Zoe Saldana Shocking Admission of Ending up with a Woman!

Zoe Saldana on Allure Cover

Iím pretty sure lots of gays and lesbians are loving Zoe Saldana right now after she admitted the possibility of ending up with a woman! Iím not making it up. She actually said that in her interview with Allure Magazine.

Zoe, who is not in a relationship at the moment, told the magazine that sheís she had a very open upbringing which resulted in her androgynous side. She then said that she might end up with a woman in raising her children!

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Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana Split Again!

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana are through! Finished! I know some of you hardly know that they are dating and I canít blame you for being in the dark since they never really made their relationship official publicly.

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