The Jonas Brothers Break Up

Over the years, we've seen so many boy bands break up; New Kids on The Block, Take That and Backstreet Boys just to name a few ... today, the Jonas Brothers have followed in those footsteps and have officially announced that they've decided to call it quits.

Jonas Brothers Break Up

The brothers shocked fans when they canceled their US tour due to a "deep rift in the band" which was a sure sign that things were going south!

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Jonas Brothers and their Pom Poms (Video)

Hey guys and girls! Are you a loyal Jonas Brothers fan or have you switched loyalties to British boy band One Direction? If itís the latter then thatís too bad because the Jonas Brother is about to release a new track!

Jonas Brothers Pom Poms

The Jonas Brothersí new song entitled ďPom PomsĒ will be debut on April 2 on ďOn-Air With Ryan Seacrest.Ē Though that wonít happen until next week, we are given a taste of what that song is like in the song and video preview!

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Jonas Brothers Together Again in Reality Show!

Jonas Brothers

Are you a Jonas Brothers fan? You probably been wondering when youíll see Nick, Joe and Kevin together again. Donít fret too much because it wonít be long now since the three have a new reality show coming up!

Well, the reality show was originally about Kevin Jonasí and his day-to-day life with new wife Danielle Deleasa. However, the TV bosses also roped in his two brothers Nick and Joe so, itís going to be like a family reunion! Those TV bosses are clever; they know thereíll be more viewers with these three brothers intact in the show.

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Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene Split!

Joe Jonas

The romance has run out for Camp Rock hunk Joe Jonas and Twilight beauty Ashley Greene! Reports are surfacing that the two have parted ways already!

Allegedly, the breakup happened a few weeks ago. It wasnít a nasty one if thatís what youíre thinking. There wasnít a third party as well. The thing to blame for their breakup is their conflicting work schedules that make it hard for them to be together.

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Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas .. Hot Couple?


Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas ... who are now known as "Jemi" have made it loud and clear that their relationship is the real deal!
They're in love and enjoy being together as friends first and as a couple second.

What do you think of "Jemi" ?
On a scale of 1 to 10, how hot are they together?

Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa Tie the Knot!

Kevin Jonas

December is a very fine time to get married. Well, Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa seem to think so too. The two got hitched on Saturday at Long Island. They had a fairy tale-themed wedding at the Oheka Castle, a classic French-style Chateau. The place really looked it with heated white tents, 14-feet trees ornamented with hydrangeas and crystals.

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Celebrate New Year 2009 with The Jonas Brothers!

jonas brothers

It's only a few weeks till the huge celebration of welcoming the New Year 2009!
One of the biggest parties held every year is Dick Clark's New Year at Times Square in New York! That's something worth waiting for always!
This year, the New Year's Rockin' Eve will feature performances from The Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Natasha Bedingfield, Fall Out Boy, Ne-Yo, and Pussycat Dolls.
Ryan Seacrest will co-host the show and Fergie will also be presenting part of the performances.

What will you be tuning into for New Year 2009 celebrations?
Where will you party till you drop?
Will you be at Times Square this year and rock with The Jonas Brothers?

Meet Joe Jonas' Girlfriend!

joe and camilla

He's off the rack! Sorry girls!
Joe Jonas is taken and his girlfriend is a familiar face!
People have exclusively revealed that Joe Jonas has been quietly dating actress Camilla Belle.
When did this happen? Well, Joe and Camilla met on the set of The Jonas Brothers music video 'Lovebug' and they just clicked immediately!


More after the jump ...

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The Jonas Brothers in J*O*N*A*S

The Jonas Brothers are catching up real fast to Miley Cyrus! they're already on the road to their own series on Disney channel!
Why not? They're a smash hit and their movie Camp Rock was a smash hit, then why not a series?
As for the story, well pretty predictable -not that that's a bad thing!- ; a band, called J*O*N*A*S who live with their parents in New Jersey, and deal with normal things like trying to take out the trash and not get hounded by fans.
The Jonas Brothers are going to get the scripts any day now and filming will start mid September.
Cool! Do you think their show will be as huge as Hannah Montana?

The Jonas Brothers Still Reign The Charts

jonas brothers

The Jonas Brothers magnetic charm is truly captivating. Fans canít seem to get enough of them that is why even now, copies of their latest album ďA Little Bit LongerĒ continues to fly off the shelves. Now on its second sales week, the groupís album remains on the number one spot in the Billboard Top 10 with 147,000 copies sold just this week. Well, compared to its first weekís figures of 525,000 we can see that thereís already a very significant drop in sales. Despite that, itís still a good thing that the groupís album is able to hold on to the number one position.

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Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez, An Item?

nick and selena

They're wearing Promise Rings, but that doesn't mean they can't date!
Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez are rumored to be dating and they've been going out together for the past few months.
The Jonas Brothers rep, insisted there was no romance in the air: "They are not girlfriend and boyfriend. They're friends. All of the Jonas Brothers are friends with Selena."
But really ... what do you think, are they dating? And if they are, do they make a cute couple?

Joe Jonas And Demi Lovato Ain't Dating!

demi lovato

Just because The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato star together in Camp rock, doesn't mean they have to date!
The rumor mill was grinding away that Joe Jonas and Demi were dating secretly ... well girls, let your hearts rest becasue they're NOT!
Joe said that they're not dating and that those rumors have surfaces just because they hang out together for work and are costars.
Demi stars in Camp Rock as a talented teen singer who wants to become a pop star. She find her break when she is overheard singing by teen pop star and celebrity camp instructor and lead singer of Connect Three Shane Gray, played by Joe Jonas.
Demi has also been opening for The Jonas Brothers' 2008 Burning Up Tour, which kicked off on July 4th.