US Companies Adopt Exercise During Work

By WALEG on Dec 7, 2006

Eat your greens, do your exercise!
Sounds like mum, doesn't it? Well it's actually someone who youd least suspect.
There are some companies who are undertaking a policy for their employees to exercise and eat healthy.
Outdoor clothing company L.L. Bean, Inc. shuts down its manufacturing line three times a day for mandatory five-minute stretches, designed to prevent the most common injuries the workers suffer.
Apparently, the major companies have been under pressure from employees who attempt to sue them for injuries during the work time.

Susan Tufts, of L.L. Bean, Inc. said: "It's a safety measure, just as we would ask someone to wear safety glasses if there's a danger of hurting their eyes,"

What would your reaction be when your boss tells you: "Turn off your monitor, drop to the floor and give me 20!"
Just don't forget to bring your gym bag with you to work from now on!

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  1. Adam = <3

    Adam = <3

    Dec 16, 2006

    i saw this on food network the other day~i was like wtf...then i started cracking up. Its funny, but really helpful if you think about it. I dont think they let you sit so standing and doing stuff for 8 hours straight would really hurt your back. I wish they did this in school - sittin the whole time really could make you sore.

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