Vanna Bonta, From The Caribbean to Mars!

Vanna Bonta was at Cape Canaveral on November 18th to witness the launch of NASA's MAVEN spaceship to Mars. Her poetry is one of a thousand on the spaceship heading to the red planet.

Vanna Bonta Caribbean Cruise

Bonta took to the seas after this moving experience; she's on a cruise ship sailing The big blue Caribbean ... during the night she stares up at the sky and thinks of stars, planets, aliens and infinity.

How cool is it to look up at the sky and know that your poetry is actually up there sent to circle Mars?! Totally Unreal!

Vanna Bonta is a Song!

Vanna Bonta was spotted in Washington DC and she was there for a dreamy event; the premiere of a song about her written and performed by Richie Cole. This all went down at the famous DC supper club Blues Alley, where the legendary saxophone player appeared with the the Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet.

Vanna Bonta and Richie Cole

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Vanna Bonta's Poetry to Mars

Poetry to Mars! NASA's latest mission is poetic ... literally!
Five unique haiku's have been chosen by NASA and will be sent up to Mars in November and Vanna's is one of the winners.

Vanna Bonta's Poetry to Mars

The latest NASA mission to Mars will be checking to see what the ancient weather was once like on the red planet. Mars may not have always been so dry and dusty. This mission has us wondering along with scientists: Are we alone in the universe? Are there others planets that could support life?

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Vanna Bonta Just Right for Yuri's Night

Vanna Bonta in Cosmic Dress

Vanna Bonta was in the right place at the right time in the just the right dress last week at the 52nd anniversary of human space flight, which was held around the the space shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Museum.

Vanna showed up with blue hair and a perfect for the occasion cosmic rocket dress!
If you're wondering why the blue hair ... well, didn't the man himself, Yuri Gagarin call our planet "beautiful & blue" ?

The event, which is called "Yuri's Night" was filled with famous faces and no one is more famous than moon legend Buzz Aldrin!

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Meet Scrubie! Vanna Bonta's Blue Friend!

Scrubie & Vanna Bonta

There's no good omen like a little unexpected visit from a bird in the morning!
I always feel that the day is going to be a brighter one and a happier one when I start my day with a glimpse of the red robin in my garden!
I think Vanna Bonta feels the same, when she gets a visit from her long-time little friend, the blue scrub jay, named Scrubie!
Vanna enjoys the company of Scrubie in the morning, and he enjoys the food she offers him! Yum! Pinenuts!

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Vanna Bonta In The Wind

Vanna Bonta retro style

I just got this beautiful photo of Vanna Bonta ... in a retro dress standing in the wind.
She's been in hiding most of the summer, writing, and she reappears in such a way, like a fresh breeze.

I like the way she looks out into the open ... contemplating what's to come. Maybe an idea for her next novel!

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Vanna Bonta, Royalty for Real!

Vanna Bonta Royalty for Real

Vanna Bonta is just full of surprises!
We've called Vanna a fairy tale princess before, but it seems she's real royalty after all! Turns out her grandfather is a nobleman and there's an actual marble tribute to him on their Tuscany home, which by the way, has been turned into a National monument!

Marble Tribute

Grandfather Luigi Ugolini, was a poet, writer and journalist, who "gave voice to the beauty of his land and its people." How awesome is that!?

Everything about Vanna is golden and dreamy ... just like the beams of the Tuscan sun on a beautiful July afternoon!

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Vanna Bonta is All Curiosity for Mars!

Vanna Bonta

Curiosity has successfully landed on Mars! Congratulations! Vanna Bonta must be jumping with joy!

Vanna Bonta has been counting down the days to the super risky landing of NASA's rover "Curiosity" on our neighbor-planet Mars. The new rover has been hurtling to Mars since its launch last November (2011). This landing is the hardest NASA robotic mission ever attempted in history! It's also being called "the most important event — most significant event — in the history of planetary exploration", and rightly so!

