Wentworth Miller Suicide Attempt

Would you believe that once upon a time, Wentworth Miller tried to commit suicide!?

Last month, Miller confirmed his homosexuality and finally "came out of the closet"!
But the road leading up to this revelation was a thorny one!
It seems Miller has been struggling with his identity since his teenage years.
And throughout the years, he's tried his luck several times with suicide.

Wentworth Miller Suicide Attempt

During a Human Rights Campaign Dinner in Washington over the weekend, Wentworth spoke frankly about his struggle and the difficult way to coming out.

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Wentworth Miller: Im Gay!

If you were wondering where Wentworth Miller has been all this time ... I tell you he's been hiding in the closet and he just came out!! Guess what! Wentworth is gay and proud of it.
Weep your hearts out girls! You don't got a chance!

Wentworth Miller: Im Gay!

Prison Break actor and hunk Wentworth Miller made a shocking admission today! He admitted hes gay!
Wentworth, who is 41 years old, revealed his real sexuality through a letter that he sent to the director of the St. Petersburg International Film Festival. He was especially invited to the event since he had Russian ancestry in his veins. However, that did not deter him from rejecting the invitation.

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Wentworth Miller's Secret Identity

Wentworth Miller at Comic-Con

It's no doubt that as you may have read here on WALEG 'Comic-Con' is all the rage and all the major celebrities (except Robert Pattinson) have hit the event hard. One of these stars is 'Prison Break' actor Wentworth Miller who was promoting his movie Resident Evil: Afterlife with pregnant co-star Ali Larter. But the only interesting thing that happened during the panel discussion for Resident Evil: Afterlife is the moderator reportedly yelling you were deprived as a child at Wentworth several times. No one knows why, but I do know Wentworth probably felt a little uncomfortable after that.

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Wentworth Miller vs. Dominic Purcell

wentworth miller vs dominic purcell

Since we're still a few months away from the return of the fourth season of Prison Break (it will resume on April 17th), i thought a little Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell wouldn't hurt.
This will get us into the mood again and this will give you reason to think real hard about those two.

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Wentworth Miller in Prison Break Final Shots!

wentworth miller

Fox announced earlier this month that Prison Break was coming to and end.
The cast and crew of the series have been hard at work shooting the final scenes and working on finishing the series off.
I guess we'll be missing Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell as the ever-running brothers Scofield and Linc!

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Where in The World is Wentworth Miller?

wentworth miller in china

Prison Break's main man, Wentworth Miller, is currently busy promoting the fourth season of the suspense-packed series.
Last week he was in China! He made his first stop in Shanghai where he met with his fans and to do some PR for Chinese clothing company Metersbonwe.
Wentworth was then off to Beijing where he also met his fans and posed for photos at the National Grand Theater.
He also participated in the opening ceremony of the Me & City flagship store for Metersbonwe.

Are you watching Prison Break?
What do you think of the fourth season so far?

Happy 36th Birthday Wentworth Miller!

wentworth miller on set

Yesterday, major hottie Wentworth Miller turned a cool 36!
Happy Birthday Wentworth! Sorry if it's a day late though!
Wentworth didn't take yesterday off! He was working on the Los Angeles set of Prison Break and filmed a few scenes with Dominic Purcell and Sarah Wayne Callies.
Although the sun looked hot, Wentworth was in his typical 'Scofield' costume; jeans, blue t-shirt and tan blazer!

Hello! Wentworth Miller in Pasadena!

Last time, it was Dominic Purcell on the set of Prison Break S4 and now, finally, it's Wentworth Miller.
Wentworth was spotted yesterday on the set as he enjoyed a short coffee break from filming.
The sun was strong and so Dominic took his break, shirtless on a chair with a bottle of water to quench his thirst!
As for Sarah Wayne Callies, she enjoyed a small snack and chatted away with Wentworth.
The Prison Break gang is currently filming in Pasadena, California.
I am really wondering about the scene where Scofield discovers that Sarah is alive!
That should be a scene very much worth watching.

