Tara Reid Says Yes! To Michael Axtmann

Tara Reid and Michael Axtmann

Who do you remember the most among the American Pie actresses? The first name that would probably come to your mind is Tara Reid! This woman is going to tie the knot soon! Her beau Michael Axtmann, an Internet entrepreneur, popped the question while they were having dinner at The Little Door restaurant on Monday!

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Tara Reid Goes to Rehab!

tara reid drunk

Everyone is aware that Tara Reid's life is somewhat a mess! She's frequently caught drunk and out of it!
Tara finally took the right decision and entered rehab last week. She's determined to fix her life once and for all. Tara wants things to get better.
She checked into Promises Treatment Center (the same center Britney Spears checked into back in 2007) because she's got an alcohol problem.
Her hard-partying life-style has effected her relationship with her friends, family and loved ones.

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Tara Reid Drunk in London

tara reid drunk

Tara Reid likes to party ... she also gets drunk in the process ... this comes as no surprise!
Tara was partying at Mahiki nightclub in London last night and when she left the place, she was totally boozy!
I guess she's back to her old tricks!
But, then again, not eating and drinking does that to you ... no?
This is a friendly shout-out to Tara ...
Hey! Girl! Sober up!
Pick up your screws, bolt them on and start acting like a mature human being!
If your career in going down the toilet, try saving it! Not making this worse by being drunk all the time!

Check out these photos of Tara Reid totally boozed up!

photos of Tara Reid totally boozed up!

Tara Reid's Messed up Tummy!

tara reid and her strange tummy

It's no secret that Tara Reid has gotten a few plastic surgeries in the past and the results were all not so great ... they were actually horrific!
She got breast augmentation, but instead of getting size B cups, the doc gave her C cups! She also got strange bumps around her nipples, and they didn't go away!
So, she went under the knife again and got breast reduction!
So, what else did she do? She got liposuction to try to have a perfectly toned torso ... instead she got a rippled and sagging stomach!
But the strange thing is, in the latest photos of Tara in a bikini show something more of a Frankenstein nature! Around her waist, there's a long scar and a couple of round thingies ... screws or bolts of some sort!
The photos are from X17online and they're really strange!
I wonder, could the photos be photo-shopped? What do you think?

The bolt things are actually body jewelry on a clear string!

Tara Reid is still a Mess!

tara reid is still a mess

Tara Reid has been known for being a hot mess! She's been caught silly drunk a few times and has had her share of nip slips!
At one point it was thought ... (i thought) that she was trying to tighten up her screws and pick up her image a bit. She did seem better a few months back, but she's looking pretty much her same shabby self lately!
Today, X17 caught up with Tara as she was shopping at Vons in Hollywood. She got her self a few pastries!

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Tara Reid Ain't Stupid Like Hilton & Lohan!

Tara Reid

Wow! That's a shocking headline!
Tara Reid has revealed that she's a reformed party girl, that puts her career in front and everything else behind it!
Tara insists she will never get into trouble with the authorities because she isn't "stupid" like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. DA!
She says: "I think the reason I never ended up in as much trouble as Paris or Lindsay seem to is that I'm not stupid, so I'd never do a lot of the things those girls do, and I've always had good friends around me."
Hmmm ... that's worth looking back at ...

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Tara Reid Looks Good .. At Last!

tara reid

Tara Reid has been criticized about her wardrobe & behavior for some time now ... But it seems Tara has finally pulled herself together & is looking good at last!
Tara was at the premiere of the horror movie Black Christmas two days ago & she looked nice.
Her style was quite simple & her dress was very elegant.
Her face was fresh & most importantly, she was sober!

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Tara Reid Picture

Tara Reid

Hollywood actress Tara Reid became the latest celebrity to join the 'Nipplegate' bandwagon after her left breast popped out of her dress as she arrived for hip hop artist P Diddy's birthday bash, in New York.

Tara Reid was posing for pictures on the red carpet at P. Diddy's birthday bash in New York when the strap of her dress slid down and her left breast popped out. And it stayed out for about 10 seconds. .

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