Tom Cruise Settles Legal Battle with Bauer Media Group

Tom Cruise 2013

The legal battle between Tom Cruise and Bauer Media Group has ended. The two parties decided to settle their issue out of court; however, details of the settlement that happened on Friday December 20 were not made public.

Tom’s lawyer and that of Bauer Media released a joint statement saying that Bauer Publishing as well as In Touch and Life & Style magazines “never intended to communicate that Tom Cruise had cut off all ties and abandoned his daughter, Suri, and regret if anyone drew that inference from anything they published.”

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Cher Names Tom Cruise as One of Her Best Lovers!

Five years ago Cher revealed to the world that she had romance going with Tom Cruise during the 1980s. I guess many were surprised to know it back then. But now, I think more were shocked and maybe a bit envious because Cher divulged that Tom was one of the best lovers she’s ever had!

Cher and Tom Cruise

How did that info came out? On Thursday night, Cher was a guest in “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen. Andy engaged her in a “Truth or Dare” game so when she chose truth he asked her who her best lover was! Cher answered that many of them come in first.

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Tom Cruise Has Unrequited Love for Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise is in a dilemma. He’s still in love with Katie Holmes.

This is still unconfirmed but that is exactly what some people in his camp are saying. Katie’s happy and carefree attitude reminded him of the girl he fell in love with and their early days together.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

I think Tom tried to bury his feelings for Katie ever since they split up but the way Katie looks these days has stirred up those feelings. Rumors about Katie’s supposedly budding romance with “Mania Days” co-star Luke Kirby did not help either. Tom was not happy when he learned that Katie had dinner with Luke and tried to hide from the photographers.

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Tom Cruise Still Has What It Takes To Make Millions

Tom Cruise still has what it takes to make millions in the box office! Despite the recent bad publicity about him, Tom’s charisma and superb acting ability has attracted millions to his latest sci-fi movie “Oblivion!” As a matter of fact, “Oblivion” has topped the domestic box office this weekend with $38.2 million!

Tom Cruise in Oblivion

This sales figure is one of the biggest opening weekends ever aside from his “Mission Impossible” movies. It’s doing wonderfully in the International scene as well. Ticket sales for its second week in the international scale is $33.7 million so, when you sum everything up, “Oblivion” has already profited a total of $150 million.

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Tom Cruise Finally Talks about Split from Katie Holmes

“I did not expect that” was Tom Cruise’s admission regarding his divorce from Katie Homes. His statement corroborates previous reports that he was completely blindsided by his young wife’s decision to end their five-year marriage.

Tom Cruise

Remember, Katie’s decision to leave Tom just days before his 50th birthday in June last year was a total surprise even to the world at large. But a year after the nasty split, Tom says that he’s had a lot of time to reflect on what happened. The span of time from then and now also allowed him to come to terms with Katie’s decision.

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Bauer Publishing Co. Denies Liability to Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and Bauer Publishing Co.g

Life & Style and In Touch magazine’s article that Tom Cruise abandoned his daughter did not sit well with the star that he filed a $50 million lawsuit against the both of them! Tom filed the lawsuit back in October and now, after a few months, the magazines’ owner Bauer Publishing Co. has fired back.

Bauer filed their response to Tom’s lawsuit at the U.S. District Court in California on Friday. In their papers, the company asserted that they are not liable for damages because what their magazines printed was “substantially true.”

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Tom Cruise Files $50M Lawsuit for False Abandonment Stories

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is a very angry man at the moment after learning of claims that he abandoned his six-year-old daughter Suri Cruise! He is now venting his fury on the two magazines that made the erroneous claims. A $50 million defamation lawsuit has been filed by the actor against “In Touch” and Life & Style” magazines for publishing the story.

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Scientologists Auditioned Potential Wives for Tom Cruise!

Tom Cruise and Nazanin Boniadi

Vanity Fair has an explosive expose about Tom Cruise and his love life before he met and married Katie Holmes! According to the magazine, the church of Scientology auditioned many women for Cruise after he split from Nicole Kidman. The search was led by David Miscavige’s wife Shelly. The women they selected for Cruise was actress and then-Scientologist Nazanin Boniadi who is of Iranian origin.

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Tom Cruise Spends Quality Time with Suri

Tom Cruise with Suri

He might be undergoing some emotional stress right now but you can’t see it on his face as Tom Cruise spent quality time with precious daughter, Suri. The father and daughter tandem was spotted at Disney World, Florida.

Little Suri was clad in a polka dotted purple swimsuit having the time of her life splashing at the Typhoon Lagoon with her doting dad in attendance. He whisked his daughter on an impromptu vacation in Disney while mommy Katie was in New York. Tom was also enjoying himself as he playfully plunged Suri into the waves. In fact, he was quite in good spirits as he also made sure to greet some fans who were quite surprised to see him there.

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Tom Cruise Gets Quality Time with Daughter Suri

Tom Cruise with Daughter Suri in New York

Tom Cruise hasn’t seen his daughter Suri Cruise since his soon-to-be ex-wife Katy Holmes filed for divorce in the last week of June. I can sympathise with Tom’s yearning to be with his daughter. They do chat through the Internet but nothing can match the feeling of being able to hold your child in your arms right?

Well, after several weeks apart, Tom and Suri were reunited in New York on Tuesday! Tom must have missed her so much since the last time he got to be with her was back on June 16 when Katie and Suri visited Tom in Iceland.

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Tom Cruise Spends a Somber Birthday in California

Tom Cruise Birthday

It was definitely not a very happy birthday for Tom Cruise. That’s quite obvious because of the divorce he’s facing from Katie Holmes. There was no lavish party, and instead, the “Rock of Ages” star spent it in a very low-key style.

At least he wasn’t alone in celebrating his big 5-0. The actor, together with two children Connor and Isabella, boarded a private jet early morning from Iceland and flew back to California on Tuesday. That’s where they spent his birthday with his extended family.

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Connor Cruise Sides with Tom Cruise Amidst Divorce Drama

Connor Cruise

Tom Cruise turns the big 5-0 today! But I don’t think he’ll feel up to celebrating just days after being slapped with divorce by Katie Holmes. Though that’s weighing down on him, I think he can find comfort in his 17-year-old son Connor.

Connor is totally siding with his Dad amidst the divorce and proof of that is his Sunday tweet wherein he posted that family is for always. For the 17-year-old, friends come and go but family is forever.

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Katie Holmes is Extraordinary Says Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes is Extraordinary

Six years of marriage and Katie Holmes is still very much the apple in Tom Cruise’s eyes. Of course that’s aside from their little girl Suri. In his in-depth interview in Playboy magazine’s June issue, Tom revealed just how he feels for his wife.

Tom said Katie is an extraordinary person and that’s something anyone will know within five minutes in her company. For him everything she does is done with creativity and it seems she’s a go-getter too because if there’s something she’s interested in, she just goes out and do it!

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Tom Cruise’ Son, Connor, Celebrates 17th Birthday

Connor and Isabella

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s adopted son celebrated his 17th birthday on Wednesday. Connor Cruise might be a celebrity son but he isn’t that visible in the limelight.

The birthday bash was held at Hyde Lounge at Staples Center in L.A. Among Connor’s guest was his older sister, Isabella, also the eldest adopted daughter of Tom and Nicole. But his dad and stepmom was no-show in his party. To compensate, he got to chose from a Jeep Wrangler and Dodge Challenger which he can drive for two years. He chose the Dodge.

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