But it is really a hard choice, especially for parents. Some just accept it because itís like they have no other choice because they canít watch over their girls all the time and they donít know the influences their girls are exposed to.

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  1. Sarah Wile

    Sarah Wile

    Oct 24, 2007

    I'm writing a paper for extra credit in my sociology class and this is a very new topic parents who are agaisnt it should know It took me a long time to even say anything about sex around either of my parents. and i'm 15 for a girl younger then me it can be even harder so they should have peaceful chat with their child and try to be open. and if the parents have no knowlegde of the girls taking the pills this could be another way to helps parents with low income keep their girls safe.

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