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Vanna Bonta's Sky: Dog or Lion?

Vanna and Sky on Memorial Day

It's been a long time since we've heard anything about the one and only Vanna Bonta!
This week-end was Memorial Day in The States and Vanna made an appearance with her beautiful dog, Sky!
Vanna looked relaxed, fresh and baby-pink-cute... while Sky looked Über-cool in a roaring summer style haircut that makes her look more like a Lion than a dog! That mane looks beautiful!

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And God Created ... Vanna Bonta!


If you've ever been to Washington DC, then you must have walked under the west entrance facade of the National Cathedral. It's a beautiful, awe inspiring piece of architecture.
But if you're wondering what that's got to do with Vanna Bonta ... then I'll tell you that woman is just full of surprises!
Take a good look at the massive sculpture over the west entrance of the Cathedral, that work of art is by master sculptor Frederick Hart and is called "Ex Nihilo" ("the Creation of Mankind out of Nothing, as Narrated in the Book of Genesis").

It portrays God's creation of humankind, men and women taking form from a vortex void of chaos .. and that beautiful, perfect form of a woman (second one on the left) is Vanna Bonta!!!

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Newt Promises Human Colony on Moon! Come on!

Newt Gingrich aiming for the moon!

When you think of an election campaign and the promises given to people -in order to collect votes-, what are some of the important question you want answered? What are the promises that you want fulfilled?
I can come up with a few in seconds; more jobs, less taxes, better health services, better education, safety in the streets and conserving the environment, only to name a few ... but the last thing on my mind and on yours -i guess- would be "colonizing the moon" !!
Where the heck did this idea come from, you might ask. Well, it came from Newt Gingrich!
Although this might be the last idea on your mind, and mine, it ain't the last on Newt's list!
Newt actually promised a "human colony on the moon" by the end of his second term.
The guy isn't only promising "Star Trek inspired ideas" but is dreaming of a second term already!
Come on Newt! Fix the problems of housing on Earth first and then think of the moon!

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Rare Vanna Bonta Doll Collection on Display

Vanna Bonta toys on display

A toy museum in Texas is going to put a rare and unique collection of dolls and toys on display.
Vanna Bonta is the owner of the beautiful collection and the museum is sure that every visitor, no matter what their age, will enjoy this legacy.

“DFW Elite Toy Museum will care for Bonta’s rare and antique collectibles to make sure that everyone can enjoy her legacy,” said museum curator Rodney Ross. “We’ll display the collection along with a tribute to Bonta.”

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A Date in Space! Thanks Vanna Bonta!

a date in space

A few years ago, Vanna Bonta tried out her sexy invention; the 2suit, with her hubby in zero gravity ... and this has inspired some to venture where no man and woman have ventured before! Go on a date in space!

The first couple are going on a date in space! A tech stock entrepreneur, Bryan Christopher, is paying $200K for a ticket to blast off to the boundary of space and is looking for the perfect bachelorette to be his date on the Virgin Galactic flight. Hey, if I weren't married, I would have loved to go!

The mulitmillionaire said he will not be wearing a 2Suit on the first date, as that may be "pushing his luck", but he's not ruling out wearing the space suit on a second date that might take the couple "boldly where no man and woman have gone before.”

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How Lucky is Vanna Bonta to Meet Buzz Aldrin!

Vanna Bonta with Buzz Aldrin

How lucky would you be to shake hands with Buzz Aldrin? How lucky would you be to sit at a table with the man who walked the surface of the moon along with the great Neil Armstrong?
How lucky would you be to listen to the man who left his footprint on the moon telling you about that unforgettable mission on Apollo 11 ?! Well, Vanna Bonta sure scores 3 on those three questions ... She's a whole lot lucky!

Vanna Bonta joined other celebrities and space lovers as they celebrated the 50th anniversary of human space flight in Los Angeles at the "Wood and Vine" on April 12th.

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