Photos of Wentworth and the PB gang on the set

Photos of Wentworth and the PB gang on the set

Wentworth Miller! Long Time No See!

wentworth miller

It's been a whole month since I've last heard anything about Prison Break's main man, Wentworth Miller. That's a lot!
Wentworth Miller and the cast of Prison Break are working hard on promoting the upcoming 4th season of the show, which will start sometime this year! The season will consist of 22 episodes and the set will move from Dallas, Texas to Los Angeles!
Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Amaury Nolasco and Sarah Wayne Callies were in Central Parks Trump Wollman Skating Rink in New York City on Thursday as part of the Prison Break S4 promotion.
Sarah Wayne Callies is back and there's another regular that'll be introduced to the show, actor Michael Rapaport will be joining the Scofield brothers as a government agent who has an attractive offer for them. I wonder what's that all about?!

prison break s4 promotion

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Wentworth Miller and a Kabbalah Bracelet?

wentworth miller and kabbalah

Wentworth Miller was spotted back in California the other day as he went for his coffee run.
Miller was casual and cool in his usual white T, Khaki's and Ray Ban sunglasses.
He got his coffee from Starbucks and it wasn't a regular Java ... but a huge, icy Frappuccino! YUM-O! It's perfect for a hot California day! No?
But what caught my attention in the photo above is the thin red string on Miller's wrist just alongside the watch ... isn't that a Kabbalah bracelet?
since when is Wentworth Miller a Kabbalah follower? Or has his last trip to The Holy Land effected him that much?

And what's with the skeleton keys and the handcuffs? ... hmmm ...

Photos of Wentworth Miller and his Frappuccino!

wentworth miller

Wentworth Miller in France and Israel

Where has he been all this time!!! We comes out at last!
Wentworth Miller is on a world tour to promote the famous series Prison Break.
During the week-end he was in Israel and did a bit of tourism too! He visited the wailing wall and the old streets of Jerusalem.
Yesterday he was in France. If I read correctly, he was staying at the Georges V hotel in the famous Champs Elysees in Paris! Ooh La La!
Hoards of fans were camping outside the hotel waiting for the star to come out and when he did, they nearly jumped over him!
But you know how great Wentworth is he was so sweet and down to earth and he signed autographs and took photos with his French fans.
Merci Wentworth ...

Photos of Wentworth in both France and Israel.

wentworth miller in france and israel
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Merry Christmas Wentworth Miller

wentworth miller shopping

Wentworth Miller spent last Christmas in Australia enjoying barbie and beer! But what are his plans for this Christmas?
Well, the Prison Break star had some free time on his hands ... he was spotted shopping in West Hollywood yesterday.
He tried to go incognito ... hat, big Ray Ban sunglasses ... but that didn't work!
Wentworth hit Banana Republic at the Grove and came out with a big bag full of clothes.
So, it seems Wentworth is in town for the holidays!
Merry Christmas Wentworth ... and Happy New Year too!

Check out a few photos of Wentworth Miller after shopping at Banana Republic

photos of Wentworth Miller after shopping

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Wentworth Miller on the Streets of Arlington

wentworth miller in arlington

Arlington is the 7th largest city in Texas ... and what better place to shoot Prison Break in!
Prison Break executive producers chose a street in downtown Arlington to shoot a few scenes from the upcoming episodes of the 3rd season. Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell on the streets of Arlington! Yeeha!
The street was transformed into tropical Panama; new signs, license plates, murals and a bunch of palm trees!
Between 6 and 11 am today, traffic will be diverted and people were warned that any shooting they hear is only from prop guns with blank ammunition. Cool!
Wentworth Miller and other actors and crew members were hard at work shooting those mystery scenes, which by the way, aren't known how they fit exactly in the story line!
The season continues airing it's new episodes in January. Episode 9 "Boxed In" airs on January 14th! I can't wait!!!

Wentworth Miller is the Ultimate Hottie!

wentworth miller

Don't deny that Prison Break star Wentworth Miller is a major hottie!
He's suave, his eyes have a burning look and his body is a work of art! Oh! And he's shy! Ouch!
Entertainment Weekly conducted a poll a couple of weeks ago about the hottest men and women in show business ... Miller sits atop the male list ... not a shocker!
Believe it or not, Brad Pitt didn't make the top 10 list! That must have hurt!
As for the Ultimate female hottie, it doesn't need a scientist to see that Angelina Jolie is the queen of them all!

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